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Green Supreme Extracts is a premium brand producing in-house cannabis concentrates with the highest levels of consistency and overall quality. Using extract from strain-specific AAAA+ quality bud, Green Supreme concentrates truly represent the best the cannabis industry has to offer. With a wide selection of diamonds, cartridges, and more, GreenSupreme Extracts products are perfect for both medicinal and recreational consumers. Check out all of their incredible extracts today to enjoy concentrates that are the definition of supreme! 

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Who are Green Supreme Extracts?

Green Supreme Extracts is a high-end cannabis collective that specializes in producing premium quality cannabis concentrates. Based in BC, this Canadian company prides themselves on their superior craftsmanship and an unrelenting dedication to quality. Green Supreme products only use an extract from some of the best strain-specific buds on the market. In addition, this brand combines innovative technology with professional expertise to produce concentrates that are safe, consistent, and powerfully potent. With a broad menu of cartridges, live sauces, and more, each product line showcases the very best Green Supreme has to offer. If you’re looking to take your cannabis concentrate game to new heights, Green Supreme Extracts is the company for you! 

What Products are Offered By GreenSupreme Extracts?

Green Supreme offers its customers an amazing selection of full-spectrum products that includes nearly every type of concentrate. Full-spectrum extracts have their own unique arrays of medicinal benefits and are more therapeutically effective than traditional extracts. Whether you’re a recreational or medical cannabis user, Green Supreme provides products that will easily fit into your unique lifestyle. The only downside is how hard it’ll be to pick a favorite! 

One of their most specialized concentrates, Green Supreme Diamonds gives you an enjoyable, quality experience every time. Green Supreme separates the unique cannabinoids and terpenes of each cannabis strain before reintroducing them to create a truly amazing concentrate. With Green Supreme Diamonds, you’ll receive an ultra-pure, highly-polished THC concentrate that delivers a complex, long-lasting high. 

Green Supreme also offers a line of premium THC Vape Cartridges. These cartridges combine 99% pure THC distillate with all-natural terpenes to produce a great-tasting cannabis vape product. Green Supreme cartridges also employ an air-tight, leak-proof design to make each hit as good as the last. You can even choose between a variety of strain and dosage levels for a concentrate experience that’s truly yours! 


Why Should You Choose Green Supreme Extracts?

All Green Supreme products use the extract from pesticide-free, non-GMO organic cannabis plants. This marijuana brand also manufactures all of its products in-house using its own state-of-the-art facility and equipment. What sets Green Supreme Extracts apart from other concentrates is a process that involves freezing their freshly-harvested bud. This technique eliminates excess moisture and removes all fats, lipids, and waxes from the plant material. The result is a potent concentrate with great consistency, outstanding flavor, and a prominent terpene profile. We’re not kidding when we say this company knows exactly what it takes to produce truly exquisite THC  cannabis concentrates. 

Green Supreme is an artisanal lifestyle brand with a mission to heal, educate, and show the world the beauty of cannabis. Treat yourself to any of their top-quality weed concentrates today to get a taste of the good life! So shop now at WeedSmart and try out all the wonderful products Green Supreme has to offer.