Secret Garden Extracts

Secret Garden Extracts

If you’re looking for the most potent and affordable concentrate on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Secret Garden Extracts is a company who specializes in producing premium-quality cannabis concentrate products for just a fraction of the premium price. With a dedicated team of experts and an innovative extraction process, we produces amazing whole-plant extracts that reflect their passion for a pure, distinctive expression of cannabis. Read below for more information on this up-and-coming leader in the concentrate business and all the ways you can benefit from their line of impressively potent products.

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Company Overview

Secret Garden Extracts founded their company with the goal of providing top-of-the-line concentrate products. These products ensure that the healing potential and overall value of cannabis is recognized and respected in society. Owned and operated by a team of mission-driven individuals who are just as passionate about cannabis as you are, Secret Garden has quickly proven to be an innovator in taking concentrates to the mainstream.

They pride themselves on their foundation of dedication to creating handcrafted, artisanal-grade concentrate products that truly embody the best of cannabis culture. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Secret Garden uses the most up-to-date pharmaceutical-level processes to deliver a product that’s superior in quality, convenience, and ease of use.  

Quality and consistency remain at the forefront of their focus. Consideration and meticulous attention to detail have gone into each step of their flower cultivation and concentrate processing. Secret Garden firmly believes in using only 100% farm-fresh cannabis in all of their extracts, and that’s why they source their flower from only the most experienced growers in the country. By only using cannabis grown from the best organic farming methods, Secret Garden ensures that you are inhaling the cleanest cannabis they can find. But the real magic starts in their state-of-the-art production facilities. 

Secret Garden Extracts incorporates innovative, medical-grade equipment from recognized manufacturers to achieve the highest level of purity and quality in each batch of concentrate. They use a clean and efficient CO2 extraction process specifically engineered to capture all of the most desirable compounds from the raw plant including cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids. Using CO2 allows Secret Garden to extract these compounds in such a way to properly reflect the most authentic expression of each strain’s unique profile. This process allows for products that can be inhaled, consumed orally, or even applied topically to the skin. Then, Secret Garden finishes things off by subjecting the extract to a process known as vacuum degasification. This removes any residual solvents to produce a cannabis oil that is clean, safe, and ready for consumption. 

Secret Garden is committed to providing consumers with the highest-quality medicinal and recreational concentrate-based products available. They only employ the use of pharmaceutical-grade technology and strict safety standards to extract the best of what nature has to offer. Secret Garden relies on using only the purest solvents and incorporating control measures to eliminate the possibility of any contamination or harmful exposure.

The brand believes that nothing artificial should get in the way of enjoying your concentrate, and that’s why all of their products contain absolutely no fillers, no added flavors, and no additives. The methods which they have established through years of trial and error, research, and hard work have allowed Secret Garden Extracts to develop a system that has proven to provide some of the finest extract in the industry. Truly, these products exceed customer expectations at every turn. 

After all of that, Secret Garden still doesn’t let their products hit the shelves before subjecting each and every one to rigorous quality control measures and testing standards. Independent third-party labs inspect every batch of Secret Garden extract to guarantee complete freedom from any residual solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful substances. When it comes to their customers, safety and satisfaction are the number one priorities. 

As long as you are a citizen who can provide proper identification, you can easily get your hands on any one of these amazing concentrate-based products. Secret Garden’s range of potent shatters are perfect for the avid dabber who won’t sacrifice quality and flavor for an affordable price, and their line of vape cartridges are by far the most convenient way to uplift and reclaim the day.

We’re not kidding when we say that nothing truly compares to the taste and purity of Secret Garden Extracts. Whether you want to relax before bed, share good times with friends, or simply brighten your day, Secret Garden products are guaranteed to give you the best experience every single time. Stop by one of their many partnered retailers, and treat yourself today.