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Dried shrooms are a group of magic mushroom products that are often taken for its psychedelic effects. In current times, magic mushrooms are becoming more accepted in Canadian society. This is due to the wide range of therapeutic benefits that come from the psilocybin found in shrooms. On top of that, there is a large variety of shroom strains that each have their own unique sets of properties and effects. Come try some now at WeedSmart and see why so many are going crazy for our dried mushrooms in Canada. Save now when shopping at the best magic mushroom dispensary in Canada.

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What Are Dried Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms go by a number of different names, most notably shrooms or psilocybin mushrooms. They belong to a group of fungi that have been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. These raw mushrooms are picked, dried, and prepared so they are ready to eat. In fact, the drying process increases the potency of psilocybin mushrooms. 

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the main ingredient in magic mushrooms that are responsible for the psychedelic effects. It has historically been viewed in a negative light but has been seen more positively lately. This is mainly due to the many therapeutic benefits that come with dried shrooms. 

Are Dried Shrooms Safe?

Dried shrooms have historically been seen as a dangerous drug. However, the truth is that magic mushrooms are relatively safe to take. Just make sure to take appropriate doses and do so in a responsible manner. The dangers come from irresponsible use as opposed to the effects of psilocybin itself. This means no driving while high on shrooms. 

What to Expect From Dried Magic Mushrooms

When you take dried shrooms you can expect a wide range of intensity of effects. This is because not all magic mushrooms are as potent as others. In addition, the expertise of the mushroom farmer will affect the quality of the end product. This is why it is always a good idea to buy shrooms from a trusted source like WeedSmart. High quality dried shrooms can make a huge difference between an enjoyable and a horrible trip. 

When you do have top-grade dried shrooms you are sure to experience a wide range of therapeutic effects. You will likely experience an onset of effects that include difficulties focusing and a decrease in hand-eye-coordination. Next, you will be bombarded with an influx of euphoria while experiencing distortions in time and reality. Your mind will open and introspection will be at its highest. The intensity of effects will depend on the dose.

Some of the most common positive effects of dried shrooms in Canada:

Distortions of Time and Reality Enhanced Set of Senses
Heightened Levels of Introspection Euphoric Sensations
Increases in General Mood and Well-Being Relaxation of Mind, Body, and Soul
Mindfulness / Open-mindedness Increases in Neural Connections
Boosts in Creativity Bouts of Energy and Liveliness
Greater Levels of Focus Numbness of the Body and Mind

Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

It’s only recently that magic mushrooms have been taken seriously for its medical properties. In fact, shrooms have not been viewed in a positive light for a very long time. However, more studies are being conducted on psilocybin and the list of its benefits keeps growing each day. It’s no wonder why so many in the dried shroom Canada community are taking advantage of this wonder drug. 

Psilocybin magic mushrooms can help with a wide range of medical conditions. However, shrooms should not be looked at as a long term solution. If you do plan to use dried shrooms on a prolonged timespan, it might be a good idea to microdose. In fact, microdosing mushrooms often are more suitable for many conditions.

Some of the most common medical uses of dried mushrooms in Canada include:

  • To help ease symptoms of depression
  • For reducing anxiety
  • As a substitution of other addictions
  • To ease symptoms of cancer-related psychological conditions
  • For lowering levels of stress
  • As a tool to help Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • To gain relief from cluster headaches

Negative Effects of Dried Shrooms

Dried shrooms do come with some downsides. The effects can be quite intense for people who have never experienced anything of a similar nature. This is especially the case when overconsumption has occurred. It’s for this purpose that dosing dried shrooms should be done in a responsible and knowledgeable manner. 

The most important thing that you should be aware of is your own body and your limits. Just remember to go slow if you are unsure. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Some common side effects of dried magic mushrooms in Canada include:

Unexpected changes in mood Bouts of dizziness and light-headedness
Decreased control of senses Increased blood pressure
Higher levels of anxiousness Fatigue of the muscles
Bouts of panic attacks Heart rate increases
Sensations of distortion Stomach aches and discomfort
Increased confusion Nauseating sensations
Heightened levels of paranoia Rises in body temperature
Episodes of  fear Cottonmouth

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of Dried Magic Mushrooms?

If you’re looking to buy shrooms online, it only makes sense that you want to know how long it’ll take for you to feel the effects. The truth, however, is that the “activation” time depends on how you take it. 

As a shroom enthusiast, you probably already know this, but you can take your mushrooms on their own orally. You can also mix them with your meal or put them in hot water or tea just before you drink it. When you put your shrooms in tea, for example, you can expect to feel the effects in about 5 – 10 minutes. Regardless, you should generally start feeling the effects of the drug about 30 minutes after ingesting it.

For How Long Will You Feel the Effects?

When you buy shrooms in Canada and ingest them, you can expect to be high for about 4 to 6 hours. But, this isn’t a universal range. Some people feel the effects of the drug much longer than others. For some, it gets out of their system much faster. When the “main high” has worn out, there’s still a possibility that you’ll feel some after-effects until the day after.

While taking magic mushrooms, you should know that there’s such a thing as a bad trip. This is when you have used the drug irresponsibly. As a result, the effects aren’t quite as pleasant as you want them to be. These trips can be pretty difficult to shake off. They often last longer and leave you with uncomfortable feelings of a hangover. 

Some factors can increase the likelihood of you coming down with a hangover when you take magic mushrooms. These factors simultaneously contribute to how long the drug lasts in your system. A few of them include:

  •       Quantity: The more magic mushrooms you take, the longer you will feel the effects. This factor cuts across basically every other hallucinogenic drug in the market. However, you should remember that the quantity that’ll get you really high is different from what works for another person. The difference is in your body weight and metabolism.
  •       Consumption frequency: As a newbie who might not have had mushrooms before, it’s likely that they’ll linger in your system for longer. However, if you’re a shroom enthusiast, you can expect to be over the effects much sooner than your new counterparts.
  •       Additional substances: If you combine shrooms and other substances, your trips will last longer. It’s essentially like bringing two sources of high together. Their qualities would combine and cause you to feel the effects for longer periods. 
  •       Dried or fresh: Dried mushrooms are more potent. So, they will likely last in your system much longer than the fresh counterparts.
  •       Species consumed: Some species are more potent than the others and will get you high for much longer.
  •       Expectations: Believe it or not, your mind plays a huge role in the physical functions of your body. If you gear yourself up to believe that you’re going to have the best high ever, you just might.

Despite all of this, though, you can expect to go back to being yourself in about 24 hours.

Can You Develop a Mushroom Tolerance?

There is a fairly reasonable chance that you’ll develop a mushroom tolerance if you’re not careful. It is very likely if you take the drug very often. For example, taking the drug heavily almost every day can make you partially or permanently dependent on the drug. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important that you take mushrooms responsibly. Indeed, they’re pretty fun to use, but you still need to use them with maturity and a sense of responsibility as an adult. This is for your own good. If you’re worried about how mushrooms might affect you, it’s best to consult your doctor. They’ll be able to advise you properly on how to use it. They’ll also give you useful information on if you should be using the drug at all.

Safety Tips for Using Magic Mushrooms

Magic truffles in Canada are hallucinogenic drugs. Like every drug of their type, they have the potential to impair your judgement and cause you harm if you do not use them properly. So, if you must use magic mushrooms, you should consider the following tips:

  1. Be careful of your dosage

Hallucinogens can be unpredictable sometimes. If you take too much, you’ll increase your chances of getting a bad trip and suffering very unpleasant effects. So, as much as you can, be careful how many mushrooms you take a time. You’ll want to start at the lowest dosage possible. Then, you can work your way up from there until you reach a comfort level. This is an important point to remember if you’re a newbie.

  1. Avoid shrooms if you’re pregnant

As a pregnant lady, regardless of the trimester, you really shouldn’t be taking mushrooms. Under normal circumstances, they shouldn’t cause you any trouble if used properly. But, because you’re pregnant, you need to be much more careful. The drug could affect the baby or lead to pregnancy complications. It’s best to stay away from it completely. If you’re considering it for its therapeutic effects, you should see your doctor first.

  1. Pick the right time and place

We’ve established that mushrooms can affect your state of mind. So, when you’re taking these drugs, you should choose the best place and time to do so. You shouldn’t be using it in school, at work, and at important functions. You definitely shouldn’t be using it while driving, either. The most reasonable way to go is at home when you have some time to yourself, and you’re in a good headspace.

  1. Do it with a trip-setter

A trip-setter is a friend who’s trustworthy and sober. They’ll step up to help you when you start tripping, and you’re no longer in control.

  1. Drink lots of water

When you take mushrooms, they’re likely to dry out your mouth and raise your temperature. So, before, after, and during the process, you should drink lots of water. Apart from reducing discomfort, it will also help you to get sober when necessary.

Dried Shroom Dosage Chart

Intensity Dose (in grams) Expected Therapeutic Effects Recommended For
Microdosing Below 0.3 No (or minimal) psychedelic effects New users and for microdosing
Low 0.4 – 1.0 Light euphoric sensations, minor distortions of time and reality Beginners and anyone with low tolerance
Moderate 1.1 –  2.0  Moderate euphoria, heightened mood, and increases in open-mindedness Intermediate users with more experience
High 2.1 – 3.5 Heavy euphoric sensations, introspection, open-mindedness, and full hallucinations Heavy users looking for full effects
Extreme Over 3.5 Intense psychedelic sensations including all previously mentioned effects Extreme users who know what they are doing

 Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

There are almost 200 known types of magic mushrooms in the world. Each of these mushroom strains possesses its own unique sets of properties. The ones we will be focusing on are the ones we can actually eat. 

Of the edible varieties, the most common is psilocybe cubensis. In fact, the majority of shroom products you find will be a part of the p cubensis family. 

Psilocybe Cubensis

If you have tried dried shrooms (or any shroom product for that matter) you have likely taken a form of psilocybe cubensis. Psilocybin mushrooms in this family are what fills the shelves of magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada. These shroom strains arguably provide the best sets of effects as a whole. 

Psilocybe Cyanescens

Another popular mushroom strain is Psilocybe cyanescens. These shrooms are more commonly known as “wavy caps” because of their wavy caps and small size.

Psilocybe Azurescen

Many of the strains of psilocybe azurescen hold the title of being some of the strongest shrooms on the market. They were discovered on the west coast USA by Paul Stamets and have become a mainstay in the dried shroom Canada community.

Popular magic mushroom strains:

Instead of Dried Shrooms

Magic mushrooms come in forms other than dried shrooms. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular alternatives to dried magic mushrooms. 

Chocolate Shrooms

These goodies are perfect for chocolate lovers or for people who just don’t like the taste of shrooms. Basically, shroom chocolates are made by infusing psilocybin into the chocolate mix. These shroom edible products are a great way to take shrooms.

Gummy Shroom Candies

Shroom gummies are infused with psilocybin in the same way as other shroom edibles. The result is a sweet and tasty gummy treat that packs a psychedelic punch. 

Microdosing Shroom Capsules

There are even magic mushroom capsules that you can take. Shroom pills are ideal for anyone looking to microdose mushrooms. Typically, a low dose of psilocybin is in each capsule, which takes the guesswork out of shroom dosing.

Mushroom Tea

This is by far the most relaxing way to take psilocybin. What’s not to like about being able to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea knowing that it will take you to a whole new world in due time. As with other shroom edibles, magic mushroom tea is basically regular tea that is mixed with psilocybin.

Shroom Alternatives

The most common alternative to magic mushrooms is LSD. You can find top-grade products like those from PrismsLSD. Also, you can try cannabis and its related products. In fact, marijuana is often used in conjunction with magic mushrooms instead of merely as an alternative. Cannabis is known to help increase the intensity of shrooms and is known to help ease the coming down after the mushroom trip. 

Here are some of the most common weed products available:

The Best Dried Shroom Products in Canada

When it comes to buying shrooms online you want to order from a trusted source. This is to make sure you are getting only the best quality and clean products. At WeedSmart, we work with the top mushroom farmers to bring you the finest dried shrooms in Canada. On top of that, we offer our products at affordable prices. It is a Weed Smart goal to provide the best deals, on the best products, and do so with the best service we can. So sign-up now and never miss out on any of our special promotions and exclusive offers. 


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