Dames Gummy Co.

Dames Gummy Co. 

Not every company can master the art of edibles. While some companies do cannabis edibles right, others make quality mushroom-infused edibles. Few companies, however, can do both. Dames Gummy Co. is one of those operations. This impressive Canadian edible company is all about crafting the best infused edibles on the market. With various flavors, strengths, and even infusions to choose from, Dames Gummy Co. will impress any shroom or cannabis connoisseur. For more information about this one-of-a-kind company, keep on reading. 

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Company Overview

Tired of eating the same subpar edibles when you’re looking for a trip? Dames Gummy Co. has you covered. This artisan-inspired edibles company knows exactly what it means to produce a high-quality infused treat. Whether you’re hoping to experience a strong cannabis high or a microdosed trip from some magic mushrooms, their products are here to help. As a Canadian edibles company that’s been on the market for a minute now, these guys truly know what it means to make a good cannabis or shroom-filled gummy. 

Let’s start by talking about their huge variety of cannabis edibles. Dames Gummy Co. offers various cannabis-infused gummies that will make your mouth water. Dames knows that not everybody likes the same things, so their edibles are available in many different flavors depending on what satisfies your sweet tooth. Whether you’re looking for something super sweet or something so sour that your mouth will pucker, Dames Gummy Co. has something for you. 

Their Cola bottles gummies are some of the best hits Weed Smart Cannabis Company offers. These treats evoke nostalgia in every customer, as they taste just like the classic soda bottle candies from your childhood. Dames Gummy Co. even offers a sour version of these traditional candies, too. No matter what you’re craving–sour or sweet–you can indulge alongside their dose of high-quality cannabis oil. With these natural flavors, you won’t even realize that there’s THC inside. While some edibles might overwhelm you with plant-like flavors, Dames do the opposite. Dames’ Cola gummies embrace the natural soda-like flavors we all know and love.

Dames Gummy Co.’s THC-infused Cola and Sour Cola bottles contain a total of 200 mg. Each gummy contains between 10 and 15 mg. of their high-quality THC oil to give you a potent, relaxing high. Their THC oil is indica-based to help ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. Indica strains produce heavy body highs, totally relaxing your muscles and keeping you care-free and blissful. Using indica strains is the best idea for new cannabis consumers, as the gentle full-body high they provide is welcoming and soothing. For you experienced consumers, a few of these gummies will have you couch-locked and completely decompressed. 

Along with Cola and Sour Cola soda bottle gummies, Dames Gummy Co. also offers regular THC-infused gummies if you’re looking for a fruity snack instead. These traditional sugar-coated gummies come in various fruity flavors that every consumer will love. Just like the delicious soda candies, Dames’ Fruit Gummies come in 200 mg. packs with each gummy having between 10 to 15 mg. of THC. These gummies are also indica-dominant, so you have a calming high to look forward to. New consumers should stick to trying just one gummy at a time. More experienced consumers, however, may want to take a couple to get a potent experience. Regardless of how many or how little you consume, you’ll fall in love with these sweet or sour fruit flavors. 

The masterminds behind Dames Gummy Co. made waves with their mushroom-infused gummies. While their cannabis-infused gummies are great, their psilocybin gummies are simply next level. These deliciously potent gummies contain 1,500 mg. of some of the highest-quality psilocybin mushroom extract in Canada. Each one of their gummies contains 150 mg., making these absolutely ideal for microdosing.

Microdosing mushrooms prove beneficial for many reasons. Instead of experiencing a full-blown trip with vivid hallucinations and distortions, microdosing embraces only the mildest effects of magic shrooms. When you take one every other day, or maybe a handful throughout the week, you’re able to experience these beneficial effects all week long. When you take a full dose at once, you’ll feel flow-blown effects but only for the duration of your trip. This can be great for temporary effects, but for those who want something more transformative, microdosing proves effective. 

Dames Gummy Co. offers their mushroom-infused gummies in a variety of different grape flavors. Whether you want classic Grape, Grape Apple, or even Sour Grape Apple, Dames has the yummy, chew gummies for you. They suggest starting with just one of these gummies and waiting 30 minutes to an hour for results. If you’re looking for a stronger experience or have a higher tolerance, take a few more. Then, let the magic of Dames’ premium psilocybin take care of the rest. 

Whether you’re looking to experience a high from cannabis or a trip from shrooms, Dames Gummy Co. is here to give you everything you want more. With high-quality ingredients and better flavors than most companies could dream of crafted, Dames Gummy Co. stays miles above the rest. 

These handcrafted edibles are some of the best the Canadian market offers, and now, they’re available for you right here on Weed Smart, too. 

Weed Smart and Dames Gummy Co. have partnered up to give you more accessibility to these gummies than ever before. Through our website, as long as you are of legal age and a Canadian resident, you can order these gummies right to your door. In safe and discreet packaging, these cannabis or shroom-filled edibles can be yours. Take a look at our huge selection of these delicious gummy edibles and start shopping today. Before you know it, you could be indulging in the high of a lifetime. But, you won’t know until you try these gummies for yourself.