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Magic Mushrooms are a type of fungi that contain the psychedelic compound, Psilocybin. They are commonly dried out for storage in order to maintain their potency. Thus, most people eat mushrooms dry.

What are

Magic Mushrooms are a type of fungi that are commonly called Shrooms. These mushrooms differ from others because they contain the psychedelic compound, Psilocybin. They are commonly dried out for storage in order to maintain their potency. Thus, most people eat Shrooms dry.

Magic mushrooms are considered as a psychedelic substance and they’re right up there with the likes of LSD, DMT, LSA and Mescaline. There are over 180 species of magic mushrooms, which have been used in a variety of religious and spiritual practices since ancient history.

The fungi are also known to have positive effects in a number of therapeutic settings, with modern research showing promising results of these benefits. This promising research has been done, despite the prejudices in North America.

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a psychedelic compound that is found in Magic Mushrooms, altering the mindstate of the user, with the capability of creating intense hallucinations and experiences that are described as mystical. Those who have used Psilocybin describe a dreamlike state during use, with a feeling that the world is not real.

In terms of mood, Psilocybin creates both positive and negative feelings while the user is in their dreamlike state. Not only can the moods change, but they do so quickly, creating intense emotional ups and downs.

Psilocybin works when it is metabolized by the body into psilocin, creating psychedelic effects. The two compounds interact with the brain’s serotonin receptors, specifically those which integrate sensory experiences.

Psilocybin is known for creating what is described as mystical experiences, which are thought to aid in the medical benefit of Magic Mushrooms. While the fungi is illegal at the

Benefits Of Psilocybin

Along with depression and anxiety, Magic Mushrooms have been successfully used to treat conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, cluster headaches, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A recent trial studied the effects of Magic Mushrooms on the stress and anxiety of patients with life-threatening cancer. The trial consisted of administering a single high dose of Psilocybin under double-blind, controlled conditions, to people who have had a terminal diagnosis.

Results showed a reduction in the various symptoms of psychological distress that typically accompany those with such diagnoses. Going forward, these positive effects have endured, providing patients with a less fearful and better quality of life.

There have also been studies that showcase the potential that Psilocybin has on the brain. Research suggests that it has a positive impact on neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to grow, change, and learn.

Depression and
Anxiety Disorders

Psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds have been shown to be an effective treatment for a variety of mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. In fact, evidence is so strong that the FDA has allowed some small studies to be done in order to further the research of the therapeutic potential of these compounds.

Numerous studies have shown that psychedelic compounds have the potential to aid in major depression, provide a higher quality of life for users, and reduce the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.


Early studies on psychedelics as a treatment for addiction had results that were promising. However, when they were made illegal, these trials and research were stopped.

In recent years, studies have begun again. Promising results suggest that using Psilocybin in treatment for alcoholism, smoking, and other addictions provides up to an 80% success rate, as opposed to the 35% success rate of other methods.


Cluster headaches are a debilitating, painful, and disruptive condition in a person’s life. While there are no published studies on treating cluster headaches with Psilocybin, there are numerous reports that suggest success when used as a treatment.

These reports began when some patients made claims that their condition of cluster headaches went into remission after recreationally and medicinally using Magic Mushrooms. Following the numerous reports, it has been suggested that Psilocybin could be more effective as a treatment for cluster headaches than any medications currently available.

In fact, 50% of users claim that Psilocybin as a treatment of cluster headaches is completely effective. Current studies should provide more information soon.


It is thought that Psilocybin can potentially reset and rewire the Default Mode Network in the brain. The DMN is essentially the brain’s control system.

This network is linked with a number of mood disorders including depression and anxiety. It is theorized that if Psilocybin is able to reset the DMN, the user’s propensity towards mood disorders reduces on a massive level.


Many users claim to have an increased appreciation for nature, aesthetics, art, and music, as well as greater creativity and imagination after an experience with Psilocybin.
They also tend to have a deeper connection with the world and other people, experiencing greater tolerance and acceptance than before. These positive effects are typically attributed to the mystical experience that often accompanies a trip.

The mystical experience encompasses feelings of oneness and unity with all people and things, as well as a calming and peaceful feeling of sacredness, transcendence, and belief.

This experience and the feelings are likely due to Psilocybin’s ability to connect various parts of the brain that are typically separate and unable to communicate. Thinking and experiencing become unrestrained and flexible, allowing them to have deeper and more mystical experiences.

When the brain works in this manner, people become more mindful, aware, and have much greater self-reflection. This enables them to deeply experience growth and self-improvement. This experience of interconnectedness allows users to truly become the best version of themselves.

Are Magic Mushrooms Safe?

When it comes to psychoactive substances, Psilocybin is one of the safest out there. It is also considered to be the safest of all recreational drugs on the market, with emergency medical treatment needed five times less for users than for users of LSD, cocaine, and MDMA. Not only are they the safest, they also have no lethal dose, so there is no worry of overdosing.

However, there are risks associated with using Magic Mushrooms. Users often experience physical side effects during a trip or when they first begin to use them. These side effects can include nausea, numbing, tremors, and perspiration. A trip can also cause paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, and panic attacks. Studies show that at least 33% of users have experienced these harsh, negative effects during a trip.

Instances of long-term physical and mental effects are very rare. In fact, in the rare occasions when these long-term effects do happen, research has suggested that they are the result of an underlying psychological disorder.

Magic Mushrooms also have the potential to cause Hallucinogenic Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD), although it is also considered to be very rare. HPPD is more commonly known as flashbacks, and involves changes in the users’ perception over the course of weeks or months following the use of Psilocybin.

Another potential risk of using psychedelics is doing something unsafe to yourself or someone else while under the psychedelic influence. In order to eliminate this risk, it is suggested to only use psychedelics with a trusted, experienced, and sober guide/trip-sitter to watch and assist users during their experience.

Are They

Not only are mushrooms non-addictive, evidence suggests that they actually help to treat addiction. They are able to block the effects of the addictive drug, reducing the cravings.

Types of

There are over 180 types of Magic Mushrooms, which are mushrooms that contain the psychedelic compound Psilocybin. However, out of the hundred different types, there are four that are most commonly known and used.

Psilocybe Cubensis

is the most commonly used and cultivated Magic Mushroom out there.

Psilocybe Cyanescens

While less used than Psilocybe Cubensis, these mushrooms are still heavily cultivated. One main difference between the two is that they’re a bit smaller as well as a bit more psychoactive.

Psilocybe Azurescens

a mushrooms were not discovered until the mid-90s, when they were found by Paul Stamets, a famous mycologist. Since their discovery, they have gained the reputation for being the most potent Psilocybin mushroom in the world.

Amanita Muscaria

mushrooms are a cultural mushroom that has traditionally been used by Shamans in Baltic and Siberian cultures. These mushrooms are red and white, and they contain ibotenic acid and muscimol as psychoactive elements.

What is a Mushroom Trip?

The mind-altered state that occurs when using Magic Mushrooms is known as a trip. A typical trip includes a number of emotional experiences, deep introspection, and psychological function that takes place in a state between wakefulness and sleep. Brain images of users taken during trips show that the brain actually enters a neurological state that is similar to dreaming.

During a trip, users experience perceptual changes, as well as a number of quickly changing thoughts and emotions. Many users experience an openness to thoughts and feelings, as well as a general sense of joy, wonder, and delight with their relationships and the world around them.

How Long Does it Take
for mushrooms to Kick in?

The psychoactive effects of a trip take different lengths to begin, typically depending on the way that they are consumed. Those who drink a Magic Mushroom tea begin to experience the effects quickly. Eating the mushrooms makes the trip take a bit longer to begin. Simply swallowing a capsule of the mushroom makes the effects take even longer.

There are four phases of a mushroom trip; ingestion, onset, the trip, and the comedown. On average, the trip phase begins a couple of hours after the ingestion phase, and is the time when users will experience the strongest shifts in their senses and perceptions.


During a trip, there are a number of effects that users tend to experience, ranging from the psychological to physical to emotional to sensory. People often have a distorted sense of time during their trip, as well as a number of perceptual changes including visuals such as geometric patterns, halos of light, vivid colors, and tracers.

Emotional effects are both uplifting, as well as challenging. Users become open to thoughts and feelings that they would typically suppress in their daily life. They tend to feel a sense of peace and oneness with their surroundings and the world at large.

Negative emotions that arise during a trip should be allowed to run their course. Many users experience a feeling of acceptance and detachment from the negativity while the challenging emotions remain. It is said that when users try to run from these negative emotions, a bad trip occurs, which can include uncontrollable paranoia, reckless behavior, and dysphoric hallucinations.

How Long Does
Psilocybin Stay
in Your System?

Psilocybin typically only stays in the body for less than a day. However, the compound may stay in the system of those who frequently use mushrooms for up to three days.

Side Effects

Though mushrooms are safe to consume, there are still potential side effects that users must be aware of. These side effects vary from person to person, but can include a change in blood pressure and heart rate, nausea, tremors, dilated pupils, increased tendon reflexes, difficulty with coordination, restlessness, arousal, and occasionally non-severe headaches that can last for up to a day.

Some users claim side effects of deep relaxation and a sense of calm.

Some users would consider a bad trip to be a side effect. These trips tend to occur when users try to push away the negative emotions that they may feel while under the influence.

How to Take

Mushrooms can be eaten whole, brewed into a tea, combined with a spread such as peanut butter or Nutella, blended into a juice or smoothie, or simply ground up and put into a capsule.

Due to the taste, many users choose to consume their Magic Mushrooms in conjunction with something more flavorful and masking, as opposed to simply eating them outright, on their own. The length of time it takes to enter the trip phase is partially dependent upon the manner of consumption.

To feel the effects of dried mushrooms, the threshold dose is in the .2-.5g range. However, there are many dose sizes, which provide various effects and last for a certain length of time.


.05-.25g refers to a microdose. This is an unnoticeable dose and many users incorporate it into their week for positive benefits without psychedelic effects. Positive benefits of this dose include enhanced energy, creativity, and focus, as well as decreased stress and anxiety.

.25-.75g refers to a minidose. Minidoses could potentially be felt, as they are above the perceptual threshold, however it’s likely they wouldn’t be. A minidose provides a free flowing feeling and enhancement without losing touch of reality.

.5-1.5g refers to a museum dose. This dose makes the effects of the Psilocybin apparent, however they do not give the user a full-blown trip. With this size dose, users can engage in regular, public activities (such as a trip to the museum) without appearing to be having a psychedelic experience and attracting attention.

2-3.5g is a moderate dose. This is when users will have a full psychedelic experience. They will experience hallucinations, as well as distorted time, sensory, and depth perceptions. However, with this size dose, users will still typically have a grasp, though slightly altered, on their surroundings.

5+g refers to a megadose. This dose brings a complete loss of perception of reality. This is the dose that causes intense hallucinations, in depth introspection, and mystical experiences.

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