How to Make Marijuana Capsules at Home

Between vaporizers, pipes, and bongs, there is a wide range of methods for enjoying some cannabis. But if you want to get the strongest effects of marijuana, along with the convenience and ease of use, then you might want to look for marijuana capsules. They are just like what they sound. All you need to do is to swallow and wash them down with a bit of water. Then you can wait for the effects to begin. They also make it easy for you to get a single dosage of THC discreetly and quickly. And it is easy for you to make your own at home. 

The Advantages of Using Cannabis Capsules

Marijuana capsules are among some of the best options for cannabis users today. If you do not find smoking appealing or consider setting up dab rigs or vaporizers a hassle, then marijuana capsules are an easy and quick way to get some THC into your system and feel the effects.

They have THC extracts or THC oil in them, and they are easy to swallow to get your desired effects. They work the same way as edibles, so that means you will have to wait for a bit to notice the effects. However, when they do kick in, they can last for several hours. Sometimes, your system can absorb the THC in them faster than with other edibles, so capsules can be even more useful. 

If you want to have a convenient and quick method of using cannabis, capsules are ideal. Some people like the fact that they are discreet, so you can take a dosage anywhere without getting any unwanted attention. Of course, you might want to avoid being high while you are in public. But capsules are a great option for medical marijuana users who need to take a certain dosage of THC to meet their needs. 

Making Your Own Cannabis Capsules

Making Your Own Cannabis Capsules

You can always buy marijuana capsules, but you can make your own easily and control the strain that gets added. You can also put the right dose of THC in them and make sure that you have plenty when you want to feel the effects of cannabis. You only need a few things.

First, you should get a tincture or some THC oil. Both of these are liquids with fairly high levels of THC in them. You can easily fill your capsules using this liquid. The tincture comes in many forms, but ensure that you have enough to make the desired number of capsules with the right dosage. 

You should also get some empty capsules, which you can find at many online stores. They often consist of gelatin, but you can also find some alternatives if you are a vegetarian. You can purchase in bulk, and you may want to consider getting a container or a clean pill bottle to store them in. A pipette or eyedropper can help fill up each capsule. 

Making the Capsules

Once you have the capsules and the tincture, it is easy to make the cannabis capsules. The process does not take that long, and anyone can handle it. Place everything on a flat, clean surface and open one of the capsules. Measure the desired amount of tincture in the dropper and fill up half of the capsule. Place the top on it firmly and do the same thing to the rest of the capsules. 

The simple process allows you to customize each of the capsules to meet your needs. You might want to try taking around 10 mg of THC for everyday use. If you go much higher than this, you might feel overwhelmed by the effects. However, many medical cannabis patients choose to take even more than this to try to treat severe issues.

If you want to try micro-dosing, consider adding around 2.5 to 5 mg of the THC to each one. That will give you a more mild effect, and you can always take a few capsules at once if you find the effect is not strong enough.

Making CBD Capsules

Making CBD Capsules

THC capsules are great if you are a recreational user and want to get some psychoactive effects. Some medical users also choose to use THC. However, some people want to feel only the effects of CBD without getting high. You can make CBD capsules just as easily. 

CBD is not psychoactive, and it has become more popular recently. Many people choose to try to use it for medicinal purposes. It can be used in even high amounts, and it is unlikely to give you negative side effects. 

It is easy for you to make your own CBD capsules. Follow the process outlined above and use CBD oil instead of THC. You can easily find CBD oil online. You might want to consider around 15 to 25 mg of CBD for everyday use. However, the exact amount is up to you. If you want to get an even amount of both THC and CBD, you can use a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD in each capsule. 

Buying Your Own Capsules

It is fun to make your capsules at home, but you can also purchase your own. Look at the price per mg of THC or CBD for both homemade and store-bought capsules to determine which one is less expensive if your budget is a factor. You can find various doses and brands of capsules at an online dispensary, and you can choose from sativa and indica ones. 

Closing Thoughts

If you want to quickly get the effects of cannabis, then cannabis capsules are a perfect solution. They offer a discreet and convenient method of consumption. It is also easy to make your own capsules at home, and you can control the dosage of each one. If you want to get non-psychoactive effects, consider making ones with a strain high in CBD. Of course, you can also purchase cannabis capsules if you do not want to go through the effort of making your own.

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