OG Wreck

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THC 18 - 26 | CBD 1 - 2

Fruity, Blueberry, Vanilla

Mental Vigour, Euphoria, Happy

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June 12th, 2022
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OG Wreck Strain

OG Wreck Strain is a fast-hitting sativa-strong weed strain best known for its fruity blueberry flavor with small hints of earthy and vanilla. Due to its mellow, well-balanced cerebral and physical high that leaves you motivated, focused, pain free, and perfectly relaxed, this California native is just the right strain for daytime and evening use. 

This famously chill weed strain is 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica, and packs a pretty high level of THC that ranges between 18 to 26 percent on average. Its above-average THC level allows it to produce a perfectly stimulating cerebral head high that leaves you happy and energized.  

In addition to its high THC level, OG Wreck Strain weed strain also packs a fairly high level of CBD that ranges between 1 to 2 percent. This sizable amount of CBD allows the daytime delight to produce a moderately heavy physical high that’s not too overwhelming, making it perfect for novices. 


Fans love this strain for its uplifting cerebral head high as well as the full-body physical high it provides. Its perfect combination of sativa-heavy and indica-leaning effects makes OG Wreck Strain the go-to marijuana strain for both medicinal cannabis users and recreational smokers. Unlike most sativas, OG Wreck Strain induces a calm form of euphoric head high and a gentle mental invigoration making it ideal for new marijuana users. 

Its energizing properties put you in a great mood, encourage creativity and an overall feeling of inspiration, making OG Wreck Strain weed the perfect pot strain for brainstorming activities, particularly for people who work in the innovative space and are looking for a dose of inspiration. 

Thanks to its ability to relax your whole body without the infamous couch-lock or ‘heavy feeling’ effect associated with most cannabis strains, OG Wreck Strain is perfect for when you want to make social interactions more fun. It creates a potent combination of warm, uplifting, and mood-altering effects that leave you happy, giggly, and talkative. 

Appearance, Fragrance and Flavors

OG Wreck Strain has slender-fingered leaves with about thirteen leaflets. Its nugs are very dense, popcorn-shaped and neon green in color with blue and amber hairs covered with a thick layer of icy resinous trichomes. Due to its blueberry genetics, this hybrid strain has a tantalizing and delicious fruity taste with sweet, blueberry, and vanilla undertones. 

Grow Info

OG Wreck Strain is a high yielding weed strain. It is extremely sensitive to severe weather changes and very vulnerable to parasites due to its syrupy smell. It thrives best when cultivated indoors but can also thrive outdoors in subtropical climates. Although OG Wreck Bulk is a high yielding strain, it is highly susceptible to mildew, parasites, and diseases. 

When grown indoors, this strain can yield up to twenty one ounces of consumable herb per plant on average. Flowering time is between nine to ten weeks.

Possible Side Effects

Like with all pot strains, OG Wreck Strain can cause some side effects, especially when you smoke too much in one sitting. However, these side effects are not that serious and fade away on their own. 

Some common side effects to expect include dry mouth and eyes, red and itchy eyes. Seasoned pot smokers usually ignore these mild side effects. Novice smokers who find these effects a little bit uncomfortable can avoid them by drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body or taking a cold bath. 

Overall, expect to feel energized, happy, creative and uplifted when you smoke OG Wreck Strain. It can also relax your body and mind thanks to its strong indica effects. Since this weed is an extremely potent strain, users are advised to start small and increase their dosage with time. 

OG Wreck is ideal for users who are looking for a strongly uplifting and energizing weed strain. The strain produces a powerful sense of positivity and an extraordinary surge of energy to leave you feeling energized, motivated, happy, and creative. 

Its potent euphoric head high is unmatched. It promotes clear-headedness by energizing the mind and body and fading away worry and stress, leaving you giggly and with a big smile on your face. 

Being 60% Sativa / 40% Indica, this strain can produce extremely potent effects from both worlds. Its sativa-strong effects have been shown to energize the body and mind and promote creativity. Its indica-leaning effects, on the other hand, help calm down the body and mind, leaving you warmed and perfectly pain free.  

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2 reviews for OG Wreck

  1. Avatar for Support
    4 out of 5


    I thought this was a sativa, but the label says an indica. I think the label is correct. A relaxing high, but nothing special.

  2. Avatar for Support
    5 out of 5


    I absolutely love this strain. As well as my wife. It really packs a punch especially when you make it into a butter or wax. The joints layered in the butter from the strain is a knockout. Really have a hard time remembering your name if you’re not used to smoking this way so be careful and enjoy.

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Indica strains are a short and dense plant, they are 4 feet or less. Indicas are generally dark green in color. It is known for its remarkably amplifying CBD levels and lower THC compositions. Cannabis Indica plants are appreciated for their analgesic potency. It can elevate your desire for food and it is also an outstanding candidate for pain and depression relief. Indica is called nighttime strain because the strain can cause you with sleepiness, therefore you will have a good, peaceful night rest.

What is Sativa

Sativa delivers a positive feeling and can produce a stimulating experience throughout your body. The plant is tall and the leaf is thin. It’s great to use sativa when performing tasks or hanging out with friends. It can be popular to those who enjoy creative arts, writing or playing music. The uplifting Sativa high is much more cerebral than the Indica high, which in turn is felt much more in the body. It’s great for “wake and bake” smokers as well as anybody who likes to smoke marijuana during the day. It can be very helpful in combating depression, fatigue, and mood disorders. Sativa weed can also treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) simply because of its ability to enhance mental concentration.

What is Hybrid

Hybrids marijuana strains are produced by crossbreeding of different strains of cannabis. Hybrids can be broken down into three categories. Indica dominant hybrids: the primary strain in these hybrids is Indica with higher CBD components than THC. Pure hybrids: these are the ones with an equal ratio of both strains and possess body and mind effects of Indica and Sativa. Sativa dominant hybrids: hybrids with high proportion of THC than CBD, the ratio of sativa in these hybrids are significantly higher than the Indica components, so, these hybrids possess more of the characteristics of Sativa.

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