How To Make A Filter For A Joint

Smoking a joint is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis buds. No matter how many exciting innovations enter the market, joints remain an economical option. This classic method is easy to roll whenever you want to enjoy yourself with like-minded friends—or even by yourself. Knowing how to roll a joint is an excellent skill for any herb lover to develop. While you’re at it, why not learn how to make a filter for a joint? 


Filters help you protect your lips, keep ground buds out of your mouth, and generally enjoy a smoother experience. Learn how to fold a filter for a joint with this easy paper joint filter DIY.

What Is A Filter For A Joint?

A filter is a layer of paper or cardboard that gives you an extra layer of protection when smoking a joint. Filters aren’t essential to smoking a joint, but they make it a better experience. 


Here are some of the benefits of learning how to fold a filter for a joint:

  • Protect your lips and fingers from getting burnt
  • Prevent ground cannabis from being inhaled
  • Extra structural support for your joint


What Do You Need To Learn How To Make A Filter For A Joint

A joint filter is one of the easiest things to make. All you need is a piece of paper or cardboard to get started. Simple enough, right? Look around yourself to see what materials are nearby. You might have lots of printer paper or lined notebook paper, but ideally, you want something thicker for your joint filter. 

You’ll make a more successful filter DIY with some of the following materials:

  • Cardstock
  • Paper postcards (such as renewal postcards from magazines)
  • Business cards
  • Thin cardboard (such as from cereal boxes)
  • Index cards


If you live a primarily paper-free existence, not to worry. You can learn how to make a filter for a joint by buying filter papers. WeedSmart is an online cannabis dispensary that sells unique filters throughout Canada. Even better, their filters are made with organic materials that benefit your body and the environment.

Learn How To Make A Filter For A Joint

Gather your chosen filter material, rolling papers, and buds, and let’s learn how to fold a filter for your joint. 

First, compare your filter materials to your rolling paper. You don’t want to make a paper joint filter that’s longer than your rolling paper! Otherwise, the filter will stick out both ends. Next, trim your filter material to size if needed.

Next, roll or fold your paper into a cylinder. You can start by rolling immediately from one side to make a spiral filter. Another method involves folding the paper over a few times, only rolling once you have a tight layer of material started.


Whichever method you prefer, roll your filter until the entire paper is tightly wound. Then spread out a rolling paper. Place the filter on top of the rolling paper. Line the edges up on one side, then add your ground buds and proceed as usual. Next, light your joint on the opposite end of the filter and enjoy!

Wrapping Up On How to Make A Filter For A Joint 

Rolling joints and making filters are valuable skills for any cannabis enthusiast. Learning how to fold a filter for a joint is especially useful because you can use so many everyday materials. Give folding filters a try and see what you think! If making paper joint filters isn’t for you, you can always order convenient pre-rolled joints from Weed Smart for all the enjoyment and none of the hassle. Get reliable weed delivery in Ontario, weed delivery in BC, and find the best weed deals in Canada.


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15 days ago

helpful tip! glass filter tips are also a great grab if you ever see it in the free gifts section!