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2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom (8 x 7G)

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom : African Transkei 

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom: African Transkei is a magic mushroom strain that derives its name from its origin, the Transkei Region of the Southeastern cape of South Africa. This strain whose genetics are still a mystery has a THC content of 10%. It is consumed by the local breeders (the Xhosa tribe) in the forms of fluids infused in tea, chewing it raw, and smoking it for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes.

African Transkei yields dense, slender, rock-hard, lime-green buds that sparkle with crystals and covered by red and orange hairs. During blossom, the buds of African Transkei emit a pungent, mild citrus and sour grapefruit with some tones of earth fragrance. When burnt, the buds of African Transkei produce smooth smoke with a minty and citrusy taste that will give you a mind buzz and induce an energetic, focused, uplifting, and happy feeling.

African Transkei thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings and prefers a hot and dry climate. The plants grow sturdy, tall, and branchy, thus highly recommended for outdoor cultivation. This weed strain takes long to flower. In indoor gardening, this strain takes about 14 weeks to flower and yields an average of 12 ounces per square meter of crop. African Transkei blooms by mid-October outdoors and produces approximately 14 ounces per plant. The strain is relatively easy to cultivate and highly resistant to common crop diseases.

Key Facts

  • Genetics: The parents of African Transkei are unknown. This marijuana strain is indigenous to the Transkei region of the Southeastern cape of South Africa.
  • The High: African Transkei has a meditative high with an energetic, inspiring, focused, and happy feeling.
  • Hybrid Ratio: 100% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 10%
  • Grow Information: It is relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, the crop grows up to 4 meters tall and flowers after 12 weeks indoors and by mid-October outdoors. Indoor farmers harvest about 12 ounces from every square meter of plant, and their outdoor counterparts collect approximately 14 ounces from every plant. This marijuana strain is highly resistant to mould and mildew.


The towering, green, and stout African Transkei plants produce dense, bright green, slender, and rock-hard buds generously sprinkled with sparkling crystals and covered with red and orange pistils. These buds fill the air with a mixture of pungent, citrus, grapefruit, and earthy fragrance during bloom. When burnt, these buds produce smooth smoke that leaves a blend of citrus and menthol taste on your lips after exhalation making you yearn for more.


African Transkei hits you with a natural and boundless cerebral buzz followed by a fresh, energizing, motivating, uplifting, and meditative feeling that lasts up to four hours. This unique feeling makes this Cannabis sacred to the local breeders. However, the strain does not cause dizziness or drowsiness like other Marijuana strains, therefore suitable for daytime use.

Shroom Grow Information

African Transkei is appropriate for indoor and outdoor farming however, the plants grow tall and branchy and therefore recommended for outdoor cultivation when indoor growth is avoidable. This Cannabis strain thrives in a hot and dry outdoor climate. The flowering period of African Transkei takes 14 weeks indoors and by mid-October indoors. The average harvest indoors is 12 ounces per square meter of crop and 14 ounces per plant in outdoor cultivation. This Marijuana strain is relatively easy to cultivate and highly resistant to common crop diseases and drought.

Medical Uses

African Transkei Magic Mushroom treats chronic physical and mental health distresses. This Kush strain treats chronic depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. It encourages you to feel more positive and inclines your thoughts on bright ideas and lightens your mood. The appetite-inducing impact of African Transkei combats nausea and appetite loss related to the treatment regimen in cancer patients. This Marijuana also has a profound anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. African Transkei is a perfect muscle relaxant and pain reliever, making it suitable for people with muscle spasms, migraines, and backaches.

Side Effects

African Transkei causes minimal or no adverse effects when you consume the right quantity. This strain commonly causes thirsty, mouth, and eye dryness. Ease these symptoms by taking adequate water within the smoking period. Smoke in an open area to minimize the contact between your eyes and the smoke. An overshot of this Kush can cause a headache, paranoia, and anxiety. Ensure you do not exceed your tolerance limits to prevent the adverse effect of this strain.


2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom: African Transkei the best treat you can give yourself before commencing the day’s activities. Unleash the natural energy hidden in beautiful buds of this unique Cannabis and avert sluggishness. Fight distresses using the magical healing power of this strain. Understand your tolerance capacity to evade the negatives of Marijuana.

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom  Burmese Mushroom 

Burmese mushroom strain is a species extracted from a popular and fast-growing specimen, psilocybe Cubensis. This hybrid is highly potent and grows in various heights. Caps of this magic shroom strain are brown in colour, with a lighter rim and dark at the top.

This magic Burmese mushroom strain is easy and faster to grow, and it does well in a subtropical environment. You can grow this shroom in a mycelium growing kit, or a substrate. The substrate mostly contains rye grain, PF Tek, Brown rice flour, compost and dung.

Burmese mushroom strain will give the user a deep high, taking them on meditation and mellow self-discovery trip. The effects of this strain depend on the individual setting, with each person experiencing a different feeling. This Strain should be taken under a controlled routine, and it is ideal when consumed in the evening.

The effects of consuming Burmese mushroom strain will start hitting you after 10-30 minutes. Burmese shroom strain will hit you with a deep high, with reduced strength of profound insights. The user will start feeling high, where excitement, enhanced mood and euphoria will fill you. You will also get intense visual enhancements and eventually get into reflective thought.


This popular mushroom strain is easy to grow, and it grows to reach various height. It thrives in a subtropical environment. The spores are dark brown and subellipsoid. The stem is yellow, and it turns bluish when injured or touched. The stem measures 150mm tall. The caps are golden brown, with a dark top, with the edges of the cap being whitish. The cap measures 25-50mm. The gills’ attachment is adnexed, with a grey colour that turns black when the mushroom is mature.

The effects of consuming this mushroom strain are different from person to person. It largely depends on the individual setting and the dose taken. The museum dosage is 0.5-1.5g, and it’s the best choice for a beginner. There is a moderate dose of 2- 3.5g. Each dose should take you to an imaginary trip of 3-6 hours.


The effects of using Burmese mushroom strain are received differently, depending on the dose and individual setting. This strain can induce your mind into a state of excitement and euphoria. Your mind will go on a fantastic trip, which is quite relaxing.

The initial effect is intense, which later becomes chillier as the high hits your mind. You will gradually enter into a fantastic experience of deep thoughts and meditation. The user may also experience intense visual enhancements, which may be mild to extreme depending on the dosage.

Grow Information

Burmese mushroom strain grows very fast, and it thrives in a subtropical environment. It grows to reach various sizes, from medium to tall. The mushrooms grow healthy with minimal problems, producing heavy yields within a short time.

There are two ways to cultivate Burmese mushroom strain. You can either go for the grow kit or gathering materials and raising spores in a substrate. The grow kit is ideal for growers who want fast and easy growth.

For the grow kit, there are specific instructions to follow. When the cultivator follows the guidelines and observes optimal growth conditions, the yields will be rewarding. For the advanced cultivation using spores, you need a substrate. The substrate contains PF Tek, rye grain, dung, compost, and brown rice flour. The substrate will serve as a medium to supply the spores with nutrients necessary for growth.

Medical Uses

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom: Burmese mushroom strain is mostly used for recreational purposes, and it also exhibits therapeutic properties. If you were having a busy and thoughtful day, you could use this mushroom for relaxation. It may also help you to meditate and calm down.

Burmese mushroom strain leaves you with increased munchies urge, thus helping people with poor appetite. The highness will stimulate your mind and provide relief from distress.

Side Effects

Like any other herb, this mushroom strain may have undesirable effects. The effects are mild to intense, depending on the dosage. Taking the strain beyond your capacity will make you experience harsh effects. The effects will differ depending on the individual tolerance levels.

When you consume this mushroom, you may experience visual impairments, and your mind may get lost into an imaginary world. It may make the user start seeing things that are not real. It may also interact with some medications. Novice users should take precautions as they are likely to experience severe headaches.


Burmese mushroom strain is easy and fast to cultivate. It is a potent mushroom, with its effects hitting differently depending on the dose and individual setting. Burmese strain plant grows in various sizes, ranging from medium to tall.

Consuming this mushroom will fill your mind with excitement and euphoria, leaving you with an enhanced mood. It will also help the user relax and get time for self-meditation.  It is the best mushroom for evening use, as it will take your mind to various trips that will make you relax and get ready for another day. If you are looking forward to making a spore delicacy, Burmese mushroom strain is very rewarding.

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom : Golden Teacher Mushroom 

Golden Teacher mushroom is a famous strain, highly sought by shroomers, researchers and growers. It belongs to the psychedelic mushroom species. The exact origin of this psilocybe cubensis strain is unknown, with most believing its origin in Florida, first appearing during the 1980s. The golden caps of Golden Teachers make the plants highly recognizable. The plants have larger caps and stems, as compared to most Psilocybe cubensis strains. Golden Teachers contain Psilocybin and psilocin as the most active elements.

You can use Golden Teacher mushrooms by crushing dried shrooms into powder to smoke. However, this may not have any effects as the high temperatures break down Psilocybin. You can also ingest the mushrooms orally or add them to food or drinks.

The Golden Teacher magic mushroom offers a mild high psychedelic effect. This makes it an ideal strain for beginners. Additionally, Golden Teachers mushroom have spiritual effects. Therefore, most spiritual healers use Golden Teacher mushrooms to restore the spirit and the mind. It also delivers a feeling of enlightenment, helping one to connect with nature. The thought-provoking and philosophical effects associated with using Golden Teacher shrooms earn the title” the teacher.” Golden mushrooms create a euphoric feeling.

Growing Golden Teacher mushroom is relatively easy, even for novice growers.  These magic shrooms are friendly as they do quite well, even in less than optimal conditions. You can either use a Golden Teacher grow kit or Golden Teacher spores. Golden Teacher mushrooms do not produce as many fruits as the other psilocybe cubensis strains. However, the fruits are larger, the average fruit reaching heights of about five inches. As compared to large Golden Teacher mushrooms, smaller and medium-sized mushrooms have higher concentrations of Psilocybin.


The Golden teacher mushroom earns its strain name from its golden caps. The plants have large stems and caps. The plants have an elegant appearance. It have a distinguishable and slightly curved cap making up a fruiting body. The shrooms have ashy red coloured caps, which can extend to a diameter of up to 8cm. Golden Teacher shrooms have gills varying from whitish to purple-brown. The first Golden Teachers produced during the first flush are medium-sized. Later on, these mushrooms from the second and subsequent flushes increase in size.


This strain offers a high psychedelic effect, though mild, making it ideal even for beginners. It have shamanistic/spiritual properties. Therefore, spiritual healers use this strain as a tool to heal the patient’s mind and spirit. Upon using Golden Teacher shrooms, one feels they are deeply connected to nature. One also experiences a feeling of being enlightened.  The golden mushroom teaches users by providing transcendence and new psychedelic experiences. Like most shrooms, hallucinogenic effects accompany the use of Golden Teacher mushrooms. The effects may take about twenty minutes to kick in but take 4-10 hours to fade, depending on the dosage used.

Grow Information

Growing Golden Teacher Magic mushrooms is relatively simple, even for beginners. This mushroom growers have two options, either using a mushroom grow kit or Golden Teacher spores. The first option works perfectly for growers who want to grow the strain easily and fast. If you’re for the idea of customizing the cultivation process to increase the yield, the spores are a great choice. Spores are cost-effective. Spores spread once the veil on the cap’s underside opens. Mycelium develops from these pores when placed in the right environment. The suitable environmental conditions for the successful growth of the Golden Teacher mushroom comprise a high humidity level of about 80% and constant temperatures of 23 degree Celsius. A grow kit, therefore, enables the cultivator to obtain the optimum environmental conditions required. The first mushroom to sprout may take 7-20 days, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions. Fruiting requires a conducive growing environment with sufficient light and fresh air. To properly preserve the mushrooms, store them in the dark with temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius and low humidity.

Medical Uses

The recommended dose is 1 gram-2.5 grams for the dried mushrooms of this strain. A dosage of 1 gram should be enough to propel effects in beginners. A higher dosage between 2-3 grams is relatively high for beginners. Spiritual healers use it to drive users to gain new insight about themselves and the universe. These shrooms are also useful in restoring the users’ mind and spirit.

Side Effects

Like all mushroom strains, Golden Teacher mushrooms cause hallucinogenic effects to the users.  The experience is more visionary with hallucinations. When used in high doses, they can cause adverse effects to the users.


2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom: Golden Teacher magic shrooms offers you a magical experience, with a reconnection to nature, inner thoughts as well as enlightenment within. When tripping on golden teachers mushrooms for the first time, it is essential to be in the company of a trip sitter. The trip sitter should remain sober to handle any cases of emergency on your end. It is also essential not to exceed the given dosages as this may be overwhelming. Also, don’t mix these shrooms with weed or alcohol. Lastly, take plenty of water to flush out the Psilocybin.

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom : Psilocybe Caerulescens 

Psilocybe Caerulescens strain is commonly referred to as landslide mushroom or ‘derrumbe’ in Spanish. This shroom is psilocybin, with the main active compounds in it being psilocybin and psilocin. The strain’s name is due to its fondness for growing on a ground that is devoid of plants, such as near streams, rivers and ravines. This strain grows reasonably well in sunny locations, which propelled the strains widespread cultivation in ancient and present days. This strain is among the mushrooms native to South America and Mexico, which were initially used by Mazatec cultures and Aztecs.

These shrooms have high psilocybin percentage at 1.78%, baeocystin at 0.35% and psilocin at 0.38%. This is close to four times the amount found in p.cubensis or p.semilanceata. The cap of this mushroom has a breadth of 3-7 cm. The cap is also convex with an inwardly curved margin when moist, the cap is sticky, and its margin slightly translucent. The moisture levels of this magic mushroom affect the cap as it alters its colour. When hydrated, the cap is yellow-brown or red-brown. When dried, the cap changes to beige or straw yellow. These shrooms are relatively resilient to low temperatures. The cap varies significantly in colour and form. The shroom’s stem is 40-120 mm long, enlarging slightly towards the base. The gills are whitish-yellow when young, but the colour changes to violet-brown upon ageing.

These shrooms have a starchy and robust taste. The smell is also starchy, reminiscent of cucumber. The scent starts to weaken when dry or with age. The strain has a lower relative potency. The plateau of mindful awakening and sensory hallucination effects lasts 3-6 hours. The ancient Aztec cultures revered these shrooms for their ability to open the mind and propel spiritual development.

Growing Psilocybe Caerulescens is relatively easy and cost-effective, provided one is adequately prepared. Growing the shrooms indoors gives one a chance to control the growing conditions necessary while reducing contamination risks.


This strain grows on disturbed grounds which are devoid of any plants. These shrooms also have a high growth rate in sunny locations with muddy soils. The smell and taste of these shrooms are strongly starchy, similar to cucumber. However, the smell lessens with age or upon drying.

The cap has a diameter of 3-7 cm. It is convex, with an inwardly curved margin. The cap is sticky when moist, with the margin becoming a bit translucent. The caps of Psilocybe Caerulescens change in colour depending on the current moisture levels. When hydrated, these caps are yellowish-brown with a silver-blue metallic lustre. The caps bruise to blue when handled. The gills are whitish when young, but they turn to dark violet brown when mature. The edges, however, remain whitish. The stipe has a whitish to reddish-brown or black colour. This stipe is hollow and slightly enlarges towards the base. Rhizomorphs are often attached to the bottom. Although the veil does not make a permanent annulus, it is well developed.


The potency of this shroom is relatively weaker as compared to most Psilocybe Cubensis strains. Despite the low potency, it still delivers a full range of experience of using magic mushrooms. This makes the shrooms ideal even for newbie shroom users. After ingesting the shroom, the effects take about twenty minutes to build up. The first effects are a change in vision. The colours become very vibrant. A feeling of happiness takes overfilled with giggles. The phase of mindful awakening then kicks in. One navigates their mindset with most exploring themselves and weighing their relationships, goals, problems and principles. This gives users a new perspective on such areas. As the hallucinations grow more intense, one’s sense of time is distorted. This can be, for example, staring at something for so long without noticing. The effects stay for 3-6hours.

Grow information

Growing your landslide mushrooms is easy and cost-effective. This species is saprophytic and grows well with some disturbance. The first method is using the Psilocybe Caerulescens spores. You require ½ of drinking glasses, brown rice flour, water, a vermiculite substrate and the spores. Growing indoors offers you the chance to customize the growing conditions. It also helps to reduce the risks of contamination. You can also choose to order a grow kit. When growing this strain, expect a variation in the fruiting bodies.

Medical Uses

This shroom is mostly used for recreational purposes, although it also exhibits therapeutic characteristics. This strain can be used in meditation because of its effects that enable one to navigate their thoughts. Here, the patient will start viewing things from a different perspective. The strain can also be useful in managing anxiety and stress. As the effects wear off, one is filled with relief. In some cases, this magic shroom can help curb addiction.

Side Effects

The total distortion of time one experiences may lead to delayed schedules. Therefore, one should use the strain during leisure. Additionally, high doses may propel paranoia and nervousness.


2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom: Psilocybe Ceerulescens will give you a mild psychedelic high while delivering a full range mushroom experience. Enhance your meditation routine by using this magic shroom. Also, trip on these magic shrooms during leisure time to avoid possible work-related injuries. Magic mushrooms closely resemble poisonous mushrooms. It is, therefore, essential to have guidance on the shroom you are about to take.

2 Ounce Mix & Match Mushroom : Psilocybe Semilanceata Mushroom 

Psilocybe Semilanceata magic mushroom is known as the Liberty Cap in the USA or the Magic Shrooms in the UK. They are part of the Psilocybin Mushrooms, an informal group of fungi that contain psilocin and psilocybin. In the ancient days, Psilocybin shrooms were used in ceremonies and religious rites.

They have been depicted in Stone Age art, famously represented in the sculptures and glyphs in South and Central America. Some of those arts are also found in Europe and Africa. For example, the Indians believe that magic mushrooms can project them on a religious path to the spirit world. They call them Sacred Mushrooms.

In his 1983 monograph, the Psilocybe authority Gaston Guzman considered Psilocybe Semilanceata shrooms the most widely distributed psilocybin mushrooms worldwide. They have been reported in 17 countries, with Europe having the highest numbers. The potency lies in the psychoactive psilocybin and baeocystin compounds produced by the shrooms. They have psychedelic, euphoric and hallucinogenic effects with its psilocybin ranging from 0.2% to 2.37%.

Psilocybe means smooth and scale-less cap, Semi means half, while Lanceata means spear-shaped, describing the Psilocybe Semilanceata shrooms. They have smooth caps that are cream in colour when dry and yellow-brown when wet. They have olive tinge protrusion on the top. Their gills are greenish-grey, which turn purple as the spores mature. The gills are quite crowded and narrow with cystidia on the surface. The spores are dark purple, smooth and ellipsoidal shaped. Psilocybe Semilanceata magic shroom’s stem is long, slender wavy, and whitish with a bluish veil that deteriorates quickly. They have a strong earthy and musty smell. The taste is also earthy and robust.

The majority of the Psilocybe Semilanceata shrooms are found in the humid subtropical forest. They thrive in temperate areas like in the Northern Hemisphere. They grow in fertile and acidic soil in grasslands such as lawns, meadows, and pastures. Its favourite field is the one fertilized with cow or sheep dung. Psilocybe Semilanceata mushrooms are saprobic fungus. Instead of growing directly on the manure, they live on the decaying root remains and obtain their nutrients by breaking the organic matter down. They also form a dormant fungus called Sclerotic, which protects it from disasters like wildfires.


Psilocybe Semilanceata shrooms, also known as Liberty Cap or Magic Shrooms, fall in the category of Psilocybin Mushrooms. These mushrooms contain psilocin and psilocybin compounds. Other Psilocybin mushrooms in that biological genus include Pluteus, Panaeolus, Copelandia, Inocybe, Gymnopilus, and Pholiotina.

A Swedish mycologist by the name Elias Magnus Fries discovered Magic mushrooms in 1838. He had called it Agaricus Semilanceatus mushrooms by then. It was later renamed by a German mycologist Paul Kummer to Psilocybe Semilanceata mushrooms in 1871. They are yellow to brown with conical- bell-shaped caps with long and slender stems. They are covered with radical grooves when moist, but as they mature, they fade to a lighter colour.


Magic Mushrooms were the first European mushroom species confirmed to contain psilocybin in the 1960s. When ingested, the psilocybin breaks down into psilocin, causing psychedelic effects. Shrooms are potent with psilocybin ranging from 0.2% to 2.37%. The psilocybin has psychoactive effects, which may cause hallucinations and euphoric sensations. They also have uplifting and cerebral effects making you more social, talkative and happy.

Growth Information

Psilocybe Semilanceata mushrooms grow in wetter areas like in grassland habitats. They like acidic soils fertilized with cow or sheep dung. However, they don’t grow on the dung directly. Instead, they are saprobic species that live on the decaying root remains to obtain its nutrients by breaking down the organic. They also form Sclerotic, a dormant fungus that protects them from disasters like wildfires.

Medical Uses

The psilocybin in the Psilocybe Semilanceata shrooms has some healing effects. The psychedelic and euphoria effects help treat psychiatric disorders like depression, stress, anxiety, headaches and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). They also have a cerebral and uplifting effect, which will make you more social and talkative. The psilocybin in the magic shrooms is also a natural remedy for alcohol addiction. There are reports that, when an alcohol addict takes the fungus, the craving for the alcohol minimizes, hence decreasing the dependency. It’s also a remedy for smoking cessation.

Side Effects

Vomiting, anxiety attaches, and stomach pains are some of the adverse effects of magic mushrooms. These are caused by the high level of psilocybin in the mushrooms. Cases of heart attacks and high blood pressure have also been reported.


The popularity and wide distribution of Psilocybe Semilanceata mushrooms is something to reckon. They are highly found in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, South America, and New Zealand. The strain are considered to be the most potent Psilocybin shroom worldwide. They have psychedelic and psychoactive effects which have medicinal values. The uplifting and euphoric sensation will make you more social, talkative and happy. This acts as a natural remedy to relieve depression, stress, anxiety and even migraines. It may also help you to cease alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking.

However, Magic shrooms have some side effects which may be very dangerous and fatal, like causing a heart attack and high blood pressure. They may also cause vomiting, and anxiety attaches stomach pains and disorders.

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