Marijuana Smoking Tricks and Tips

Smoking marijuana is relatively straightforward, but there are always things you can do to enhance your high, have a more pleasant experience, or just show off some of your skills. Try out these marijuana smoking tricks and tips to make the most of your next smoking session and potentially impress your friends with your new smoking tricks. 

Tip: Avoid the Top Shelf

A top shelf occurs if the smoke you inhale does not reach your lungs, instead it gets stuck in your chest. This can lead to coughing. You will get a more intense high and a more pleasant smoking experience if you avoid this. The best method is to limit laughing and talking as you inhale. Save it for after you pass the joint. 

Tip: Boost Your High With the Right Food or Drink 

For many smokers, one of the goals is to get the best possible high. There are a few foods and drinks that you can try to achieve this, including mango. Scientists feel that this may be due to the presence of myrcene in mango, a terpene that is also common in many strains of cannabis, along with other plants. 

You could also try drinking a beer with your smoking session if you want to enhance your high. A 2001 study indicated that drinking increases the rate that you feel the effects of marijuana. If you opt for this tip, however, use caution, since everyone is different. For some people, combining cannabis and alcohol leads to an overwhelming effect. 

Tip: Grind or Cut the Marijuana

When you grind up your cannabis, you will give it additional surface area. This helps it burn slowly and evenly, enhancing your high and boosting your overall smoking experience. 

An alternative to this is cutting the buds instead of grinding them. Some people argue that when you grind cannabis, THC gets lifted out, so cutting is ideal. If you want to try this method, just opt for a fine cut to get the same benefits you would if you grind cannabis. 

Grind or Cut the Marijuana

Tip: Research the Strain 

Before you smoke, you should always be aware of the strain you are smoking, at least some of its basic characteristics, such as average THC content. You can increase your high by opting for buds with higher THC content. You can also choose the strain based on the terpenes in it and what those terpenes are associated with, such as potentially causing relaxation or giving you more energy. 

Tip: Roll It Right

When smoking joints, take the time to roll them correctly. You want your joint to not have stems or seeds and to burn evenly. This will maximize the high you get. 

Trick: Burp

If you are not up for any of the fancy tricks on this list but still want to make your friends laugh, consider the burp. Inhale a lot of smoke, swallow the smoke, and burp it up. The key to this trick is to not wait too long before burping as this could cause you to cough, ruining the trick. 

Trick: Cloud

For this trick, start with a large hit then exhale the smoke as you open your mouth widely, as wide as you can. Close your mouth while tilting your head back. You will need to time this properly so the smoke releases as you tilt your head back. You should create a well-defined and small cloud. 

Trick: French Inhale

With this trick, you take a good hit and open your mouth to let the smoke flow slowly out. Now, lightly inhale the same smoke via your nose. If you can master this trick, the smoke starts to flow out of your mouth and into your nose. 

Trick: Ghost Face

Assuming you have plenty of experience smoking marijuana, this trick will not be a challenge. The only skill you really need is to be able to tolerate huge hits without choking or coughing. This trick involves inhaling an incredibly large hit, keeping your head level, and keeping your mouth open as you exhale the smoke with control. The smoke will hopefully cover your face, making you look like a ghost. 

Trick: Mouth-nose Inhales

You can do this trick in two ways. In either case, start by taking a hit. Then, exhale through your mouth before switching to exhaling through your nose as you keep exhaling through the mouth. You could also do the opposite and start by exhaling via your nose before swapping it to the mouth while you still exhale via the nose.

Mouth-nose Inhales

Trick: Shotgun

If you want to master a relatively straightforward trick, this is a good option. It is easier than many of the others on this list but is great in social settings. Think of it as a combination of kissing and sharing the smoke. You take your hit, and as you exhale, you let the smoke go into someone’s mouth as they inhale. 

Trick: Smoke Rings

This is one trick that looks very cool but will likely require a bit of practice to master. Start by taking a hit, but instead of inhaling the smoke, let it float in your mouth. Put your lips into an “O” shape and push some of the smoke quickly out using the back of your tongue as you exhale. 

Practice that technique, and once you consistently get the right shape, you can adjust the ring size by changing how much space is between your lips. Eventually, you can make a large ring and follow it with a smaller ring that shoots through its center. Another cool variation is to flex the muscles in your throat rapidly to shoot the rings out in bursts. 

Trick: Snap Inhale

This is a trick that is relatively complicated, so expect to need to practice it a few times before you can impress your friends. You start by taking a very big hit from your joint, pipe, or bong. Keep the smoke in your mouth and curl your tongue up in the direction of the roof of the mouth. Now, open your lips slightly as you snap the tongue down. Allow the smoke to float out of your mouth for just a second, and then quickly inhale. 

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