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Updated by T. Elizabeth on Sep 10, 2021 – Fact checked by Dr. A Maldonado
Do you not like the taste of dried shrooms? Or are you just looking for a tasty way to enjoy your magic mushroom experience? Then you should take a look at our menu of shroom edibles. We work with the best mushroom farmers in Canada to ensure only the finest psilocybin is used in the products we offer. Furthermore, we have put together a collection of some of the best shroom gummies and chocolate shroom treats. On top of that, we offer our magic mushroom edibles at very affordable pricing. So make WeedSmart your go-to magic mushroom dispensary and start saving now!

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What Are Shroom Edibles?

First off, magic mushrooms are a group of fungi that have been taken by humans for centuries for its medicinal properties. Shroom edibles are basically any food item that is mixed with psilocybin. This includes popular items such as shroom gummies and shroom chocolates. In fact, these two categories of items are growing in popularity at an exponential rate. 

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the main substance found in magic mushrooms that causes the hallucinogenic effects normally associated with shrooms. It interacts with a user’s body and attaches to the receptors in the brain. This leads to changes in perception, abstract thinking, and thoughtful analysis. Psilocybin can also affect the user’s overall mood. 

The Science Behind The Trip

Let us explain how magic mushrooms do what they do.

When you ingest psilocybin, it goes into your body as what it is – psilocybin. But when it’s been digested, your body processes it into another chemical called psilocin.

This psilocin is the chemical responsible for triggering that night that you feel when the mushroom is completely digested and the nutrients have been dispersed to your bloodstream. Psilocin affects the serotonin receptors that are often located on the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for producing complex emotions and has a lot to do with our moods.

The chemical also often affects our brain’s parts that interpret what we see and hear, which is why shrooms sometimes affect our auditory and visual perceptions.

You should start feeling the magic mushrooms’ effect 20 to 30 minutes after consumption, but depending on how it was cooked or baked or fried, it may take up an hour. For people with slower metabolisms and a complicated cooking method, your shrooms mat take even longer to digest, so waiting over an hour isn’t unusual.

But if you’ve waited two hours, and you still don’t feel much different, then you might consider a different dose. However, when you do start to feel the effects, it’ll be a crescendo until about 80 minutes to two hours in, when you’ll peak and then slowly begin to come down. It can take up to 12 hours to thoroughly shake off the effects, but many users still report feeling a high even up to a day later. And some people get flashbacks of their epic experience.

However, the time it takes for your body to completely metabolize the psilocin might be longer or shorter than the time frame we’ve given above. Likewise, the time frame we’ve provided for the effects to kick in might be smaller or longer than those shown above.

This is especially true if you’re eating or drinking a mushroom edible. Mushroom edibles are incredible for masking the natural bitter flavour of most psilocybin mushrooms, but they do cause a delay in digestion.

Of course, this will only happen if the mushroom edible was cooked in a complicated way or in a way that you’ll have a hard time digesting. For example, some people digest fried foods exceptionally slowly, which means it can take ages to digest some fried shrooms.

Factors that can slow or hasten your comedown include:

  •       Genes.
  •       Age.
  •       Weight.
  •       Type of mushroom.
  •       Method of cooking.
  •       Your level of activity.
  •       Hydration levels.
  •       Diet.
  •       Digestive medical conditions.
  •       Growing conditions of mushrooms.
  •       Whether mushrooms used were dried, fresh or powdered.
  •       Dosage.

If your metabolism is fast and you’re very hydrated, you could burn through your dosage in three hours. If your metabolism is slow, you might be on a good high for eight, ten hours.

Cooking with Mushrooms: A New Concept?

Mushrooms have been used in meals for a long time. Ancient people used them for meals, for medicine and in rituals to appease gods. There are lots of famous dishes where you can incorporate mushrooms. For example, mushroom risotto isn’t such a bad idea.

Scientists haven’t figured out why mushrooms evolved to carry psilocybin, but many of them did and probably exchanged their flavour for it. A lot of mushrooms have a savoury flavour, but magic mushrooms don’t.

The most common species of magic mushroom in the Americas is the Psilocybe Cubensis. And it’s not tasty at all. Not a lot of people would want to eat it, even if it did come with a fantastic deal like taking you on a trip of self-discovery and introspection.

To counter such a taste, you’ll need something sweet. Either a baked treat or candy works, and the candy is always easier to get. You can use a bar of lovely chocolate to make your shrooms or even use some gummy bears. Or you can just buy your edible magic mushrooms in Canada from WeedSmart.

Cooking with Mushrooms: A Warning

This is a serious warning to anyone who’d like to cook with magic mushrooms. Please do not do it unless you’re well-versed with finding mushrooms or with someone who’s done it before (both the finding and cooking). There are two reasons for this.

  1.       There are over 180 species of magic mushrooms, and we’re still finding more every day. Although mushrooms that contain psilocybin are coloured brown or tan, they don’t look all that distinctive.

There are over fifty thousand mushroom species (that we know of), and you could stumble upon one of the many that are brown or tan and happen to be poisonous. For example, the little brown mushroom of the species Galerina bears a resemblance to several magic mushrooms but contain horrible toxins.

  1.       People that cook mushrooms mostly cook those tiny benign ones that don’t cause significant problems even if they’re eaten raw. Although there are magic mushroom recipes that spell out how to do it, those are few, far between, and you’ll probably have to pay for the knowledge.

When using a new ingredient, the dosage is a huge problem, especially if it’s an ingredient like psilocybin. This is even more true if you’ve turned your shrooms into powder to use as a spice. Detecting how much you should use is a major problem since there aren’t that many recipes to use as a guideline.

It’s easier to just skip the trouble and buy magic mushroom edibles from a reputable store like WeedSmart.

Does Heat Kill Psilocybin?

If you use other organic medicine, you may have the impression that excessive heat can kill off the compounds that give us that high. However, it doesn’t work like that for magic mushrooms. You can make edibles all you want, and some people have made mushroom edibles for years without complaining about not getting high.

Don’t worry. We did our research. Up till the moment, we’re writing this, there has been no evidence or study that has claimed that heat can kill psilocybin.

 Are Shroom Edibles Safe? 

Shroom edibles are safe when used in a responsible fashion. This means you should stay away from any dangerous activities such as driving. In addition, it is important to only take the suggested dosage to avoid overconsumption. Perhaps the biggest danger with shroom edibles is that they look exactly like normal food items. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep any of these items in a child-proof container that is clearly labeled. You do not want any unsuspecting party to eat any by mistake. 

What to Expect From Magic Mushroom Edibles

Taking shroom edibles can lead to a wide range of effects with different intensity levels. Certain mushroom strains are stronger than others. Some compare the psychedelic effects of shrooms to top-grade LSD acid products, but a bit less intense. 

In addition, different batches of shroom crops can outperform others. Many things can go wrong during the growing cycle that can affect quality and potency. Therefore, you should always buy shrooms from a reputable magic mushroom dispensary like WeedSmart. This way you can be sure you are getting quality you can rely on. 

In addition, having good products will increase the chances of a more enjoyable experience. Such a trip can entail an onset of mind-altering and reality-bending effects. You are likely to experience high levels of euphoria, heightened introspection, and even hallucinogenic visions. However, the intensity of the effects will depend on how much psilocybin is taken.


Some of the most common positive effects of dried shrooms in Canada:

Distortions of Time and Reality Enhanced Set of Senses
Heightened Levels of Introspection Euphoric Sensations
Increases in General Mood and Well-Being Relaxation of Mind, Body, and Soul
Mindfulness / Open-mindedness Increases in Neural Connections
Boosts in Creativity Bouts of Energy and Liveliness
Greater Levels of Focus Numbness of the Body and Mind


Health Benefits of Psilocybin Edibles

The shroom edibles  Canada community is still in its infancy in terms of what we know. However, the long list of positive benefits that we already know is difficult to overlook. There is no question that as more research is done, more people will be helped. In addition, the tasty nature of shroom edibles helps the magic mushroom community gain exposure and grow.


Some of the most common medical uses of dried mushrooms in Canada include:

  • To help ease symptoms of depression
  • For reducing anxiety
  • As a substitution of other addictions
  • To ease symptoms of cancer-related psychological conditions
  • For lowering levels of stress
  • As a tool to help Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • To gain relief from cluster headaches

 As a point of note, most of the information provided here is still under study and as such are not recommendations for the use of shroom edibles. Do well to consult with a know medical doctor before administration.

Negative Effects of Shroom Edibles

As long as you take your shroom edibles responsibly and correctly, there shouldn’t be a worry.  Magic mushrooms are known to be relatively safe when taken in appropriate doses. However, if you do find you’ve taken too much, you can possibly experience some negative effects. 

If you do find yourself in the middle of a bad trip, just remember that it is only temporary and try your best to relax. And at any time if you are unsure about anything, err on the side of caution and be conservative with dosing. 

Some common side effects of dried magic mushrooms in Canada include:

Unexpected changes in mood Bouts of dizziness and light-headedness
Decreased control of senses Increased blood pressure
Higher levels of anxiousness Fatigue of the muscles
Bouts of panic attacks Heart rate increases
Sensations of distortion Stomach aches and discomfort
Increased confusion Nauseating sensations
Heightened levels of paranoia Rises in body temperature
Episodes of  fear Cottonmouth

Shroom Edibles Dosage Chart

The most difficult thing about dosing shroom edibles is that everyone’s body is different. Some people who are experienced users might need a higher dose compared with a newcomer. Alternatively, a 200-pound user will likely need more than someone half their bodyweight.

In addition, not all shroom edibles are as potent as others. The strength of the product will depend on how much is in each dose, and the quality of the psilocybin used.  The good news is that shroom edible products typically have preset doses of psilocybin. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommendations provided on the packaging.

Intensity Expected Therapeutic Effects
Microdosing No (or minimal) psychedelic effects
Low Light euphoric sensations, minor distortions of time and reality
Moderate Moderate euphoria, heightened mood, and increases in open-mindedness
High Heavy euphoric sensations, introspection, open-mindedness, and full hallucinations
Extreme Intense psychedelic sensations including all previously mentioned effects

Popular Types of Shroom Edibles

Magic mushrooms (or its psilocybin) can be added to any food item to create a shroom edible. However, some food items are much more suitable than others are. For instance, shroom gummies are a great way to turn a bitter product into a tasty treat. The same goes for popular chocolate shroom products. 

Magic Mushroom Gummies

One of the most popular shroom edible products is gummy shrooms. Psilocybin is added to the gummy mix and turned into powerful psychedelic goodies. These products are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Shroom chocolates are perhaps the most popular of all magic mushroom edibles. This should come as no surprise since who doesn’t like chocolate? What’s even better is that the quality of chocolate shroom products is currently at a level rivaling the big-name normal chocolate products. 

Instead of Edible Shroom Products

Dried Magic Mushrooms

A traditional way to take magic mushrooms is by eating them in their raw dry form. Dried shrooms are dried and cured in a ready to eat state. In addition, there are a variety of wonderful shroom strains you can choose from. And each of these strains possesses unique sets of characteristics and effects. 

Shroom Capsules (Pills)

Shroom capsules are ideal for people looking for a more controlled way to take psilocybin. Magic mushroom pills are typically microdosed in very low doses. The best thing about shroom pills is that they take all the guesswork out of dosing. Each capsule has a set amount of psilocybin making it simple for users.

Shroom Alternatives

The most common alternative to magic mushrooms is cannabis and its related products. In fact, marijuana is often used in conjunction with magic mushrooms instead of merely as an alternative. Cannabis is known to help increase the intensity of shrooms and is known to help ease the coming down after the mushroom trip. 

Here are some of the most common weed products available:

The Best Edible Shroom Products in Canada

Shopping for magic mushrooms can be difficult at times. You want to make sure you are getting clean and quality products, and not getting ripped off when you buy shroom edibles online in Canada. Luckily, WeedSmart works hard to ensure that only quality products reach our valued customers. This includes our long line-up of magic mushroom edible items like our shroom gummies and chocolates. All products are lab-tested and held to the highest quality standards. So make Weed Smart your choice for mushroom dispensary and become a member of our psychedelic community. 


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