Essence Edibles

Essence Edibles

In today’s post-legalization world, the amount of cannabis products on the market grows every single day. Unfortunately, this also means that the number of low-quality brands and products out there is also increasing. Essence is a premium cannabis company that strives to deliver perfection in every single one of their products, from flowers to resins, edibles and more, Essence makes sure every cannabis lover can find their perfect product. Whether you’re a medical or recreational user, Essence can help you take your cannabis game to a whole new level!

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Company Overview

What sets Essence apart from the competition is their unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This company truly believes in the healing powers of cannabis and is committed to sharing them with the world. Their emphasis on research and development ensures that all of their products deliver an experience to remember. When manufacturing their products, the Essence team aims to create something that will rejuvenate and transform both your mind and body for the better. Incorporating premium cannabis into your busy, hectic schedule has never been easier!

Best of all, Essence products allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without breaking the bank. Many low-grade brands prioritize affordability over high quality, resulting in misleading products that contain harmful ingredients. In contrast, other companies provide premium quality products but at ridiculously high prices. Essence is a company who firmly believe high-grade cannabis should be accessible and affordable for all consumers. Their products prove you don’t have to compromise quality for a good price. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Essence offers a comprehensive and versatile menu of cannabis products that’s suitable for stoners from all walks of life. Each product aims to bring peace and balance to your life while helping you achieve your personal wellness goals. You will easily be able to find a product that flawlessly complements your individual preference, lifestyle, and experience level. Read below to learn more about some of Essence’s incredible products! 

As cannabis concentrates continue to rise in popularity, Essence keeps it old-school with their vast selection of premium cannabis flower. Available in several indica, sativa, and hybrid variations, Essence truly has a strain for everyone! Essence sources all of their flower from some of the finest and most experienced growers in the country. Essence proudly partners with farmers who employ organic, sustainable, and non-GMO practices. That means absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides touch your precious flower. Essence even packages their flower in a sealed plastic jar with a bamboo lid to minimize odor while maximizing shelf-life. Regardless of which strain you choose, we guarantee you’ll love this amazing top-shelf bud! 

One of their best-selling products, Essence offers customers an amazing selection of premium Live Resin. Essence Live Resin is one of the purest and most potent concentrates on the market, suitable for even the heaviest stoners. Live Resin involves taking extract from fresh, live cannabis plants rather than cured or dry leaves and flowers. This process helps retain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids of the original plant to produce a flavorful, aromatic concentrate. The full-spectrum nature of Essence Live Resin also means it is more therapeutically effective compared to other concentrates. Dabbing enthusiasts everywhere love Essence Live Resin for its gorgeous color, workable consistency, and amazingly complex high. Available in four equally incredible strains, Essence Live Resin is the concentrate for you!

Love cannabis, but not a big fan of THC? No worries, Essence has you covered with their amazing top-quality CBD Isolate powder! CBD has a ton of valuable benefits from supporting immune system health to reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more! Essence CBD Isolate contains nothing but pure CBD powder. That means no artificial colors, synthetic flavors, or even the tiniest trace of THC. CBD Isolate is perfect for those who want to incorporate cannabis into their daily routine without any potential impairment. The crystalline powder is super easy to work with and makes measuring precise dosages easier than ever before! You can add Essence CBD Isolate to your favorite meals or beverages without having to worry about any unwanted flavors. You can even combine it with a carrier oil to create your own custom CBD oil! With Essence CBD Isolate, the only limit is your imagination! 

Essence’s team of cannabis experts employs only the most innovative and up-to-date techniques throughout the entire manufacturing process. This includes purging each batch of extract multiple times to remove any fats, waxes, and oils while also eliminating impurities. The result? A clean, pure product that only contains the most desirable compounds from the original plant. Because why should you consume a product that’s anything less than perfect?

At Essence, the safety and satisfaction of every customer has and always will be the number one priority. That’s why each and every product is subject to Essence’s high standards and strict quality control measures. This includes additional testing of each product by a qualified independent laboratory. These tests ensure overall quality and purity as well as accurate, consistent dosing from batch to batch. When you purchase from Essence, you can be confident your product contains no harmful microbes, heavy metals, or other contaminants. Each product even comes with an original barcode that gives you direct and transparent access to the confidential lab reports. All you have to do is scan it with your phone! This is just one of the many ways Essence proves themselves to be an honest cannabis company you can trust. We guarantee you won’t find this level of quality, care, and transparency anywhere else! 

So what are you waiting for? Experience some of the best products the cannabis industry has to offer with Essence! Each one of these incredible cannabis products can help support your well-being and bring balance to a crazy, stressful life. You can purchase all of these amazing products at any one of Essence’s many proud retail partners. No matter what kind of cannabis lover you, Essence has the perfect product for you!