CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Updated by T. Elizabeth on Sep 10, 2021 – Fact checked by Dr. K. Langdon
Pets can suffer from the same ailments that their owners can. It is for this reason that CBD for pets is rapidly gaining popularity in Canada. CBD is said to promote increased happiness, mood, relaxation, and overall health of dogs and cats. Whether it be aches and pains, or anxiety, CBD can benefit dogs and cats in a variety of ways. The most common CBD products for dogs and cats are CBD oil, CBD treats, and CBD topicals.



CANNABIDIOL 101: CBD for Pets Canada 


An Introduction to CBD for Dogs and Cats

Many dogs and cats are loved by their owners, and treated like one of the family. So when such pets come down with medical complications such as chronic pains and/or anxiety, many owners want something that will help bring comfort to their pets. One thing that many pet users have been experimenting with is CBD for pets. CBD is a non psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp plants, and has been providing many dogs and cats relief from many different conditions.


Effects of CBD Dogs and Cats

  • Benefits of CBD Pets: The most common therapeutic effects of CBD oil for dogs and cats is increases in mood, health and relaxation.
  • Medical Uses of CBD Pets: The list of medical uses of CBD for dogs and cats is long and encompassing. Some of the most common of these uses include for relief from anxiety, aches, pains and inflammation. 
  • Negative Effects of CBD Pets: CBD was deemed relatively safe by the World Health Organization. However, it is possible for dogs and cats to experience dehydration and restlessness. However, these are rare and often go unnoticed. 


Different Types of CBD Products for Pets

The most common CBD products for dogs and cats include CBD oil for pets, CBD dog treats and CBD topicals. These products are crafted especially for dogs or cats and provide them with similar benefits that humans enjoy. 


Best Place to Buy CBD Products for Pets in Canada?

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