How Long Does CBD Last?

weedsmart_image_How Long Does CBD Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions about CBD is how long does CBD last? Now, all cannabis products are different, and the results can vary widely based on the product. Some may contain higher CBD concentrations, while others have less. Generally speaking, if you take more CBD, you will experience faster effects that last … Read more

Weedsmart Promotions

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LSD And Weed

weedsmart_image_LSD And Weed

Have you ever tripped on magic mushrooms (psilocybin), marijuana or any other psychoactive substance and wondered how it feels to mix them? If so, you’re not alone. More people are mixing psychedelic substances now than ever before. The reason why people do it? It’s believed that smoking weed during a trip can help enhance the … Read more

What is Grabba Leaf? 

weedsmart_image_What is Grabba Leaf?

Smoking a joint becomes a better experience when you have the proper wrapping. Otherwise, you have to find another way to smoke your stash. Today, there are different wrapping materials that you can use for blunts in Canada.  At the top of the list is natural wrapping material that’s safe to use. Many people are … Read more

Can I Take Cannabis and Steroids Together?

weedsmart_image_Can I Take Cannabis and Steroids Together

The drugs we take under medical prescription, for pleasure, or other purposes all contain chemicals that alter our body functions in one way or another. Likewise, Cannabis and steroids influence the body and mind normal processes and psychological behaviours, whether taken individually or together. As a result, both stand a chance of abuse or misuse, … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Strains

weedsmart_image_A Beginner's Guide To Cannabis Strains

A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Strains With so many cannabis strains out there, it may take some time to figure out what strains are your favourite. Canada offers an abundance of high-quality cannabis flowers but there is no such thing as one best cannabis strain. Just like preferences in food, people have preferences in strains. … Read more

What Is The Shelf Life Of Weed Edibles?

weedsmart_image_What Is The Shelf Life Of Weed Edibles?

Many of us have taken to the enjoyment of weed edibles. Weed edibles can be tasty treats that give us the feeling we need from the weed while also giving us something good and tasteful that we often enjoy, like brownies or cookies.  Weed edibles brought from dispensaries will have an expiration or “best by” … Read more

When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep

weedsmart_image_When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep

CBD oil is a trendy natural treatment for a wide range of conditions. It is used to help people with epilepsy to have fewer seizures, but it is also used for many other ailments, including anxiety, inflammation, pain relief, and acne. Researchers are even studying whether CBD can be used to stop cancer cells from … Read more

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Drinks

weedsmart_image_How to Make Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Since becoming legal in Canada in 2019, cannabis-infused drinks have rapidly gained popularity. Common brands of cannabis-infused drinks include Cann®, Keef®, and Artet®. While current possession regulations mean Canadian connoisseurs can only have about five cans of prepared drinks at a time, you can make your own using emulsions, syrups, tinctures, or other products.    … Read more

What Is Live Resin?

weedsmart_image_What Is Live Resin?

Anyone who’s explored the world of cannabis concentrates has probably come across live resin. This powerful product offers a unique texture and memorable experience, making live resin one of the most popular concentrates.  But precisely what is live resin? If you’re curious about how to use live resin and where to buy live resin online … Read more

What is Bubble Hash?

weedsmart_image_What is Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a type of hash that gets its unique name from being made using freezing cold water. The colder the water, the more bubbles you get when you put it into a bowl and smoke it. Also called ice water hash because of its distinctive ice water extraction method, bubble hash produces a … Read more

How To Buy Weed In Ontario

weedsmart_image_How To Buy Weed In Ontario

The sale and use of Cannabis were legalized through Federal regulation in 2018, making it legal throughout Canada. While the logistics of purchasing cannabis and cannabis products are subject to local rules and regulations of the various provinces, if you are in the Ontario area, you will find that Ontario’s cannabis-related regulations tend to follow … Read more

Effects and Uses of Marijuana: Smoking Cannabis For Its Health Benefits

weedsmart_image_Effects and Uses of Marijuana

What Are Cannabis Flowers If you’re new to the cannabis world, you might wonder what the fuss is about regarding cannabis flowers. In short, cannabis flowers are the buds of the cannabis plant, which contain high concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.  When these flowers are smoked or vaporized, they can produce powerful effects … Read more

What Are Sativa Weed Strains?


What Are Sativa Weed Strains? Cannabis Sativa Plants If you’re a fan of weed, you’ve probably heard of sativa strains. But what are they, exactly? Here’s everything you need to know about sativa weed strains. Sativa strains are a type of cannabis plant known for their uplifting, energizing Sativa effects. They’re often used to treat … Read more