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Why You Should shop AT WeedSmart

There are many different issues that might concern the average person looking to purchase marijuana over the internet. From trustworthiness and security, to price and quality of products, the number of variables to consider is large. The good news is you already have found one of the most popular and reputable dispensaries out there: WeedSmart.

Our Mission

Weedsmart is the best place to purchase cannabis products ever since marijuana legalization took place. We are a friendly and secure dispensary based in Vancouver BC. We strive to provide the number 1 mail order marijuana experience by providing the fastest shipping service, and for free. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and the best shopping experience possible.

Bulk offers | Price Match | The best deals ever

If at any time a product is offered elsewhere at a lower price, we will match that price. We want to assure our customers are receiving the best prices for their products. In addition, the more a customer buys, the more they will save in the form of dollar savings and free gifts.

We have new items on sale frequently and provide special offers all the time. We even have splash sales providing discounts on entire categories of products. Check-in often too, as we have internet-breaking sitewide sales on some special occasions. Any way we can try to save our customers money we will explore. We want our customers to leave here feeling they received a great deal and are content with how they spent their hard-earned money.

We believe it is important to reward our customers to show our appreciation for being able to have the opportunity to build strong and positive relationships with them. This is why we created our loyalty/rewards program, where customers can earn points that can be redeemed for savings on future orders. How does this work you ask? Well, it is rather quite simple since points are automatically applied to your account. All that is needed is to follow these steps to collect, redeem and track points earned.

Collecting Points

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free express shipping over $99

We understand that making a first purchase with an online dispensary might feel like risky business. This is why we provide free shipping when purchasing a relatively small quantity of cannabis products. Order over $99 with WeedSmart and receive free express shipping. This means we cover the $20-25 shipping cost, and all that is needed is to spend over $99. So why do we do this you might be asking? Well, we are so confident that our customers will leave here happy, that they will be back and feel more comfortable ordering more, and take advantage of our great deals mentioned in the previous section.

Not only will you enjoy savings on shipping costs, but all orders are sent in discreet and secure packaging. Furthermore, buying quality marijuana is one thing, but finding a mail order marijuana dispensary that takes pride in packaging and handling is another. At WeedSmart, we have in place strict guidelines and measures to ensure all orders are cared for throughout each process, and to minimize any issues that could potentially arise due to the marijuana delivery process.

Large Selection of Cannabis Strains

There are literally thousands of known types of cannabis strains native to this region, and a great source for access to many of these strains is at an dispensary such as WeedSmart. With over a 100 popular cannabis strains in stock, we offer the opportunity for our customers to experience the true meaning of diversity. In addition, we offer rare and sought after genetics from the finest craft cannabis growers in BC, making Weedsmarts cannabis selection among the best in the marijuana industry.

Our wide selection of cannabis includes a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. We offer a range of quality at differing price ranges to suit all wallet sizes. For those looking for good quality, value and bargain pricing, our budget buds can fulfill those needs. Or for those wanting to spend a little more for a more premium product, our AAAA buds is well worth the increase in price. The best thing is that our premium cannabis is still offered at great deals.


Indica cannabis plants are typically short and bushy plants that produce medium-sized, round and dense buds. These cannabis strains are commonly found predominantly in colder climates with shorter summer seasons. This is due to the fact that these strains typically take less time to flower, making them ideal for more northern climates. However, when grown indoors where the environment can be controlled, they can be grown anywhere in the world. Even in colder climates, some indica strains native to the area often can fare well. Indica strains are well known for their sedating and couch locking effects, making them a crowd favourite; especially for nighttime use.

These dense nugs are commonly known to induce heavy feelings of euphoria, lethargy, relaxation, and as previously mentioned, sedation. One thing for sure is that when smoking a potent and premium quality indica strain, clear your schedule because not much work is likely to get done. But for slow days off, or long nights in, these body and mind numbing strains can provide the perfect sensations to make a nice relaxing night that much more enjoyable. But beware, many of these strains can pack quite the punch. It is important to note that not all indica strains are created equal and each strain will provide a different set of effects and flavours. It is for this reason, it is recommended to test out as many strains as possible and keep track of the ones that help achieve the desired effects the best.


Sativa cannabis plants are typically tall in stature and produce large, cone-shaped buds. These marijuana plants are normally found in warmer climates where the summer season is longer, providing more time for these plants to finish. Sativa plants normally take longer to flower than their indica counterparts, therefore the longer summer season will provide the much needed time for these plants to reach their potential. However, as with indica strains, sativa cannabis can be grown indoors under the right conditions anywhere in the world. One thing for certain is that sativa strains are loved for the wonderful sensations and therapeutic benefits they provide.

Sativa cannabis strains have the reputation for being great for daytime use. Unlike indica strains, sativa cannabis provides users with a more energetic and “heady” high, and offers up a more stimulating experience. Some of the more common effects associated with sativa buds include increases in relaxation, euphoria, focus, creativity, and energy. It is important to note that some sativa strains are known to cause issues sleeping for some individuals. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such strains to help with sleeping disorders. All sativa strains will provide different effects and have differing flavours. It is therefore not a good idea to treat them all as the same. A better idea is to test out as many as possible, and take note of the ones most enjoyed.

At WeedSmart, we keep our inventory stocked with fresh supplies of some of the best and most sought after sativa strains.

our most popular and best selling of the bunch include:


Sativa cannabis plants are typically tall in stature and produce large, cone-shaped buds. These marijuana plants are normally found in warmer climates where the summer season is longer, providing more time for these plants to finish. Sativa plants normally take longer to flower than their indica counterparts, therefore the longer summer season will provide the much needed time for these plants to reach their potential. However, as with indica strains, sativa cannabis can be grown indoors under the right conditions anywhere in the world. One thing for certain is that sativa strains are loved for the wonderful sensations and therapeutic benefits they provide.

Premium Buds

Not only do we carry a massive selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, we carry a wide range of bud quality aw well. Our premium marijuana flowers provide a rich, smooth, potent and flavourful experience for all to enjoy. Our top shelf kush is packed with crystals, dense to the touch, and cured to perfection. Come try out as many of our AAAA strains and see why so many are going crazy for our premium marijuana. Our mix and match option allows customers to select from a variety of some of our best strains, and save big while doing so.

Budget Buds

For those on a tighter budget, or for those who just like shopping for bargains, we offer a variety of cheap buds. However, there is nothing cheap about the quality, only the price. These budget buds are on a lower level than our premium cannabis. But they are still worthy of being labelled as AA buds. A more appropriate name would be value priced buds or bargain priced cannabis. Whatever the case, these cheap cannabis deals are hard to pass up. Why not save some cash while being able to enjoy the full benefits that are associated with marijuana use?

Bulk Order cannabis

So how much is too much cannabis? Currently most places allow for up to 1000g to be stored per household. That’s over 2 pounds of marijuana, so larger purchases are welcome on our site. For all the big spenders out there who are looking for large quantities of marijuana, we have you covered. We offer special wholesale pricing on bulk marijuana purchases starting at a quarter pound order. On top of that, the more a customer buys, the more they save; simple as that. It is our goal to be able to cater to a wide range of customers and fulfill any type of orders they may require. In addition to lower prices and greater savings, free gifts are added with each bulk marijuana purchase.


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to purchasing products over the internet is safety and security. The last thing anyone would want is to have their personal information sold or leaked to any unauthorized party. And when it comes to marijuana, it is no different. It is very important to select a dispensary that is trustworthy and takes steps to ensure personal information is kept safe.

At WeedSmart, we keep all confidential customer information secure in our in-house encryption system. At no time will we sell or provide any customer information with unauthorized third parties. Our website uses SSL certificates to ensure data remains secure on our server, and our server is hosted on a reputable provider. In addition, we heavily protect against malware and we take extra measures to ensure that all information is kept safe. We care about our customers’ personal information just as much as they do, and we take the same steps to protect such information as we would our own.

In addition, we send all orders using discreet and secure packaging. This means we take the time and effort to package all orders in a way that will keep the products safe from breakage/spoilage, as well as from detection from nosy postal workers or neighbours. Making sure all the necessary steps are taken to ensure that packages are received discreetly and undamaged is a company policy that is taken very seriously. If at any time any issues may arise, feel free to contact customer support and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions or help fix any problems that may arise.



At WeedSmart, we go above and beyond when it comes to building trust with our customers. We believe that trust is the most important factor when building relationships, and this is why we take as many extra precautions as we do. This is one of the reasons that our website has the reputation of being one of the most trusted dispensaries. Don’t just take our word for it and check out our thousands of 5-Star reviews and see what our customers have to say in our Weedsmart reviews page. Or visit the Reddit community, weedmaps and leaf reviews and you can find plenty of satisfied purchasers who have turned into loyal long time members of the WeedSmart cannabis community. In addition, we carry some of the best and most popular strains.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

At WeedSmart, we try our best to lower the risk for potential customers so that they will be more comfortable taking the chance with our company. We want the opportunity to prove that we can be trusted to meet the any needs that may arise. There is no better way to build trust than directly through a long lasting relationship, so take the first step and let us do the rest.

Large Selection of Edibles

Marijuana edibles are one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to consume cannabis amongst Canadians, and for good reason. These delicious treats are infused with THC in order to provide users with the benefits of cannabis, but without any harmful effects to the lungs. Ever since cannabis legislation added edibles to the list of legal items, the edibles community has been growing at a rapid rate.

Being at the forefront of the cannabis industry for over a decade has allowed us to work with the top farmers and producers. Over that time period, we have shortlisted the companies who share the same passions and quality standards that align with our company’s values. That is, our suppliers must be passionate about and love what they do. They must adhere to the strictest product quality standards that include extensive testing and proper handling. We only work with those who use only the best ingredients in their edible products. We have these strict policies in place to ensure that we provide our customers with only the best that they deserve.

At WeedSmart, you gain access to over 100 different items, from gummies and chocolates, to capsules, tinctures and beverages. Not only that, we have in place strict guidelines and procedures to ensure all edibles exceed the highest quality standards. We regularly replenish our stock to ensure only the freshest and tastiest edibles are offered for sale. Some of the most popular edibles we have in stock include:


These delicious treats are basically regular gummy candies, but infused with THC.


These rich treats are perfectly blended for a smooth and tasty infusion of chocolate and THC


Cannabis capsules are pre proportioned THC that is placed into gel caps.


A liquid form of THC that can be administered orally as drops.


Any drink item that is mixed with THC, such as cannabis tea.

Can I Buy my Weed Online in Canada legally?

As of October 17, 2018, cannabis is legal here for both medical and recreational purposes. The following year, cannabis concentrates and edibles were added to the list of legal marijuana products. Each Province and Territory has different laws when it comes to marijuana, so it is always a good idea to know the local rules and regulations. We strongly support the safe and legal use of our cannabis products.

We get this question a lot. “Can I buy my weed online safely?” The answer is yes, you can. As long as you are above the legal age set out by your Province or Territory, you can order at WeedSmart. All that is needed is proof of age, access to the internet, and a way to send E-transfers for payment.

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Final Thoughts

People take cannabis for a variety of reasons, and at WeedSmart, we are committed to helping our customers get the most out of their experience. Whether it be helping customers reach their goals, or to help them save money, we are here to help. We really do care about our customers and whether they leave happy, so we work tirelessly to provide everyone with the highest quality in terms of products and services we offer. We are in the cannabis business because we love hearing the stories of how we have helped out many of our customers, because in the end, it is our customers positive experiences that keeps us motivated. Our strong and long lasting relationships with our customers is what really sets WeedSmart apart from any other dispensary. So shop smart, shop WeedSmart!