Best Weed Strains in Canada

Best Weed Strains in Canada 

Marijuana is essential for its recreational use. Moreover, its medicinal uses provide ultimate solutions to patients with chronic illnesses. There are various types of best Weed in Canada today that offer a lot to consumers.

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Weed in Canada today that offer a lot to consumers.



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What are Weed Strains (aka Cannabis Strains, Marijuana Strains)?

Weed strains are plants used for recreation and medicinal purposes. They contain CBD and THC; (mind-altering compounds), therefore getting consumers high. Weed is smoked, vaporized, chewed, or added to food to make cannabis edibles.

What Makes For a Great Weed Strain in Canada?

Cannabis has various strains including, Indica and Sativa. Plants grow indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, they prefer fertile soils with a pH that ranges from 5.8-6.5.

Temperatures that range from 24-30 degrees centigrade favour the best strain of weed potency. However, high humidity makes Marijuana vulnerable to fungal diseases.

Appearance of Cannabis Flower

Cannabis plants produce ball-shaped buds. The female flowers have trichomes that yield a sticky resin that traps pollen grains during pollination. Moreover, this resin contains the largest concentration of THC and CBD.

Size and Density of the Buds

Sativas bear smaller, less dense, and sparsely distributed buds. Indicas, on the other hand, yield huge, thick and tightly packed buds.

Aroma of Marijuana Strains

You can differentiate the best strains of Weed through their scent. Sativa strains have sweet, fruity, and spicy aromas. However, Indicas have musty, earthy, and skunky fragrance.

Taste of the Weed Strain

Sativas possess an intense earthy flavour, whereas most Indicas have a sweet, fruity taste reminiscent of berries.

Potency and Effects of the Buds

Indica strains tranquillize consumers and have muscle-relaxing effects. Sativas make you alert and active. Moreover, they have a greater THC quantity.

What are the 7 Best Weed Strains in Canada?

You may ask, what is the best Cannabis strain? If you ask a Canadian to mention the 10 best types of Weed, you won’t miss the following:

  •         Girl Scout Cookiesthis Indica dominated Marijuana is one of the best strains of Weed in the market that gives you great euphoria.
  •         Forbidden Fruit– this Cherry Pie and Tangie blend has a stunning bud structure. It also gives users deep relaxation.
  •         Gello Gelatoenjoy its fruity and piney flavours and experience the potent yet balanced effects
  •         Green Crackthis Sativa strain is ideal for your day because it energizes you.
  •         OG Kushit is an ancient and the best type of Weed whose use dates back to the olden times.
  •         Gas Maskits pungent smell leaves you wishing you had worn a gas mask before burning it. However, you will not regret it once its effects set in.
  •         Headband- Once you consume this Marijuana, you will feel some pressure around your head.

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