What is Cannabutter (Aka Weed Butter)?

weedsmart_image_What is Cannabutter

Introduction to Cannabis Butter Cannabis butter, also known as canna butter or marijuana butter, is a homemade concoction infused with the medicinal and psychoactive properties of cannabis. It is a versatile ingredient that has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts and culinary enthusiasts alike. The process of creating cannabis butter involves combining butter and cannabis, allowing … Read more

How To Make the Best Vegan THC-Infused Weed Gummies?

weedsmart_image_How To Make the Best Vegan THC-Infused Weed Gummies?

Welcome to our guide on creating the finest vegan THC-infused weed gummies, a delightful treat for those seeking a plant-based and euphoric experience. By combining the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and the soothing effects of cannabis, these gummies offer a guilt-free indulgence.  Whether you’re an experienced gummy enthusiast or a curious newcomer to the … Read more

What Are CBD Edibles?

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Welcome to the world of CBD edibles! CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant, known for its potential therapeutic benefits. CBD edibles are a delicious and discreet way to incorporate this natural compound into your daily routine. From gummies and chocolates to beverages and snacks, CBD edibles offer a … Read more

How to Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada?

weedsmart_image_How to Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada?

When it comes to buying edibles online in Canada, there are several options available. Many reputable online dispensaries offer a wide variety of edibles, including gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and more. These dispensaries operate within the legal framework established by the Canadian government. If you’re looking to buy edibles online, you can start by searching … Read more

How do Weed Edibles Affect Me?

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What are Edibles? Edibles… what are they, and why are they so controversial? Weed edibles are food or drinks that contain a plant called cannabis, aka Weed. The intoxication compound that is found in the cannabis plant is THC. (1) There are many different ways that you can make an edible such as: Cannabis Brownies … Read more

What Is The Shelf Life Of Weed Edibles?

weedsmart_image_What Is The Shelf Life Of Weed Edibles?

Many of us have taken to the enjoyment of weed edibles. Weed edibles can be tasty treats that give us the feeling we need from the weed while also giving us something good and tasteful that we often enjoy, like brownies or cookies.  Weed edibles brought from dispensaries will have an expiration or “best by” … Read more

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Drinks

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Since becoming legal in Canada in 2019, cannabis-infused drinks have rapidly gained popularity. Common brands of cannabis-infused drinks include Cann®, Keef®, and Artet®. While current possession regulations mean Canadian connoisseurs can only have about five cans of prepared drinks at a time, you can make your own using emulsions, syrups, tinctures, or other products.    … Read more

What Are Weed Gummies?

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THC weed gummies are a type of cannabis-infused edible that many people enjoy for their convenience and flavorful options.  As the name suggests, these gummies contain THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. While the effects of THC gummies can vary depending on the person, they typically produce a sense of relaxation and euphoria.  For … Read more

How Long do THC Weed Edibles Last?

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Cannabis edibles provide users with a wide range of therapeutic effects. Even after the effects of weed edibles wear off, the THC remains in the user’s body. Edibles provide long-lasting effects, and the THC stays in the user’s body longer than other THC consumption methods. Are you looking for a hardline answer to how long THC … Read more

How to Make Weed Cookies: A Step-By-Step Recipe

weedsmart_image_How to Make Weed Cookies

As the use of cannabis gets more popular and legalized, the more the consumption options. One of such options is cannabis edibles which could be cookies, brownies, sweets, etc. Do you want to be the master of your fun? Are you concerned about the dosing in weed cookies out there? Or are you simply looking … Read more

What Is Cannalean? THC Syrups are Taking Canada By Storm

weedsmart_image_What Is Cannalean THC Syrups are Taking Canada By Storm

Cannalean, or cannabis-infused syrup, is the most recent trend to hit the marijuana community. Pot lovers are creative, curious people, so it’s no surprise that new products quickly become popular. If you’re wondering what is cannalean, you’re not alone!  Also known as THC syrup, cannalean is a sweet liquid syrup that’s full of potent THC. … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Edibles to Kick In?

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It’s no doubt that smoking marijuana is perhaps the most popular delivery method, however, weed edibles are becoming highly sought after. This is an innovative cannabis product that provides relaxation, relief from anxiety, pain relief and others. Some of the most popular forms in which edibles are available include baked goods like brownies and biscuits, … Read more

What are Edibles?

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar In the cannabis world, the term edible is used to describe a food product that contains either one or both of the most popular active ingredients of the cannabis plant i.e. CBD or THC.  If you are a newbie, just know that CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive element … Read more

What Happens When You Eat Weed?

weedsmart_image_Um, What Happens When You Eat Weed

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Capsules, tinctures, smoking, vaping, edibles are the most common ways people consume their weed. As to which is the most popular of them all? Well, that depends on who you ask. However, as legalization continues to sweep the nation and more cultivators deepen their knowledge and create innovations, people … Read more

Weed Edible Dosage

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Edible forms of cannabis have gained huge notoriety for producing effective, safe, and long lasting effects. Alternatively, weed edibles can also easily be overdosed and over consumed, leaving a difficult and unpleasant feeling in some users.  Use this article as a reference to understanding the proper dose amount for … Read more