How to Make Marijuana Gummies With Distillate

Eating marijuana gummies is one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis. You could buy gummies that are already made and have set doses, or you can choose to make your own gummies using distillate. Making marijuana gummies with distillate is surprisingly easy as it is similar to making any other gummies and just requires basic kitchen supplies and some simple ingredients. 

Making Vs. Buying Gummies

Some people prefer to make gummies while others prefer to buy them. This comes down to personal preference, as each option has its own pros and cons. 

If you buy the gummies already made, you can be confident in the dosing, do not have to worry about spending time making them or buying ingredients, and will be able to get a nice variety of flavors and shapes without buying too many supplies. 

If you make the gummies, you will be in full control of the ingredients, making this a good choice for those with uncommon allergies or dietary restrictions. Making your own also lets you customize every aspect of the gummies, including the strain and flavor. 

The Basic Recipe

Keep in mind that you can typically adjust any recipe for marijuana gummies to meet the ingredients that you have on hand. You will need homemade fruit puree, Jell-O packets, or flavored jelly cubes. You will also need juice or water, gelatin or a vegan substitute, pink salt, honey or granulated sugar, and your distillate or an extract. 

The Basic Recipe

The Recipe

Start by heating up a cup of fruit puree in a medium skillet on medium heat. As you do this, combine 1 ½ tablespoons of gelatin in a ¼ cup of water. Consider using a whisk to ensure it dissolves properly. 

Let your fruit puree reach a low boil. At this point, add 1/8 teaspoon of pink salt and four tablespoons of granulated sugar. Mix it all until the additions are dissolved. Now, you can slowly add your gelatin mixture. Heat it for around three more minutes, being sure to mix constantly. At this stage, you can add extra sweetener to match your ideal taste. 

As you heat up the mixture, make sure it stays below 180 Celsius, as getting higher than this would ruin some of the terpenes. Once everything else is done, go ahead and add your THC distillate, making sure to mix it in evenly. 

The easiest way to shape the gummies is to put your gummy mix in a turkey baster syringe or food-grade condiment bottle. Be prepared for a hot liquid and quick work, as you need to set up the gummies before it cools. Use your syringe or bottle to fill up your gummy molds. Let them sit for 20 minutes at room temperature and then inside the fridge for 15 minutes. Leave the molds in the fridge longer if necessary for them to set. 

After they set, take your molds from the fridge, remove the individual gummies, and lightly toss them in powdered sugar. This adds sweetness and prevents them from sticking. If you want a sour flavor, add some lemon juice. 

Saving Them for Later

If you want to save the gummies for later, you need to give them time to “sweat” before storing. Otherwise, they will stick together. When your goal is to store them to enjoy later on, skip the sugaring step above until about 12 to 24 hours. This will give them enough time to get the “sweat” out and prevent problems. After that time, you can cover them in sugar and store them in your airtight container of choice. 

How Much Distillate to Use

To figure out how much distillate to use when making your marijuana gummies, you need to think about your ideal dose per gummy and do some basic math. Remember that it is hard to get the exact dosages. However, if you mix the gummy mixture thoroughly before letting it set, you should be able to divide the total milligrams of THC by the number of gummies you will make to get the dose per gummy. 

If you are not sure how many gummies your recipe will be making, then you should do a test batch first, without the distillate. This way, you can be sure of how many gummies you will have for accurate dosing calculations and get a delicious non-THC treat. As a bonus, that also lets you practice the recipe before a mistake would waste your precious distillate. 

How Much Distillate to Use

An Extra Note on Dosing

As you determine how much distillate to use in your gummies, keep in mind that you may want to eat more than one gummy at a time because they are so delicious. You will want to start slowly, and if you do not think you can resist the allure of homemade gummies, plan accordingly. 

You could lower the amount of THC distillate you use, so each gummy has less, and a dose becomes four or so gummies instead of one. Alternatively, you could use that practice run to see how many gummies you make to your advantage. Put those to the side, so if you want more gummies, you could have some of your homemade THC-free ones instead of the THC-infused ones. 

Choosing Your Distillate

You could technically make your own distillate or THC tincture to use for your marijuana gummies. This puts you in control of the ingredients and strain used, but adds time to the process and makes dosing even harder. It is typically wiser to buy a pre-made THC distillate, so you know that the dosing of that ingredient is accurate. Using a homemade distillate increases the chances of uncertain dosing in your gummies. 


If you like the idea of marijuana gummies but want to be in complete control of the process and ingredients, you can make them yourself with some basic ingredients and your favorite THC distillate. Multiply your desired dose by the number of gummies you plan on making to figure out how much distillate to use. You will be on your way to enjoying homemade marijuana gummies in just a few hours. 

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