What Is Skunk Weed?

Have you ever walked past a group of people and caught a sudden whiff of skunk from their direction? They probably weren’t fighting with the cute but stinky black-and-white creatures, but instead, enjoying some classic skunk weed. So what is skunk weed, and why would anyone use something named after such a smelly animal? Skunk weed refers to a strain of U.S. weed developed in the 1970s. As the name implies, skunk weed has a distinctive smell—but it also boasts many incredible benefits. Keep reading to learn what skunk marijuana is, discover the difference between skunk and marijuana flowers, and discover if the effects are worth the smell.


What Is Skunk Weeds History?

Skunk weed was created in the 1970s when enterprising American farmers crossed Asian Indicas with South American Sativas. The resulting blend, Skunk #1, had an intense scent and powerful benefits that the community loved. As an early hybrid strain, Skunk #1 offered the best of both worlds. This hybrid gave users the perfect mix of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. So what is skunk marijuana’s claim to fame? Skunk weed delivers a fantastic mix of Indica strains and Sativa weed traits that people were ready to overlook its stinky odour.

Skunk #1 had tremendous benefits for users, but it was also a revelation for cannabis growers. This hybrid plant was easy to cultivate and keep cross-breeding. Further skunk variations took off and are still being created today. The modern cannabis industry owes a lot to Skunk #1!


What Is Skunk Marijuana Like?

Skunk Weed 2

Skunk strains are still known for their potent yet well-balanced characteristics. These varieties offer the euphoric feeling associated with Sativas, plus the relaxing full-body high of Indicas. Skunk weed is just what the doctor ordered if you want to feel relaxed and rested yet also full of creativity and positivity.

No matter how good skunk makes you feel, there’s no ignoring the scent. What is skunk weed known for, if not its smelly odour? Skunk weed does have a noticeably distinctive and pungent smell. It’s not easy to hide a skunk strain. Users describe skunk blends as similar to dead animals, roadkill, and obviously, angry skunk spray.

If the smell turns you off, you’re not alone. Remember that no one would willingly use such a stinky product if the effects weren’t worth it! People use skunk weed because it delivers top-notch results. Modern cannabis fans also have more options than smokers in the 1970s. If you’re sensitive to smells or simply want a more pleasant experience, look for skunk strains with a better scent profile.


Try Skunk For Yourself

Skunk marijuana might have a strong smell, but it also offers strong effects. You can order skunk marijuana online to see what all the hype is about. Our first choice for excellent skunk cannabis online is always Weedsmart. We love the broad selection, shipping options, and comprehensive customer service. Explore all the skunk strains at Weed Smart and see what you think! You can also find greens online and explore the best cannabis stores on cannabisontario.net. Also be sure to check out Highest Farmacy and you can always count on Vancouver Weed Delivery for fast same-day delivery.



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