What is Weed Wax?

Cannabis concentrates have taken marijuana consumption to new heights and trends since their introduction twenty years ago. The extracts are highly potent and flavourful, and much is written about them. Today, we will look deeper into the story of the most popular concentrate of all: weed wax.

What is weed wax? At the most superficial level, weed wax (also referred to as CBD wax, THC wax, marijuana wax, cannabis wax, or simply as wax or dab) is a dense, highly potent cannabis extract that has a long shelf life and contains high levels of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Wax is an ideal alternative treatment for patients battling chronic symptoms and other conditions that make it hard to consume regular cannabis flowers.   

In this article, we’ll discuss important topics, explaining different types of weed wax and answering such questions as “how is weed wax made and how to take cannabis wax.” By the end, you will have full info on the use of this potent and interesting weed product.


What is Cannabis Wax?

As we mentioned a while ago, weed wax is among the new extracts in the cannabis industry. Wax is a general term for weed concentrates that appear soft and waxy. Its potency makes it one of the highly sought-after products from weed stores. Marijuana wax is perfect for medicinal and recreational use due to its high levels of cannabinoids.

Different Types of Weed Wax Products
What is Weed Wax

Different Types of Weed Wax Products

Weed wax comes in various forms depending on the extraction method, moisture content, and storage temperatures. Wax products range from viscous, thick liquid-like substances to a brittle solid nature. Runny types of wax include oils and budder, while solid wax products include shatter, crumble, and honeycomb.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is thick and runny, making it unsuitable for dabbing. Its use is mainly in vaping and making edibles. Oils are the primary material for the isolation of cannabinoids.


Budder, also sometimes referred to as badder wax, is a cannabis wax that is soft, oiler, and viscous than other waxes. Making budder uses higher temperatures than waxes of a similar type. Because a lot of whipping is done during extraction, it gives the budder a unique texture. It has a cream or gold colour and the consistency of butter. Budder is more expensive than some other concentrate because of its labour-intensive making process.

Sugar wax

Sugar wax, or simply sugar, is crystalline and sticky and feels like wet sugar. The first creation of sugar was by accident of leaving other extracts during production. Loading sugar wax is easy, which makes the product popular.


During the extraction process, BHO is whipped and left in the vacuum longer to transform the wax into a soft, brittle product that crumbles easily. Crumble easily breaks into the desired dab size when having a session.


Honeycomb is similar to crumble wax. However, it is distinct in that it is filled with porous cavities. It falls apart similarly, like Crumble, when getting a dose to load.


Shatter is a form of BHO which is solid and glass-like flat. It has a clear to opaque appearance, which makes dispensaries sell the product under different names according to grades. Low-grade shatter is amber or yellow, although colour has no impact on potency.


How is Weed Wax Made?

The most common way of making cannabis wax is by using hydrocarbon solvents like butane or propane to extract resin from trichomes. After extraction, the solvents are removed to get the final product. The less solvent present in the wax, the higher the price.

Here are the most common methods of how weed waxes are made.

Butane Extraction

It is the most common method used to produce weed wax and the popular Butane Hash Oil (BHO). If you are using budder, taffy, crumble or shatter, there is a high chance the product was extracted using butane.

The process of extracting using butane is complex. It involves pushing butane through contained marijuana plant matter to strip off essential cannabinoids. After getting the mixture, the butane is evaporated either using heat or a reactant. You can make different kinds of wax using different variations of the process.

Although it is possible to make cannabis wax at home using butane, the process is hazardous because butane fumes are highly flammable. Professionally butane extraction uses large closed-loop systems which contain the solvent fumes inside.

CO2 Extraction

The method of Supercritical CO2 extraction produces the highest grade of shatter. Because of CO2’s low temperatures, it extracts cannabinoids and also flavours. After evaporating CO2, you remain with a crystalline cannabis concentrate that is clear to light amber, solid, and hard at room temperature.

Acetone and Alcohol Extraction

The process involves soaking the cannabis buds in acetone to remove the plant matter. The second step uses alcohol to remove acetone to obtain the final product. The method is easy to do, making it a favourite with most wax dealers in the black market.

Water and Ice Extraction

The process is often used to produce hash. However, by using heat afterward, you can make ice wax. The method is lengthy and complex, which makes the final product more costly. 

Very pure wax using the method is light in colour and butter-like. If you obtain a darker variation, it shows a higher presence of plant matter or other contaminants. The best strain to use with the method is Sativa since Indica strains tend to contaminate the final product by leaving more plant matter.

How to Take Cannabis Wax?

How to Take Cannabis Wax?

Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis user, it’s important to remember that wax is highly potent. So, start slow and go low. Although the effects of consuming too much THC don’t require hospitalization, they can be unpleasant. In most cases, the effects subside with time. 

Dab Rig

The most common way of consuming wax is using a dab rig. It is a specialized pipe similar to a bong with a unique feature made of metal or quartz called a banger or nail instead of a regular bowl meant to retain heat. 

To heat the banger or nail, you need a kitchen butane blow torch for a focused flame. Another tool you will require is a dabbing tool for scooping up the wax and placing it on the hot nail. 

Using a Bowl

You can also consume marijuana wax using a bowl by placing a tiny amount on the flowers before lighting up.

Twaxing A Joint

Smoking wax in a joint is also possible by adding tiny bits on top of your flowers before rolling. After rolling, you can smoke your joint as usual. However, because of the addition of wax, your joint will be highly potent.


Vaping devices are many in the market, and their use varies slightly depending on the type. So be sure your vaporizer is equipped for dabbing wax and understand its operational procedures.


Where to Buy Weed Wax Online in Canada?

You can buy weed wax in Canada from licensed cannabis dispensaries like those listed on CannabisOntario. Because cannabis wax is highly potent, it comes at higher prices.

If you are new to marijuana wax, purchasing it from a dispensary means accessing expert knowledge of its potency and flavour. Our budtenders will guide you on strains, flavour profiles, dosage tips, and how to consume wax. Get weed concentrates delivery today and enjoy the potency of cannabis wax.



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