CBDYOU Tinctures

CBDYOU is a cannabis company that firmly believes in  providing relief from physical and mental ailments. They understand that CBD can be used as a valuable supplement to promote healing and recovery, especially in high-performance athletes. With a vision to update and improve CBD’s image, CBD YOU provides a comprehensive range of premium CBD products designed to act as a natural alternative to the pain medications and recovery supplements currently on the market. Read below to learn more about this innovative company and all of the incredible products they have to offer! 

Company Overview

Cannabidiol has long been thought of as only beneficial to those struggling with severe physical or mental conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety. The owners of CBD YOU founded the company on the belief that nature’s miracle compound has a much more far-reaching potential. They believe CBD can be used to actually enhance athletic performance and overall quality of life, even for those who aren’t afflicted with any particular ailments. Armored with an unrelenting mission of holistic healing and recovery, this promising new company proudly offers a selection of potent CBD solutions made from CBD Isolate, coconut oil, and other amazingly all-natural ingredients. 

By taking advantage of the multitude of anti-inflammatory and healing properties CBD holds, CBD YOU supplies canna-connoisseurs everywhere with an extremely effective medicine. Non-intoxicating and safe for daily use, CBD YOU’s supplements are proven to help increase alertness and motivation as well as promote better sleep. 

But, that’s not all. CBD YOU products are an especially useful addition to your pre- and post-workout routines by boosting energy and managing muscle pain and inflammation without inhibiting the muscle fibres. This makes the company increasingly popular among athletes such as MMA fighters, wrestlers, boxers, extreme weightlifters, and extreme yogis. Even if you aren’t a five-star athlete, you can still easily enjoy all of the fantastic benefits of CBD YOU all-natural supplements!

CBD YOU offers customers a carefully curated selection of premium CBD products inclusive enough to meet a wide variety of lifestyles. No matter how you choose to get your daily dose of CBD, this company has a product for you!

Arguably, one of CBD YOU’s biggest best-sellers is their line of impressively potent CBD Tincture Oils. CBD YOU makes these using a killer combination of CBD Isolate, coconut oil, and a wide array of all-natural flavors. These tinctures contain over 1000 mg. of pure CBD and have a higher level of bioavailability than traditional CBD oil. This means that you’ll be able to absorb the oil and enjoy its effects much more quickly. They even boast a longer shelf life so you don’t have to worry about constantly restocking your supplements.

What makes CBD YOU’s top of the line tincture oil so incredible, however, is the endless amount of ways it can be consumed. You can vape it, mix into your favorite food or drink, or even apply it directly to the skin to experience relief like never before!

CBD YOU also offers a line of delectably delicious CBD-infused gummies that are both vegan-friendly and non-GMO while maintaining a high potency level. Indulge your taste buds with a burst of completely natural fruity flavor that’ll leave you wondering how there’s any CBD in there at all. Available in a range of equally amazing flavors, you’ll love snacking on these sweetly sophisticated canna-confectionaries.

If all this isn’t enticing enough, then this will blow you away. CBD YOU considers their brand-new line of Nano CBD to be their biggest achievement in CBD innovation. These products are extremely potent and currently found nowhere else on the CBD market. Up to ten times more powerful than standard CBD oil, CBD YOU enginners their Nano CBD to take endurance and recovery to a whole new level. It’s truly the ultimate natural supplement. After just one use, CBD YOU’s unique Nano CBD formulation will have you back and begging for more!

The passionate and dedicated team at CBD YOU understands that we are all faced with a unique set of challenges. Using only the highest-quality CBD is key to maintaining the focused fierceness necessary to achieving your goals. That’s why CBD YOU makes their products using CBD Isolate derived from pesticide-free plants. Some of the most experienced growers in the industry cultivate these plants.

All of their products are additionally subjected to rigorous internal measures of quality control and testing standards to ensure each and every supplement is 100% safe for you to consume. No CBD YOU product hits the shelves until an independent third-party laboratory thoroughly inspects it to guarantee complete freedom from solvents, cutting agents, heavy metals, or any other potentially harmful substances. When you purchase from CBD YOU, you can be fully confident you’ll receive a product that CBD YOU crafts with the utmost precision and personal care. 

Treat yourself to CBD YOU products from any one of their partner retailers across the country, and enjoy a CBD supplement unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.