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Mimosa Strain 

Mimosa Strain is a delicious marijuana strain popular for its unique taste, small and rounded buds as well as the extremely powerful sativa effects it produces. The 70% sativa and 30% indica has a sour tropical citrus flavour and is created by crossing Clementine and the infamous Purple Punch.

The Mimosa cannabis strain has a very impressive level of THC of about 27%, making it the perfect choice for people with depression, appetite loss, psychological issues, and chronic stress or anxiety.

People love this morning and daytime delight for its powerful and long-lasting cerebral effects and its ability to enhance social interactions. Mimosa can also boost creativity, promote clear-headedness, and make you feel energetic and ready for your day to day activities.

Appearance, Aroma, Flavor

The beautiful nugs of Mimosa are dense, rounded and small in size. They are covered by dark orange hairs and a thick layer of bright white sticky trichomes. The leaves are long, slender-fingered and pale green.

Its beautiful buds have a sour and sweet tropical, citrusy smell. When it comes to aroma, this strain produces deep fresh earthy and woody florals when smoked and may leave a sour and fruity aftertaste lingering in your mouth.

Grow Info

Mimosa strain is a relatively new cannabis strain, so very little information is known about its cultivation, flowering time, and expected yields. For these reasons, it is not the best choice for hobbyists and first-time cannabis growers.

The plants of this great strain need a lot of nutrients and should be pruned on a regular basis to encourage lateral growth and fast development of buds. Also, growers are advised to ensure that their plants receive a sufficient amount of light and good airflow, especially when cultivated indoors.


Although Mimosa is a relatively new strain, it has managed to make a name for itself in the world of recreational and medicinal marijuana with its fast-hitting and long-lasting effects. The strain hits hard and fast with a strong wave of euphoria that leaves the user feeling uplifted, creative, and ready for the day.

After a few puffs of Mimosa, your energy will increase, and a strong wave of ecstasy will wash over you. You’ll become more relaxed and less stressed, and your mood will improve. The strain may also motivate you and make you a little too talkative. As such, Mimosa is ideal for social settings.

Like earlier mentioned, Mimosa can improve mood and elevate spirit with its powerful wave of energy. For this reason, it should be smoked in the morning or during the day to improve focus and productivity. Its strong sativa-leaning effects allow users to breeze through the day and concentrate on their most intimidating day to day activities.

Mimosa is also a great strain for creativity. It can help get your creative juices flowing, making it ideal for brainstorming and associative thinking.

Medical Uses

Mimosa has significant medical value. Thanks to its powerful sativa and indica effects, the strain can be used to treat a whole range of medical conditions such as chronic stress, migraines, headaches, and ADD/ADHD. Its ability to create a strong cerebral focus makes it the best strain for ADD/ADHD and other mental disorders.

The strain has been shown to be an effective psychological supplement and is recommended to people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Its stimulating and relaxing effects help fade away negative thoughts and over-thinking, leaving the user uplifted and in a perfect state of mind.

The great medical value and potency of Mimosa are some of the reasons for its increasing popularity. The strain is said to focus on emotions by producing uplifting effects, making it the perfect strain for not only psychological issues but also for when you want to have a great time with friends or watch a thought-provoking TV show.

Possible Side Effects

Although Mimosa is a very energizing cannabis strain with significant medicinal value, it can cause some adverse reactions, especially when the user exceeds their tolerance level. Common adverse reactions to expect when you smoke Mimosa include a cottonmouth, dry and red eyes.

On rare occasions, Mimosa may make the user a little paranoid and dizzy. These reactions are, however, mild and only last for the duration of your high.

All in all, Mimosa is a great sativa-dominant strain worth trying. This highly potent hybrid can boost your creativity, improve your mood, and make you more productive. The hybrid can also ease chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. Mimosa can also help with arthritis, nausea, mood swings and loss of appetite. Its heavy sativa effects are also said to de-stress and relax the mind, leaving you in high spirits and great mood.

Its buds look good, smell great, and leave a sour fruity aftertaste in your mouth. New users are advised to exercise caution when smoking this strain because it may cause some adverse reactions when overused.

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15 reviews for Mimosa Strain

  1. Avatar for Weed Smart
    4 out of 5


    Very good strain. One of my favorite. The taste and the effects are great. Tks a lot Weedsmart. Mario

  2. Avatar for Weed Smart
    2 out of 5


    This was so dry I couldn’t even finish the last 5g/14g, just crumbled into dust. Don’t put something on sale that doesn’t reflect the quality of everything else WS carries. Yall just lost a customer

  3. Avatar for Weed Smart
    4 out of 5


    Very good hybrid strain. Amazing smell and effect. Nice compact buds. I sure will reorder. Tks a lot. Mario

  4. Avatar for Weed Smart
    3 out of 5


    I am extremely disappointed,
    Product, very very dry and about 70% is AA grade

  5. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    Great all around!

  6. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    A strong citrus smell and taste like mimosa .Strong buzz worth thr money

  7. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    Loved this one will def order again

  8. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5

    You’d be surprised

    Great to unwind with after a long day!

    Great customer service

  9. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    good bud good amount

  10. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    nice compact buds, rolled very easy, burned well in a joint, smoked smooth through the bong, tasted awesome, worked awesome. one of my favorites that ive tried so far.

  11. Avatar for Weed Smart
    4 out of 5


    Nice strain, super different as far as the smell goes but not in a bad way. Smokes smooth with nice flavours, mellow high. Overall a great smoke

  12. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    Love this indica dominant hybrid! Great for weekend afternoons or right after work to bring a weight on, but won’t make you crazy lazy.

    Great customer service too – always prompt and professional when we have questions!

  13. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5



  14. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    Amazing smell and great effect!

  15. Avatar for Weed Smart
    5 out of 5


    One of my new favorites. It has a very fruity terpene profile. I’ve never really came across a taste like this before. I got it a part of the mixer ounces. What a beauty they are.

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What is Indica?

Indica strains are a short and dense plant, they are 4 feet or less. Indicas are generally dark green in color. It is known for its remarkably amplifying CBD levels and lower THC compositions. Cannabis Indica plants are appreciated for their analgesic potency. It can elevate your desire for food and it is also an outstanding candidate for pain and depression relief. Indica is called nighttime strain because the strain can cause you with sleepiness, therefore you will have a good, peaceful night rest.

What is Sativa

Sativa delivers a positive feeling and can produce a stimulating experience throughout your body. The plant is tall and the leaf is thin. It’s great to use sativa when performing tasks or hanging out with friends. It can be popular to those who enjoy creative arts, writing or playing music. The uplifting Sativa high is much more cerebral than the Indica high, which in turn is felt much more in the body. It’s great for “wake and bake” smokers as well as anybody who likes to smoke marijuana during the day. It can be very helpful in combating depression, fatigue, and mood disorders. Sativa weed can also treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) simply because of its ability to enhance mental concentration.

What is Hybrid

Hybrids marijuana strains are produced by crossbreeding of different strains of cannabis. Hybrids can be broken down into three categories. Indica dominant hybrids: the primary strain in these hybrids is Indica with higher CBD components than THC. Pure hybrids: these are the ones with an equal ratio of both strains and possess body and mind effects of Indica and Sativa. Sativa dominant hybrids: hybrids with high proportion of THC than CBD, the ratio of sativa in these hybrids are significantly higher than the Indica components, so, these hybrids possess more of the characteristics of Sativa.

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