Strains for sexual arousal

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During thousands of years, humans have used marijuana to improve their capacities and get rid of some physical inconveniences. In the past, it was a trial-error process, today thanks to science and the elimination of legal barriers, it’s easier to identify which strain and doze can help with some conditions. In previous posts, we have … Read more

Strains for first time weed smokers


Now the recreational use of cannabis is legal in Canada, there are probably a lot of first-time users who are excited to try some and enjoy the benefits of this millenary plant. For these new users, it’s important that first they spot some differences. Step by step you’ll find out which one is the amount … Read more

Can you smoke weed in nightclubs and bars in Canada and why we should be able too


Before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, there have been places in Toronto where it is legal to smoke. Most of these places are considered private clubs where is required to be a member. But it’s not the same around the country.   Cannabis Smoking & Vaping Laws Since October 17th 2018, Canada is … Read more