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Best Weed Vape in Canada

Vaping weed is now discrete, convenient and stylish. No more having intense smoke tearing your throat. Novice or experienced users prefer vaping as it’s easy to control, and the effects are not awful compared to the traditional method. Might you be wondering where to get your vaporizer? Well, search no more. Weed Smart has everything you need. We understand you can’t wait to vape away. This article will give you all the information you need. The effects are not awful compared to the traditional method. Might you be wondering where to get your vaporizer? Well, search no more. Weed Smart has everything you need. We understand you can’t wait to vape away.

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What is a Weed Vape?

Weed vapes, also known as vaporizers, are electronic devices made of metal/ceramic and chambers powered by electric charge. They produce heat that converts your cherished substance into vapour, which is in the form of a cloud of smoke. Broadly, vapes come into two heating categories that extract flavour and chemicals from cannabis. They include one that uses convection heating and the other that uses conduction heating.

What Makes for a Great Weed Vape?

So, what exactly makes a weed vape great? Here are the features:


Before branding a vaporizer as good or bad, let’s begin with the fundamental concern. Vaporizers come at a variety of prices as usual people assume that high prices mean good quality. That is not entirely true. That is why you ought to identify the features that reflect quality.

Vaporizer Heating Chamber

Vaporizers heat in two ways: convection and conduction. Quality products use either method; further, it’s vital to check if the heating chambers perform well. To assess, check if the vape heats quickly and has durable and safe material.

Vapour Path

The route the vapour uses is as crucial as the heating chamber. Why? If hot air passes through a cheap plastic or PCB, toxic compounds seep into the path even before inhaling.

Temperature Control

An excellent weed vape should have several temperature settings. Each substance used in the vaporizer releases its THC at different temperatures.

The Battery Life and a Charge Time of the Weed Vape

Long-lasting vape batteries are just the best, at least offering ten sessions before you want to plugin. Nonetheless, the battery should recharge quickly.

An Intuitive User Experience

When using a vape weed, it should be easy to use and learn. Simplicity is the goal that companies achieve by creating an intuitive vape product that even newbies can easily handle and figure out.

The Style

Weed vapes should be discreet, small and sleek. Weed smart has vapes that match your unique preferences.

Longevity and Durability

A good vape sustains function ability and can survive any accidental drop. Additionally, vapes that have a warranty indicate an excellent sign of a back-up plan and confidence.

What are the best Weed vapes in Canada?

Vaporizers come in two heating methods, i.e. convection and conduction.

The best weed vapes include:

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Commitment to customer

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