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Using marijuana has never been so enjoyable. Cannabis edibles are the perfect option for people who want to avoid the side effects of smoking marijuana flowers or find vaporization too much of an effort. All you need to do is take your dose of THC (or CBD) and wait for the effects to come. Edibles need to pass through the digestive tract in order to get metabolized and reach the bloodstream, so the effects may kick in after about 30 to 90 minutes. But once they start to work, they will last much longer than other cannabis formats, keeping you uplifted and medicated for hours. WeedSmart offers an abundance of various cannabis edibles infused with THC or CBD, including gummies, candies, suckers, caramels, and chocolate bars. Enjoy your sweet treats!

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Is Marijuana Edible?

The brief and concise answer would be a yes. You can consume marijuana in several different ways. People have been eating weed in foods and drinks for hundreds of years now. In China and India, for example, people used marijuana for several purposes, including medicine. This was before the drug was introduced to the West in the early years of the 19th century.

As soon as it was introduced, it garnered different applications. One prevalent example is the tincture that was used to assist with different conditions.

Apart from the ancient India and China, cannabis consumption is popular across the world. This is primarily because of the plant’s legalization process that many countries are becoming aware of. People now make cannabis into gummies, chocolates, capsules, candies, teas, oils, etc. 

Buy Cannabis Edibles in Canada

Do you enjoy cannabis but don’t want to smoke it? Do you like it, but want something a bit stronger and more sedating? Are you looking for a relaxing body high to ease you into the night? If you answered yes to any of those questions then weed edibles might be your answer. Edibles are what you get when you infuse activated THC into normal everyday foods.

Edible pot is a lot more potent than regular buds. It is processed in the body differently compared to smoking, and its effects last a lot longer.

How Edibles Work

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ate marijuana completely raw? Like just out of the jar and into your mouth? Well, apart from a few significant health benefits, nothing else really happens. You won’t feel high by eating raw buds because the THC in them is in an inactive state, better known as THC-A.

It’s only when THC-A is decarbed that it turns into activated THC. “Decarbed” refers to decarboxylation — a process that converts THC-A into THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).

This process automatically takes place when you smoke a joint. But if you want to consume weed orally and get high off it, it’s going to have to be decarboxylated. That’s the kind of weed that’s used in edibles.

When you consume activated THC, it goes through your digestive system and into your liver where it gets metabolized into something called 11 hydroxy THC — a compound that’s 4 to 5 times more potent than normal THC.

Effects of Edible Pot

There’s a stark difference between smoking pot and eating it; the latter is far more potent, takes a long time to hit, and even longer to wear off. The main reason behind this is that edible marijuana has to go through your entire digestive system before it starts doing anything.

For the most part, the high feels similar to smoking weed but it heavily depends on the dosage and every individual’s personal tolerance. If you’re used to smoking a few doobs daily, you’ll require a stronger dose than what someone who barely ever smokes would need.


The biggest benefit here is the discreteness it brings to taking marijuana. Since everything looks like normal food, you can stealthily take your medication throughout the day without anyone noticing. Edibles typically induce more of a body typed high and increased sensations of relaxation, euphoria and sedation than normal buds do.

Medical Uses

Due to its heavy sedating and relaxing effects that edibles have on the body, many medical marijuana users take these to relax muscles to ease aches and pains. They are also commonly used to treat anxiety, paranoia and stress, but just be careful as taking too much can possibly heighten these conditions.

This begs the question; how can something that is used to relieve anxiety, cause anxiety? This is because weed has biphasic effects. The substance can have opposite effects in different doses. Anxiety can be reduced in lower doses but it can get out of control in higher doses.

If you are taking edibles for symptom relief, it is important to know exactly how much you’re using, which brings us to the next topic.


Dosage is the single most important factor to keep in mind while consuming edibles. Misreading the THC content or mistaking them for regular food could either give you a light, unintentional buzz or send you into outer space depending on how much you consume.

Take a quick glance at this dosage chart, it’ll help you decide how much to consume in one sitting. The lower your tolerance is, the more accurate these figures will be; heavy users might require a lot more than what’s mentioned below.

Microdose: 1mg to 2.5mg

No active effects, light relief from pain and anxiety. Ideal for increased focus and creativity.

Low dose: 2.5mg to 15mg

Stronger symptom relief, easier to fall asleep. The high won’t be overwhelming on this dose, it’s an ideal first time dose.

Medium dose: 15mg to 30mg

Effects begin to get stronger. Inexperienced users might experience negative effects.

High Dose: 30mg to 50mg

Here’s where experienced THC users should ideally start. Effects are very satisfactory and they might impair coordination and alter your perception.

Moderately High Dose: 50mg to 100mg

High levels of euphoria, red eyes, and cottonmouth. Effects last for a long time. Recommended for experienced THC users only.

Very High Dose: 100mg to 500mg

Almost like a psychedelic trip, especially if your tolerance is low. Only recommended for highly experienced individuals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Negative Effects

If you plan to consume edibles, do it in a nice comfortable environment, and do it when you are sure you have nothing else to do any time soon. This is because edible pot is known to pack a punch and can oftentimes fuse consumers into their couches. It is advised not to overdo it when it comes to dosing.

Start with just a small dose and wait a while to see what happens. It could take up to 20-30 minutes to feel the effects, but more commonly the effects will have taken hold long before that.

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

    • THC Gummies
    • Weed Cookies
    • Pot Brownies
    • Chocolates
    • CBD Edibles

You can pretty much infuse any food with decarboxylated weed and consume it to get high. 

Best Ways to Consume Edibles

Edibles are best taken in small doses and responsibly.  You want to make sure it is kept away from children and is kept clearly marked that the food contains THC. Also, it is suggested to consume them when you have a nice place to relax and nothing that needs to be done for the rest of the night.

Important Things You Must Know Before Trying Out Weed Edibles

1. They take longer to kick in

If you’re a regular cannabis smoker, you’ll know that the drug can kick in almost immediately. This is because the smoke is going directly into your lungs with minimal interruption from any other part of your body. However, with edibles, things are a little different. Once you smoke them, you might have to wait for up to an hour before you start feeling the effects.

This is primarily because the drug is passing through your digestive system first. Before it gets released into your bloodstream, your body needs to break it down. It is that breaking down process that causes a delay in the effects of your marijuana.

Beyond this, there are a few factors that could cause cannabis edibles to take longer to activate. One of them is the amount of THC concentration. If your edible in Canada is primarily CBD-based, you will likely not get any euphoric effects at all. If, however, you have a lot of THC, you can expect to be high fairly soon. 

Apart from that, the method of consumption plays an important role. Anything you consume sublingually will be absorbed into your body faster. This is because it doesn’t necessarily go the long route and pass through your digestive system. Instead, it goes straight into your body through the mucus membranes in your mouth.

2. Beginners should start small

If you have any knowledge of edibles in Canada or anywhere else, you’ll know that they pack quite a punch. The first thing you’ll notice as an edible user is that the cannabis lasts much longer in your system. The second is that the feeling is significantly more intense. So intense that it can keep you grounded on the couch for quite a while.

If you’re a beginner, all this might be a little too much for you. Our advice? Start small. You can never go wrong in that direction. Instead of throwing the entire gummy into your mouth, take a little bite first. Once you do, hold on for a while to see what effects it will have on you. If it feels good, then you can have another controlled bite. If it doesn’t, you might have a low cannabis tolerance, meaning you’ll need to ration yourself.

3. It’s not great for pregnant women

As an expecting mother, there are a couple of things you shouldn’t be doing. At the top of that list are substances like alcohol and marijuana. Yes, the stress of carrying a baby for nine months can take its toll on you. You might even want to use cannabis to relieve yourself of that stress. 

It is generally not very good for you or the baby. It is best to stay away entirely and come back when you’re done nursing your child. If you must take it for medical reasons only, consult your doctor first. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this.

4. Don’t be quick to combine marijuana with other intoxicants

When you consume an edible, it gets metabolized inside your liver. This process produces a euphoric effect that is significantly more intense than smoking marijuana.

This level of high is already more than enough for you, especially if you’re a beginner. For that reason, you shouldn’t combine marijuana edibles with other substances. An example of such a substance is alcohol. Doing so could end up leaving you somewhat uncomfortable. 

But, as uncomfortable as this might be, it doesn’t compare to the dangers that come with marijuana and hard drugs like cocaine. This is something you should never try as it can lead to severe complications for you.

5. You must be responsible at all times

As it stands right now, you can only use marijuana as an adult in Canada. And, yes, marijuana is fun. It helps relieve stress, and it helps to get the party started, making you feel good generally. But, none of these should make you forget the importance of being responsible with the drug.

Under no circumstance must you leave your marijuana in a position where a child can see it. Even if you have your marijuana farm, you must fence it properly to prevent unsuspecting people/children from accessing it. 

Apart from that, you must never drive under the influence of marijuana. This includes everything from cars to bikes to trucks and even airplanes. Doing so would amount to driving under the influence. For starters, this is a grave offense that can set you back several thousand dollars. Besides that, it also puts people’s lives in danger, and that’s not a very good thing. So, as fun as edible are, ensure that you use them responsibly.

6. Be careful about your source 

The marijuana industry has been booming for as long as anyone can remember. Even before it became legal, some still sold and bought it for different reasons. However, now that it is officially legal in Canada, tons of sellers simply want to get their products out there. Unfortunately, not all of them have excellent quality. 

So, before you purchase any edible, be sure that what you’re getting is actually up to standard. Getting edibles with impurities can be pretty bad for you. Getting edibles that weren’t properly decarboxylated can be pretty disappointing, too. So, make sure your source is good at what they do/claim to do.

Alternatives to Marijuana Edibles

The most common alternative would be to just smoke normal pot buds in a joint, bong or pipe. Also, cannabis concentrates are another great alternative, as they can be extremely potent and are widely available. Some of the more common weed concentrates include: 

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