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Delic Therapy Shroom Capsules

Delic Therapy is a Canadian company that’s all about healthy microdosing of magic mushrooms. They craft different shroom blends for organic capsules to provide customers with an easy-to-consume method. With Delic Therapy, you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of shrooms without any of the taste. No matter what kind of results you’re looking for–calm, bliss, or a boost of energy–Delic Therapy has an organic capsule just for you. Here’s all you need to know about this incredible mushroom brand.

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Company Overview

Magic mushroom trips look quite different nowadays. Delic Therapy has mastered the art of making potent shrooms blends that hide perfectly in their organic capsules. This company utilizes only the highest-quality ingredients possible to craft low-dose shroom capsules for every situation. Now, you don’t have to have full-blown hallucinations and journeys to new worlds if you don’t want to. Instead, Delic Therapy allows you to relish in the mild, gentle effects that microdosing mushrooms bring. 

Microdosing mushrooms has become extremely popular over the past few years. Scientists and consumers alike are beginning to see the benefits that this method of consumption can bring. Delic Therapy strongly believes in the therapeutic values of microdosing shrooms, hence why their products are specifically made for the occasion. 

Delic makes their capsules with 100 mg. of Golden Teacher extracts with 30 capsules total. With this small of a dose, you likely won’t experience visual and auditory distortions nor hallucinations. Instead, you’re able to embrace the beneficial effects of shrooms in small, low doses over a longer period of time. Delic suggests either taking one capsule every other day, or taking 3-4 a week. Both of these methods allow a slow build-up of the Golden Teacher’s therapuetic effects, keeping them in your body on a daily basis. Instead of just experiencing these incredible results during a full-blown trip once a year, with microdosing, mild effects stay present for weeks, maybe even permanently. 

Delic Therapy’s product line is a slightly small one, but each of their products is of higher quality than most on the market. As we mentioned, they specialize in shroom blend capsules. They offer four different blends: Boost, Reset, Calm, and Bliss. Delic Therapy designs every one of these shroom blends to produce the specific effects they showcase. 

This company crafts their Boost shroom capsules to give your body a boost of energy, immunity, and strength. Often, we don’t realize how rundown we may be after days or weeks of hard work. Capsules like Delic Therapy’s provide customers with an added boost that everyone needs every once in a while. But, instead of just experiencing it once and then never again, these capsules are different. You take them consistently and feel lower stress, improved attention span, reduced mental fatigue, and even enhanced libido over time. Delic Therapy combines their Golden Teacher extract with Panax Ginseng powder to provide ultimate rejuvenating benefits. 

Along with their Boost blend, they also offer their popular Reset blend. Just as the name suggests, these capsules are ideal for making you feel like you just had a lifestyle rest. Sometimes, we’re all in need of a fresh start, after all. These blends produce stimulating effects, improves focus, promote healthy cognitive function, and even lowers anxiety. Delic Therapy uses a therapeutic blend of Golden Teacher mushroom extract and Lion’s Mane mushroom extract to create ultimate effects. Day after day, these capsules are wonderful for getting you feeling like your best self. 

Delic Therapy’s Calm capsules are another one of their most popular blends. These shroom capsules help support everyday relaxation and keeping your head level. Instead of breaking down at the smallest inconveniences, blends like Delic Therapy’s help you withstand most stresses. With Reishi mushroom extracts alongside the Golden Teacher, you’ll feel soothed, confident, and healthier than ever. Great for combating depression, fighting fatigue, and helping with sleep problems, these blends encompass calm in capsule form. 

Finally, you can purchase Delic Therapy’s Bliss capsules for a dose of euphoria all day long. Delic designs these capsules with Kanna powder and Mucuna Pruriens seed extracts to produce feelings of bliss, confidence, and full-body wellness. As the Kanna powder helps to calm your mind, the Mucuna Pruriens extract supports healthy stress management and coordination. All together, Delic Therapy’s Bliss capsules are ideal for getting your mind in a better, more positive space. 

No matter what capsule you choose, Delic Therapy is here to make you feel your best. Whether you’re hoping to feel happier daily or maybe more motivated, their organic capsules and their low mushroom doses are here to achieve all that. Packed in an easy-to-consume, all-natural blend, these shroom doses can give your life a whole new perspective. 

Luckily for you, Weed Smart Cannabis Company has partnered with Delic Therapy to provide you with their four incredible shroom blends. Now, as long as you’re of legal age and are a Canadian citizen, you can purchase these capsules with ease. They will arrive safely and discreetly at your doorstep, ready for you to start enjoying. At an affordable price and with quick shipping times, Delic Therapy’s shroom capsules are yours with ease. 

So, the next time you’re hoping to have a mild escape from everyday life, turn to Delic Therapy. These premium shroom capsules are truly unlike any others on the market. With completely natural ingredients are values unique to each bottle, these capsules will quickly become your go-to way to feel your best. Check out our selection on Weedsmart’s website and try these beneficial capsules out for yourself today.