What is Bulk Weed? Benefits of Wholesale Cannabis

In Canada, October 17th, 2018, marked a momentous day for those that enjoy smoking pot. On this date, the country became the second nation after Uruguay to legalize marijuana, ushering in a new dawn.

The legalization of pot in Canada has created a brand-new market for bulk weed, allowing customers to buy cannabis at competitive prices and save money. So if you’re considering buying bulk cannabis, here’s everything you need to know.


What is Bulk Cannabis?

Bulk cannabis is a huge quantity of marijuana sold at wholesale prices and is typically packaged in containers or large bags. The weed is enough to last longer, saving you time to contact your plug daily.

Purchasing cannabis in bulk quantities has its own set of advantages.


Benefits of Buying Weed in Bulk in Canada

If you consume cannabis in Canada, you may be contemplating whether it is worthwhile to purchase bulk marijuana. While buying wholesale cannabis has a higher upfront cost, there are many benefits.

Benefits of Buying Weed in Bulk in Canada

Here’s why you should consider buying bulk buds.

Get Value for Money

Financing a smoking hobby is a costly undertaking. While buying a small stash may seem reasonable initially, you will realize you have spent a handsome amount when the small monies add up. In the long run, buying in bulk is significantly cheaper than buying small quantities at retail prices.

The goal of buying wholesale cannabis is to have a lot on hand while saving money with reduced per-unit pricing. So if you smoke a lot or want to split the expense with friends, BulkWeed.co is a great option.

Avoid the Hustle of Running Out

Nothing beats the frustration of running out of your best herb on a big night or when you want to unwind after a long day. Even if you could always go out and buy more, having enough to last you a long time is undoubtedly convenient.

Luckily, with bulk buying, you can avoid the stress of organizing a fun night with friends only to realize that your stated stash is nonexistent. Buying cannabis in bulk allows you to maintain a large quantity on hand for extended periods, ensuring that you are always ready for a party or a relaxing night.

Maintain Consistency of Strain

Experienced smokers know that not all pots are the same. Each seller’s product is specifically different depending on how they produce and store it. If you are specific about the type of strain you enjoy, the second worst feeling after your stash runs out late at night is having to buy weed from a different plug since your plug is far or doesn’t have any weed. It just doesn’t hit the same.

The beauty of buying wholesale cannabis is that you will have enough weed to push for a while. Also, most of the time, you will get more before it entirely runs out. This way, you will be consistent on the strain you’re used to and get the same high all through.

Saves You Time

Buying marijuana in bulk is a terrific choice for individuals who do not reside near a marijuana shop. Driving the long distance multiple times a week to a dispensary is unnecessary when you can make one trip every month or every other week.

This way, you save not only time but also fuel.

You Can Cost-share With Your Friend

If the upfront cost of buying bulk weed looks a bit hefty, you can cost-share with your smoking buddy. This way, both of you will have enough supply and save money while relieving the financial strain on each other. 

You can also alternate who makes the store runs, saving you time and fuel. If you went this week, they could go the next time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Where to Buy Bulk Weed in Canada?

Disadvantages of Purchasing Bulk Weed

Having a vast stash of ganja may be great until it’s not. Here are a few downsides of having a plentiful supply of Maryjane

Can Lead to Addiction

When marijuana is easily accessible, it is easy to develop an addiction gradually. Because you have access to marijuana, you will consume more frequently than you would otherwise to get the serene, pleasant sensation. 

“I’ll take a few hits,” you might think, then before you realize it, the stockpile is quickly exhausted. Marijuana tolerance develops with repeated use. This means you will need more weed to get the same high you were getting. Tolerance develops when you need more and more of the substance to feel good, and this eventually leads to addiction.

It Doesn’t Come as Pre-rolled

Many people prefer buying already pre-rolled joints since it is more convenient. Unfortunately, with wholesale weed, you have to roll your blunts. While this may appear quite the hustle for most people, especially if time is a factor for you, it’s pretty easy. 

You can set aside time during the week or immediately after buying the stash as roll enough to get you through till you get more time. Also, once you get used to rolling your weed, you get faster.


Where to Buy Bulk Weed in Canada?

Do you want to buy a lot of marijuana in Canada? Canada has several excellent sources for bulk marijuana, but WeedSmart stands out as one of the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries in Canada. You will love it. They sell the best marijuana buds and compete on price in their respective product categories.

They are good sites to buy marijuana online in Canada since they have a large selection of marijuana strains and good customer service. This is apparent from customer reviews on external sites like Atlantic Cannabis. Check out our online dispensary if you only want the best value on high-quality marijuana and get the most for your money. Go to their website to improve your cannabis experience and tell your friends about it.



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