Learn About Shatter


The nature of the shatter is brittle and tends to snap during handling. The name given to the extract due to its breakability, while at the same time; it is the most favored among its users due to easy dabbing. The product requires a long purging cycle to eliminate all present solvents used in processing.

Tastes Even Better Than it Looks

This is an extract of a type of a marijuana concentrate resulting from a combination of marijuana plants and solvents. It seems to have a similar consistency but with different physical textures on individual products. Textures vary from brittleness to a taffy-like quality. The inconsistency highlights the differences in products under the cannabinoid profile.

What is Shatter?

What is shatter you ask? It is an extract of a type of a marijuana concentrate resulting from a combination of marijuana plants and solvents. IT seems to have a similar consistency but with different physical textures on individual products. Textures vary from brittleness to a taffy-like quality. The inconsistency highlights the differences in products under the cannabinoid profile.

There are now over 560 licensed cannabis stores across Canada where you can buy cannabis and over half are in Alberta, the fourth largest province. More and more users as well as cannabis experts are continuing to explore the ever-growing legal bud options and telling their stories in an effort to help guide consumers as well as dissipating popular misconceptions about what’s exactly on the legal market.

So, what is the verdict on Canadian cannabis – Is it bust or gold? Here are a few reasons why Canada cannabis is coveted:

The dried and cured flowers of the female cannabis plants are the most common form of prepared cannabis. The plant’s flowering parts contain the highest amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids – the most sought-after compounds of the plant for both medical and recreational use. There are so many ways to get cannabis ready for use. From the basic drying and curing method of marijuana flowers to the sophisticated synthesis of manufacturing cannabis concentrate.

How Strong Is It?

The THC content in any marijuana extract is about 80% relative to its mode of extraction, and its purity levels can reach up to 90%. This makes it more potent than normal hash oil. Its level of potency is reportedly five times higher than that of marijuana buds.

In comparison to medical-grade marijuana, concentrates contain 30% pure THC levels. In the early 60s, the concentration of THC in marijuana was less than 10%.

What are Weed Extracts?

You can obtain extracts by putting fresh marijuana materials through a solvent like hexane, butane, isopropyl, or carbon dioxide. The final product is a thick extract that has a golden or amber color.

The resultant solvent undergoes purging from the thick oil using heat and vacuum.

The by-products of the purging process include crumble, wax, honeycomb, budder, live resin, and sap. All these extracts are usable in different industries making the entire extraction process profitable. Remember that this concentrate is heat sensitive and may lead to the accidental activation of the cannabinoid extracts.

Cannabis Concentrate Laws in Canada

The Cannabis Act of June 2018 is what paves the way for the consumption of cannabis products in Canada.

Even with this new law in place, the legalization of the use and consumption of concentrates came in later. Recreational marijuana was the first product to be available without any restrictions. Other products like concentrates, edibles, and vape pens became legal at the end of 2019.

According to the health department of Canada, cannabis by-products fall in the category of additional products thus needed specific wordings in regulation statutes. The new laws made it possible to purchase concentrates at dispensaries.

These regulations were welcome in the Cannabis industry by manufacturers who could not freely sell their products to direct consumers. The new laws led to the expansion of the market rapidly

Up to now, Canada is known for producing some of the most potent and quality extracts. With the strict regulations that govern the industry, consumers get assurance in terms of good quality. Even though there are other methods of extraction of these byproducts, the main method is by CO2 extraction.


The legalization of cannabis in Canada is undergoing changes due to numerous regulations that affect is consumption and use. Technically, under the UN Drug Control Conventions Act, the extracts fall under the category of controlled substances. For this reason, Canada has strict rules that all players in the industry must adhere to.

All manufacturers understand that products containing any traces of cannabis extracts must stick to the set rules that fall under the Cannabis Act of 2018. Before the 2018 law came into action, the use of cannabis and its by-products were under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

With the wave of legalization taking over many countries across the world, Canada joined them in 2018. However, all products are sold according to the guidelines of the Cannabis Act of June 2018. It includes all forms of concentrates in Canada.

In the industry, some regulations govern the production, distribution, possession, and sale of products. Additionally, all cannabis products manufacturing falls under Health Canada jurisdiction. They are also in charge of ensuring distribution and sale falls under the set laws of the country.

With this, it is essential to know all the territories and provinces in Canada are in charge of distribution and sale. They determine how the products will sell, the location of the specific marijuana store, and how the marijuana stores operate.
For any of this to happen, all marijuana growers must use products that grow within the country. It is also subject to strict regulations. A specific license is issued to the growers in order for their products to enter the market.

An important point to consider even with these laws is the role the Provinces and Territories play. They have the permission to put in place additional restrictions limited only to their jurisdiction. For one, they can lower the limits in terms of possession set for every person. Two, they can opt to increase the age limit for consumers and even limit the use of these products out in public.
More so, all territories and provinces require their excise stamp for products that pass through their jurisdiction. Therefore, all consumers must educate themselves on the laws of their location. What applies in Ontario may be unlawful in Alberta.

Selling Concentrates Online

Selling cannabis concentrates and other by-products online are legal in Canada. Therefore, it is possible to buy concentrates online despite the strict regulations that govern online transactions. Legal amendments to these laws need to be updated to create a flawless interaction between the consumer and seller.

Anyone intending to sell the products online requires a license to do so. Additionally, they must be familiar with the laws of all the territories and provinces they want to reach. Only licensed online marijuana stores can sell to sell to consumers.

Other regulations within the laws include provisions for laws governing distribution in some jurisdictions. Some require all sellers to purchase their inventory only from the provided distributors. It is only in Saskatchewan, where private companies can distribute their products.

After learning the laws governing the handling of concentrates in Canada, you can now make a purchase and start dabbing.

Dabbing Explained

Dabbing is a simple process where you heat the concentrate to release smoke that you can inhale. In this case, you shall use equipment known as a dab rig.

What is important to note is that even though you are inhaling, dabbing is different from smoking. It is more complex and takes time to get the hang of it. 

The result of this instant consumption is the fast effects, and if THC is part of the extract, you get an immediate high coming from one of the purest cannabis extracts. The almost immediate effects are because of the active ingredients.

Consumption Method

Dabbing is the best way of consuming this concentrate. This is done by using a dab rig, but you can still take it even without one.


Using a Dab Rig

It is by far the most effective way to consume this concentrate for the optimal effects. To get started you have to go shopping for some new equipment. Having learned that you can only dab concentrates, you require a type of vaping gear known as a rig.

A rig is a type of bong that uses water is manufactured only for dabbing purposes. Unlike regular bongs that have bowls to hold the water, in a rig, you only get a dome and nail. It is on the nail that you place the substance, and it has to be made using titanium material for durability.


Alternative Methods of Consumption

Since getting a rig requires investing in other equipment, you can still consume it without them. It all boils down to smoking, so lack of a rig is not a hindrance at all.

Medical Benefits

Even though there are people that consume concentrates for pleasure, some are taking advantage of its medicinal benefits. The medicinal value of this extract attributes to its purity and high-levels of THC giving you the benefit of not getting too high. Therefore, patients with specific ailments can benefit from using it.

Here are some of its benefits:


One of the best benefits of consuming cannabinoid extracts is to help reduce the rate of epileptic seizures. Most of those affected by epilepsy are children who get frequent seizure attacks. One of the recent studies conducted shows how these extracts help with controlling seizures in many patients of specific forms of epilepsy.

With that in mind, given its purity, it can be used in this capacity. Consuming it will not release any other compound that may cause unintended reactions. A word of caution to patients is getting the best consultancy from a trusted physician first before they begin consumption.


Perhaps one of the most popular use is to alleviate stress. A study conducted back in 2019 revealed the relation of using cannabinoid extracts with reduced anxiety levels. It led to people sleeping more and being in a better mood.

This study involved 72 patients who have problems with insomnia due to anxiety. The results showed that up to 79% of them slept much better after and with fewer side effects.

Relief from chronic pain

Chronic pain occurs due to many other underlying medical conditions, including arthritis, cancer, psoriasis, and many others. Since these conditions are chronic, they have no cure. It means you can be in pain all the time and need a better way to manage it.

Inflammation and acne

The interactions of this concentrate with body receptors help reduce inflammation. Acne is in part because of inflammation in the body and can be painful and uncomfortable.

It can help reduce the rate at which the sebaceous glands produce sebum that is one of the leading causes of acne.

Relief from chemotherapy
side effects

Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy experience severe side effects such as nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, and disrupted sleeping patterns. It results in a general decline in their health.

Once you start taking it, you can retain more food and have a better appetite. In addition, you sleep better and are in better shape to combat cancer.

Possible Side Effects

The concentration of THC in marijuana extracts is high, making it potent. Some of these effects include:

  • You may have bloodshot eyes because of the high levels of absorption in the bloodstream. You might want to take it at home unless to evade explaining the red eyes.

  • Increased heart rate and even high blood pressure due to quick assimilation into the bloodstream, and the effects follow soon after. You then notice your heart beating faster. Therefore, it is essential to determine the right dosage.

  • Infections such as bronchitis and asthma are possible due to the hot vapor you consume.

  • Cannabis concentrates create a euphoric experience and sleepiness for some consumers. As a beginner, opt to take it at the safety of your home to see the effects it has on you. In case you get sleepy, you can lie down and ride it out.

Is Dabbing Safe?

Dabbing is the best way to take marijuana extracts and involves inhaling it in vapor form. The process involves heat that can hurt the airways. Since you are inhaling hot vapor, it ends up irritating your airways. In the long term, infections come knocking because of its regular use.

Therefore, it is advisable not to dab regularly although it is the fastest way to get to a maximum high. Long term may lead to harmful health side effects. Take the necessary precautions and do not dab regularly.

Dosage Chart

The right dosage is essential, but it is better to consult with a physician. You may be taking other forms of medication, and extra care is necessary. The chart below helps you learn the best dosage depending on your weight.

How It’s Made

Dabbing is a favorite of many cannabinoid by-product enthusiasts who enjoy taking concentrates. Having learned how to take concentrates, it is also intriguing to gain knowledge on how to make it.

This type of concentrate has a distinct amber color similar to glass. Appearance alone is not the only similarity as it is also translucent and hard.

Even though you can make it at home, the process requires extra precaution at all times. You can come across recipes that require the use of Butane or Ethanol, which are highly explosive. Besides, they are flammable.

On the other hand, you can opt to use methods that will not put you in immediate danger. Not only are they fast to use, but they also help you get the best yield you can make at the comfort of your home.

Making Shatter Weed
from Kief

This process requires little equipment, including:

  • ¼ teaspoon of kief
  • Paper (wax or parchment)
  • Hair straightener
  • Mittens

The process involves the following steps:


Start by collecting the kief you want to us. The recommendation is an amount that can fill one piece of parchment paper.


Place the kief on this paper and make sure it is a square shape for the best results.


Start folding the papers in squares. Make sure the paper folds tightly, and the kief stays intact. You can use tape for additional adhesive.


Once you have folded this first piece of paper, get another and wrap it around the first one once.


Heat your hair straightener for the next part but make sure it is on a lower setting. Place the paper in between the plates of the hot iron and close it for 1 to 2 minutes.


Place the straightener with the paper in the middle on a hard surface and press on it as hard as you can. Take extra precautions not to burn your hands by wearing the mittens. Press in intervals of 10 seconds each.


Once the time elapses remove the paper from the straightener and unwrap. You discover a substance that resembles honey inside the parchment paper. In case you have more kief than shatter on the paper, wrap it up and place a new paper around it.


Repeat the heating process for another 1 to 2 minutes taking intervals to press the straightener down.


Let it cool off then get your dab rig ready to enjoy it. Remember, this is one of the potent marijuana extracts and that is why you need to regulate your dosage.

Other Marijuana Extracts

There are other cannabis concentrates like wax and powder to consider. Concentrates for one are simple to understand since they are potent due to their pure form. Once you use them, the bloodstream easily absorbs the contents.

Wax is another popular form that is extracted using similar methods.

The extract is heated in a different way to produce an opaque substance identical to peanut butter. Despite the difference in appearance, you can dab both shatter and wax using a rig.

There is no significant difference between the two, and it all depends on your taste. You can opt to use one today, and the other next time you dab.

Shatter Canada: The Best Place To Buy

The legalization of marijuana in Canada means you may not have any problem purchasing marijuana extracts. However, obtaining them may not be accessible in all states because of the local police may not be sure about the drug.

Generally, purchasing this in Canada should be as easy as buying any other cannabis product unless the state you live in has some legal restrictions. In the case of using marijuana products for medicinal purposes, you need to show your marijuana license.

The Takeaway

Smoking extracts may be expensive but worth your time, especially if you are looking heavy-hitting high. Even the most experienced cannabis users will confess of a new kind of high after they consume it for the first time. That is why first-time smokers should start slow and explore the feelings of the new substance.

You may get deterrence from people claiming the high levels of THC in the concentrate have a negative effect. Do not allow such people to interfere with your quest for therapeutic effects and experience.