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Looking to elevate your cannabis experience? Indulge in some of the finest quality marijuana flowers on the market. Weed Smart has for you, the best of the best AAAA weed, ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Browse through our collection of some of the finest icky sticky buds that’ll get your palette tingling. We’ve got everything from AAAA (aka quad weed) to AAAAA+ indica, sativa and hybrid weed strains!

Premium flowers are ideal for parties, special occasions and celebrations. Check out our mix and match offers; they’re so good, you’ll keep finding reasons to celebrate!

Regular Weed vs AAAA Weed

Regular weed isn’t all that bad; it’s okay for a chilled-out, mellow high and for making edibles. But if you’re looking for an experience that will truly satisfy the cannabis lover within you, with the right blend of taste, potency, and aroma, you need to try these premium flowers.

The number one difference between regular weed and top shelf weed is the quality of the high; the latter is smooth, manageable (when dosed correctly) and doesn’t have any undesirable effects.

AAAA weed is loaded with flavor-retaining terpenes, cannabinoid packed trichomes, red and sometimes purple hairs. All of this makes up for an amazing experience that every cannabis enthusiast must have.

How to Grade Cannabis Quality

To the untrained eye, picking apart a high quality flower from a really high quality flower can be a difficult task. If you know your weed, good on you. If you don’t, here’s a quick little guide that’ll show you how to identify high quality cannabis.

Taste: Shouldn’t be grassy or burnt. It should taste like it smells.

Fragrance: The smell you get when you pop the jar and when you break open the nugs should be similar. If that’s not the case, chances are that the weed wasn’t cured properly. Additionally, your cannabis shouldn’t have a distinctly unpleasant smell. If it does, it’s almost always a sure sign that its aging and it’s not doing so pleasantly. Alongside that, it could also mean that it’s been exposed to moisture alongside other cannabis-harming elements.

Appearance: The nugs should have a generous amount of trichomes which are either clear, milky or amber. Amber trichomes are a sign that the plant was harvested a little late in the cycle and that it might induce a body high. Milky or clear trichomes are a sign that the plant was harvested early, and that it might induce a cerebral high. What you don’t want is less or no trichomes.

Texture: The nugs should neither be too dry, nor too moist. When you twist a nug, it shouldn’t be crumbly or crunchy. It shouldn’t be too squishy either. What you want is the right amount of fluff; if you squish it, it should come back to its original form.

The best ways to smoke AAAA weed

1. Blunts and joints

This is unarguably one of the most common methods of smoking good weed, and for good reasons too! Among other things, this method gives you convenience. While others might have to go through extra-long queues and tedious processes, you don’t. You can merely walk into any dispensary and purchase your papers, grinders, or blunt wraps. When you add the internet to the equation, your purchase journey becomes even easier. Finally, this method of smoking is known across the world.

2. Pipes and bongs

This is an invention with a lot of history in the world of Cannabis that essentially turned things around for lovers of the plant. It easily combines the convenience of joints and blunts with a reusable and consistent way to combust their marijuana.

Pipes and bongs go by many different names. Some call them steamrollers. Others call them bubblers. In various groups of stoners, they answer names like spoons, chillums and Gandalf pipes. 

Regardless of what name they go by, however, pipes are an excellent way to get that good kush into your system.

One of the reasons we maintain that point of view is that pipes provide you with a way to take weed that’s not ridden with fuss and stress. It’s perfect if you want to travel or use it discreetly. All you need to do is grind your marijuana beforehand, pack it into a bowl and then light it up. 

More often than not, you’ll find that pipes are made of glass. However, wood and silicone-based materials aren’t so rare either. 

Bongs aren’t so different either. They come in several different shapes and colours. They’re often made of glass, silicone and wood as well. To use them, you’ll essentially follow the same steps as for pipes. You just need to remember to add water or ice to your bongs before lighting it up. 

The best part about bongs is that anyone who is creative enough can quickly make theirs in the nick of time. Some use apples, and others use plastic bottles alongside a wide range of other possible materials.

3. Vaporizers

These have become nearly as popular as joints and blunts. So much so that you can buy them at virtually any respectable marijuana dispensary across the country. Now, the interesting thing about this method of smoking your marijuana is that it doesn’t involve combustion.

Instead of sending smoke directly into your lungs, vaporizers use the vaporization process to activate the cannabinoids you want to get in your system. It does this by heating up extracted materials or loose leaves to the point where their key ingredients come out in vapour form. As a result, some people consider it less dangerous than smoking marijuana.

While the method of use is fairly simple in that it avoids using combustion, there are two broad ways it can be done – conduction and convection. They might seem like the same thing, but they’re actually quite different. The former heats the Cannabis directly to release vapour. The latter, on the other hand, will heat air and pass it through Cannabis. This method significantly reduces the chances of combustion and increases your ability to control the temperature.

How do you properly store your top-shelf weed flower?

Now, this part of our guide might not be considered relevant by everyone. For example, if you often age your buds up to their sedative ante, you might not be particularly interested in slowing down that ageing process. 

However, if you don’t belong in that group of people, then proper storage is an important part of your job as a stoner. Thankfully, your job is quite simple. You merely need to considerably reduce the flower’s exposure to moisture, oxygen, heat, or ultraviolet light, as it can have negative effects on the plant.

The best way to achieve all this is by storing the plant inside a durable and airtight jar. A go-to option for you to carry out this function will be a mason jar. Besides that, you can go for hermetic containers if you truly want to protect your weed. These types of containers help ensure that your marijuana flowers are at a constant level of humidity throughout the storage period.

What are the common forms of AAAA weed offered for sale?

You can get your weed in two essential forms. 

  1. Loose flower.

This type of flower is essentially the flower from the plant material itself. It hasn’t been grounded yet, and it certainly hasn’t been mixed with any combination of stems, leaves, or seeds. It is often sold at marijuana dispensaries. 

After purchasing it, users often go ahead to grind it by themselves. More often than not, they’ll pour the ground particles into a bowl, a baking sheet, or even a measuring cup. Afterwards, they’ll smoke, pack, or decarb it.

  1. Pre-rolls

This is another incredibly popular form that marijuana flowers come in. It is directly synonymous with blunts and joints because it comes in the same cylindrical or conelike container as joints.

Unlike buying loose flowers, purchasing a preroll means that you do not have to worry about grinding, packing, rolling, or wrapping. The producer of the preroll has expertly covered that for you. You merely need to get a lighter, set fire to your joint, relax and let the kush calm your nerves. It’s that easy. 

Here, we are offering only the highest quality of marijuana for your consumption. However, in other places, the quality of prerolls often differ. Some are so good, they’re almost mind-bending. Others are simply just another batch of regular weed stored in a fanciful joint for people to consume. These ones are often mixed with leaves and stems.

“Remember to always consult your doctor if you suffer from any respiratory disease. Possibly the consumption by respiratory way can worsen the disease”

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