Most Potent Cannabis Strains

Most Potent Cannabis Strains

Challenge your tolerance limits by trying more potent Cannabis strains. However, be careful and start slow because these potent Marijuana strains can punch you. There are many Weed types in the market today. Depending on your preference, you can buy Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.

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What are Cannabis Strains?

What is the first question that rings in your mind when you hear about Cannabis strains? You would ask, what are these?  Cannabis is a plant that gives users mind-altering effects when they consume it. Furthermore, it is found in three types, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.

Indicas give you great relaxation while Sativas make you alert and active. Hybrid strains are a genetic cross of Indica and Sativa.

What Makes for a great Potent Cannabis Strain in Canada?

Most potent Cannabis strains thrive in a warm climate with plenty of sunlight. Moreover, they thrive in organic-rich soils. Regulate humidity levels because too much moisture causes rotting.

Appearance of Potent Cannabis Flower

Marijuana bears male and female flowers on different plants. Male flowers have stamens while the females have pistils. Furthermore, the female plants are resinous.

Size and Density of Potent Cannabis buds

Indicas bear more dense buds than Sativas. Additionally, Sativa strains have loosely packed and slender flowers. Hybrid strains have characteristics resembling Indica and Sativa, depending on their hybrid ratio.

Aroma of Potent Cannabis Flowers

Potent Indicas have a linalool scent. Furthermore, you will feel earthy and pinene hints. In contrast, potent Sativas have a mixed fruity aroma.

Taste of Potent Cannabis Strains

Marijuana tastes and their aromas are almost similar. Enjoy their intense, fruity flavour mixed with earth.

Potency and effects of Cannabis

The most potent Cannabis gives you intense effects. Are you in need of deep relaxation? Take potent Indica Weed. Furthermore, if you want to stay alert, Sativa will offer that generously. However, if you want to taste both worlds, take a potent hybrid Marijuana.

What are the 7 Best Potent Cannabis Strains in Canada?

The most asked question about potent Marijuana is, what are the best potent Weed strains? Here are the seven top strains:

  •         Love Potion #1– this Marijuana has a charm! You will never get out of its trap once it gets you. Furthermore, it leaves you horny.
  •         Black Diamond– do you need Weed that leaves you giggly? This Marijuana is all you need. Take it when you have a social gathering.
  •         Mataro Blue– take it in the evening and get potent relaxation and energy.
  •         Strawberry Cough– have you ever tasted an intense strawberry flavour that makes you cough? This strain is perfect for fruit lovers.
  •         Mango Haze– do you love mango flavour? Meet your fruit thirst and daily Cannabis needs with this Ganja.
  •         God’s Green Crack– lift your mood and relax your muscles using this hybrid. Never let your worries pin your down anymore.
  •         Purple Wreck– the Indica-dominant Weed makes you euphoric but focused. Therefore, you can consume it during the day.

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