Best Sativa Strains

Best Sativa Weed Strains in Canada

Sativa weed strains are perfect for a heady-high filled with relaxing and euphoric sensations. Sativas are also equally essential to provide you with energy and creativity. Therefore, help you tackle challenging tasks. Get the best strains of Sativa to propel you through the day.

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What are Sativa Weed Strains?

Sativa cannabis strains have energizing and uplifting effects on the consumer. Unlike Indicas, they do not sedate you. Furthermore, they are ideal for use when undertaking physical activities, creative projects, and social gatherings.

What Makes for a Great Cannabis Sativa Strain in Canada?

The best Sativa strains thrive in hot climates with relatively low humidity. Furthermore, the strain prefers long sunny days. Consume them during the day due to their potent THC Content.

Appearance of Sativa Flower

Cannabis Sativa grows tall and has long and narrow-bladed leaves. Furthermore, they have a lighter green hue compared to Indicas. Their flowers are also longer and more feathery. The characteristic sparse distribution of their flowers allows free circulation of air that prevents rot.

Size and Density of the Sativa Buds

This Marijuana strain grows relatively taller and less bushy compared to Indicas. Moreover, the best Sativa Weed bears smaller, thinner, and lighter buds.

Aroma of the Sativa Flowers

Fruit lovers can’t help but fall in love with the fruity aroma in the best Sativa strains in Canada. The mixed mango, citrus, and cherry fragrances will tempt you to consume an overdose.

Taste of the Sativa Weed Strain

Sativas have a characteristic pungent flavour. Besides, they possess a sweet, fruity taste with earthy hints.

Potency and Effects of Sativa Marijuana

When you consume the best Sativa hybrid strain, it will give you full energization and uplifting. Moreover, the creativity it brings helps you handle challenging tasks. Are you suffering from any chronic pain, depression, or fatigue? Worry no more because Sativa relieves all your distresses.

What are the 7 Best Sativa Weed Strains in Canada?

Many people ask, what are the best Indica Strains of all time? Here are the seven best types:

  •         Sour Diesel- this Marijuana was among the best Sativa strains in 2015. It gives potent energy, ideal for your day.
  •         Alice in Wonderlandthis strain thrives in a relatively humid environment. Moreover, it has a floral and fruity fragrance that lures consumers. It had a place in the best Sativa strains in 2017.
  •         Hawaiian Punch– enjoy the rich citrusy aroma and flavour of this Marijuana and experience its potent effects.
  •         Mango HazeMango flavour lovers, quench their fruit craving with this fruity Marijuana strain.
  •         Super Sour Dieselthis strain was among the best Sativa strains in 2018.
  •         Banana Mochithis Sativa is the best strain available. It gives users potent high and makes them alert and active.
  •         Amnesia Hazedon’t get scared by its misleading name. It was also among the best sativa strains in 2016.

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