Best Shatter in Canada

Best Cannabis Shatter in Canada

Want to derive a potent punch of THC? Shatter will give you the perfect effect. They have grown in popularity over the recent past due to their ease in handling and their potency. The plant undergoes a specific chemical process to extract THC and make a concentrate.

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potency. The plant undergoes a specific chemical process to extract THC and make a concentrate.


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What is Weed Shatter?

Weed shatter is a specific type of cannabis extract made from the extraction of the plant’s essential oils, which has terpenes, cannabinoids, with other chemical compounds present in the marijuana plant. The name shatter refers to the particular translucent texture of cannabis concentrates, which breaks the shatter like glass.

What Makes Great Marijuana Shatter in Canada?

The best Cannabis shatters often have high potency and premium base ingredients. Therefore, Weed Smart remains the best place to purchase shatter online in Canada while guaranteeing discreet and safety.

Quality of the Marijuana Flowers Used

Like other best shatter brands in the market, avoid compromising its ingredients’ quality for it to stand out. As a result, ensuring only the best cannabis flowers get considered in the extraction process. 

Expertise of the Extraction Process

Shatter comes about from the use of hash oil extracted using butane. Besides, the method of extraction utilizes butane gas to obtain terpenes and cannabinoids from the marijuana flower. There exist other avenues of extracting THC from cannabis plants. However, the use of butane has become more common.

Taste & Appearance of Final Shatter Product

Often its appearance ranges from dark orange to pale yellow. Further, it has a fragile and glass-like appearance. It usually has a fantastic taste that leaves the user wanting more.

Potency & THC Levels

Shatters have relatively high THC levels that ensure users experience an incredible high that guarantees the sought after effects. Therefore, whenever the potency gets high, it assures a euphoric and blissful feeling.

Proper Handling & Storing of the Shatter

Storing shatters in a cool and dry place, just like other cannabis products, will help increase their shelf life. This precautionary measure ensures its longevity and prevents it from losing its original flavor and potency.

Price and Value

Weed Smart offers highly competitive prices for their products. As a result, they put other companies on their toes as they continuously improve their product lines’ quality.

What are the 7 Best Shatter Products in Canada?

The best shatter brands in Canada that you should try include:

You can find the Best Cannabis Shatter in Canada at Weed Smart

Generally, Weed Smart has maintained its quality premium product line, hence considered one of Canada’s best shatter brands. Furthermore, cannabis shatter retains its position as a champion extract considering its potency and delicious flavour. Besides, they have taken a step in creating flavourful edibles that ensure those who need to observe discretion remain comfortable.

Product Selection

The shatter bars come in a wide variety you can have the pleasure to choose from depending on your favourite flavour and liking. The wide array includes Marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, THC edibles, weed vapes, CBD, and magic mushrooms. Regardless of what you settle for, ensure you do not get carried away by the tempting flavourful edibles by consuming the required dosage.

Affordable Prices & Deals/Promotions

WeedSmart ensures its customers enjoy its wide product range by providing super deals and promotions throughout the year. Besides, they also offer a highly competitive price that ensures you as the customer get value for your money, considering their premium quality products.

Commitment to Customer Service

Customers can now place their orders online and wait for their deliveries at the comfort of their couch. Weed Smart continuously commits itself to ensure they provide authentic premium products to their clients at an affordable price.

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