Alice Sugar High

In this day and age, a magical trip is possible right in the palm of your hands. Alice Sugar High’s high-quality shroom-infused edibles do just that. With strong doses of psilocybin in each gummy, paired with all-natural, juicy flavors, these edibles are easily the best way to enjoy the magic of shrooms. No more do you have to deal with pungent shroom flavors or aromas! With Alice Sugar High, the only thing you’ll notice is the delicious flavors. Until your trip begins, of course. Here’s everything you need to know about this enchanting magic mushroom company.

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Alice Sugar High is a Canadian wellness company that dedicates itself to bringing customers only the best, healthiest shroom-infused edibles. With the explosion of legal magic mushroom consumption in Canada, the market is currently being flooded with subpar products. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a product that doesn’t work, after all. That’s why Alice Sugar High ensures that they put out only the best of the best when it comes to edible shrooms.

These premium shroom-infused edibles contain high-quality psilocybin sourced directly from Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. With this, Alice Sugar High produces consistent psilocybin doses in every one of their tasty treats. Whether you’re looking for highly potent edibles or a gummy to help you escape reality, Alice Sugar High is the company for you.

People turn to the beauty of magic mushrooms for so many reasons. Alice Sugar High designs their magic mushroom edibles to embrace natural boosts in mood. They enhance your sense of focus and motivation. Beyond that, others have reported enhanced tactile sensations, as well as full-on visual distortions and transformative hallucinations. All of this, though, depends on the individual. Alice Sugar High’s edibles can do anything from making you giggly, stabilizing your mood, or taking you to a whole new world. The trip is in your hands.

Alice Sugar High’s product line is quite small, but what they do have, they sure know how to do right. This company specializes entirely in crafting psilocybin mushroom edibles. These edibles are made with both new and experienced consumers in mind, offering various strength options. Whether you want a 1,000 mg. gummy or 3,000 mg., Alice Sugar High makes it happen. Plus, these gummies come in several packs, so you can have more than one if your tolerance allows. The experience is completely up to you.

Speaking of their product line, Alice Sugar High exclusively sells infused gummy edibles. These gummies are available in six different flavor options for you to choose from. They sell grape, blueberry, cherry, lime, orange, and mix berry flavors for your taste buds to love. Each one of these yummy types of edibles perfectly disguises the flavor of psilocybin to give you a blast of fruity, juicy flavor. Not everybody loves the taste of magic mushrooms, despite loving the effects. These edibles are perfect for those of you who would rather not experience the taste of Psilocybe Cubensis. You can fully enjoy the sweet, juicy tastes of your flavor of choice, instead. Truly, magic mushrooms have never tasted so good.

Alice Sugar High’s psilocybin gummies not only come in multiple flavors, but they come in two different sizes, too. You can purchase a 3,000 mg. bottle that contains three potent gummies total. Or, you can opt for the 5,000 mg. bottle with five potent gummies. If you have a higher tolerance, or are an experienced mushroom tripper, than the bigger bottle might be best. For those who are new to the world of magic mushrooms, the 3-gram bottle will you suit you perfectly.

With each gummy containing 1,000 mg. of psilocybin each, you can easily experience a wonderful microdosing experience. Microdosing shrooms has proven quite beneficial, as you’re only experiencing an extremely mild dose of effects. Instead of eating an entire gummy, you could eat one half one day and the other half the next, or two days later. This way, you’re not hallucinating every day. Rather, you’re benefitting from more mild effects like a sharper mind and more motivated headspace. The more consistently you do this, the more consistent the effects are. Microdosing is rapidly becoming more popular in the magic mushroom community, and Alice Sugar High’s edibles are perfect for the occasion.

At the end of the day, Alice Sugar High produces some of the best psilocybin gummies on the market. This Canadian mushroom company does edibles better than most companies, and with high-quality ingredients that will impress any consumer. Whether you’ve never tripped before or you’ve done it a hundred times, the journey that Alice Sugar High takes you on is one-of-a-kind.

Thankfully, getting your hands on your own Alice Sugar High products is now easier than ever. Alice Sugar High has partnered with Just Cannabis to provide you with all of their high-quality products. We offer you the Alice Sugar High psilocybin gummies at affordable prices for all Canadian citizens of legal consumption age. Through us, as long as you provide proof of citizenship and age, you can have your favorite shroom-filled gummies sent right to your home. Shipped in quality and discreet packaging, your Alice Sugar High edibles will arrive safe and sound.

if you’re ready to take a trip, go ahead and check out Alice Sugar High’s products on our website. Pick out all of the gummies that make your mouth-water and experience a magical journey unlike any other. Before you know it, these shrooms will become your go-to way of escaping reality, even if just for a few hours.