What Temperature to Vape Weed?

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Cannabis is becoming more and more popular with many medicinal applications. However, the plant goes back to ancient times, likely starting in Asia circa 2000 BC. It was first cultivated as herbal medicine and treated everything from gout to malaria. Thanks to its strong fibres and high-protein seeds, hemp was also a versatile agricultural staple. Early cultures used the entire plant as a reliable source of food, oil, and fibres to make rope and clothing.

Over time, settlers brought weed with them around the world. The plant was grown in China, Egypt, South America and eventually made its way to the U.S. Before the prohibition era began in the early 1900s, weed was a widely used medicine — even more than ever today. 

So How Do You Vape?

The act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by a vaporizer (or similar device) is what you call vaping and is considered the fastest and most effective way to find relief with weed. Vaporizers work by heating either oil or hemp flowers to the point of vaporization but not past their melting point. This means no fire, no flame, and no smoke. 

When the battery gets activated by pressing the heating button, volatilization occurs. This heats and converts components such as cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapour that gets inhaled through your lungs — all without the irritation customarily caused by high temperatures. When you vape, you inhale vapour instead of combustive smoke. After inhaling the vapour produced from your vape pen, effects can be felt within minutes. Knowing this, vaporizing may be ideal for those looking for relief and fast with hemp.

Some claim that the vape pens with the ceramic vape cartridge are best, especially if the carrier agent is vegetable glycerin VG. This is because VG has been known to gum up the weed pen.

It is better to find a homogenized weed vape juice that ensures it is thoroughly mixed and use it in the vaporizer of your choice. However, the ceramic vape cartridge is still an excellent product. 

You can find disposable vape pens or reusable vape pens. Reusable will require changing the battery and coils when needed. Disposables are not able to be recycled and end up in landfills. Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t cut corners by buying a cheaply made vaporizer. Always look for quality.

Temperatures for Different Weed Vape Products 

Dried Herb

Vaping dried cannabis is the act of heating weed’s active ingredients, including cannabinoids, terpenes and many other beneficial chemical cannabis compounds. Dry herb vapes are commonly sought after due to their ease of use. But perhaps the best part is that they are a healthier alternative than smoking.

Traditional smoking involves heating the entire plant material at a temperature of about 600 degrees Fahrenheit. And, when smoked, it can expose your lungs to harmful chemicals, including carcinogenic toxins. So, what is the combustion temperature safe to consume for vaping?

Unlike smoking, vaping your flower at the point of combustion will be much lower and should be safely consumed between the temperatures of 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Any more tips?

Keep it clean: It’s essential to clean your vape after every session to preserve its life and ensure a clean smoke each time.

Usefully cured flower: You can own the most fantastic vape in the world, but that won’t matter if it’s filled with the wrong stuff. Be sure to purchase herbs that you are confident are fully cured and dried — anything other than this will make vaping a real challenge. 

Grind (really) well: Grinding well is critical! This not only creates more surface area heat to come into contact with, but it prevents your bud from getting badly burned.


Vape Juice

Vape Juice 

Again we are running into a discrepancy with terminology. Though a weed vape is often referred to as an oil, it is not. Oil-based weed products are acceptable for eating but should never be inhaled. So the correct terminology for weed vape should be weed e-liquid or weed vape juice; however, because it looks like oil, that is the term that stuck.

So, what is pure weed vape “oil”? Vape Simple tells us that weed e-liquids contain pure weed isolate crystalline forms. This is where the term pure comes in. Weed needs a carrier solution for it to be used in a vaporizer. These solutions will be PG, propylene glycol or VG, meaning Vegetable Glycerin. 

What Should I look for in weed e-Liquid?

When searching for your weed e-liquid, you should be looking for things. Inspect the weed vape juice and notice if

  • It is cloudy or clear.
  • Is there separation?
  • Are the label claims accurate?

When you look at the e-liquid, it is not stable if it seems cloudy or has separation. Not only can this cause issues with the dose you are getting, but it can also affect your electronic vaporizer. So always opt for the clearest of weed e-liquids. 

Not all claims the companies put on their products are accurate. Check to see if the product has been examined by a third-party lab and has a certificate of analysis. 

Things for Weed Vapers to Keep in Mind

No matter which method you decide on for vaping your weed, it’s important to remember to inspect your bud and vape liquid and ensure that it is uniform and clear. On top of this, unannounced visits and being interrogated is a buzzkill when all you want to do is enjoy some good bud. Finally, to keep the smell of weed from spreading, we don’t think it’s right to tell you just to smoke all that you can in one session — that’s just downright juvenile. We want you to enjoy your weed unbothered, and consuming safely and responsibly is the best way to go.

There’s a massive variety of vape pens available on the market these days; you can rest assured knowing whether you’re looking for vape cartridges or disposable pens for a streamlined, low-maintenance vape experience, refillable concentrate pens, or straight up flower vaporizers, there’s an option for everyone out there. 

In Conclusion

It largely depends on whether you are vaping cannabis flowers or concentrates when it comes to vaping weed products. The material that you vape will determine what vape tools you require. Just be sure to buy vape products online in Canada from a trusted source so you can ensure you are getting clean and quality items. If you are looking for quality products to fill your vapes, WeedSmart has you covered. Buy weed vapes online in Canada from the most reliable cannabis dispensary that offers mail-order marijuana. Alternatively, you can get same-day service from places such as Weed Delivery Vancouver

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