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Weed capsules are one of the most convenient ways to take cannabis products. Each pill is pre-portioned in specified dosages, taking all the guesswork out for consumers. Also, the capsules are easy to take and require minimal prep and clean up work. Weed capsules come in a variety of THC doses, so it is important that they are not all created at equal potencies. There are so many advantages of taking capsules, which makes them an ideal choice for many medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users alike.

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An Introduction to Cannabis Capsules

THC pills are pretty much just cannabis oil placed into empty capsules. This allows for evenly distributed doses of medication. The biggest advantage of weed capsules is that there is no clean up necessary and taking it is very discreet. Just pop it into your mouth and be on your way.

Cannabis capsules are usually available in different forms. Some of them include full-spectrum, decarboxylated, and even strain-specific, like Cannabis Sativa capsules, etc. 

How do they work?

Cannabis is a unique plant with more than 120 different cannabinoids. THC is one of the most abundant of those ingredients. Once ingested orally through capsules, the stomach begins to absorb the compounds within the marijuana capsules.

Immediately your stomach absorbs them, your liver begins the process of metabolizing these compounds. At this point, the THC in your THC pills will become a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC. It has a lengthier half-life and could also have a higher sedative effect than THC alone. 

An interesting thing about the liver is that it metabolizes different compounds in different rates for everybody. So, even if you and your friend take the same pill at the same time with the same dose, you might experience it differently. For you, it might be a little more intense or significantly so. The roles could just as easily be reversed. 

This is the primary reason why many experts will ask you to take it slow if you’re a beginner. Doing this will help you gauge your body’s response to the compound before you go all in. You can expect weed pills to last between 45 minutes to 3 hours regarding the duration of the effects.

But, all these mostly apply to immediate-release capsules. Timed-release capsules follow the same digestion pattern, especially with the liver. But, the primary difference between them and immediate-release is the delivery of contents. The immediate-release will give you all it’s got at once. But, time-release capsules will spread their effects and contents over an extended period. 

Time-release THC capsules usually have protective ingredients to neutralize stomach acids. These ingredients help them to achieve their time-release feature.

Why do people choose THC pills?                                    

If you’ve always consumed THC through smoking, you might find yourself wondering what the fuss is all about for capsules. Here are a few reasons people find its consumption appealing:

  1. Easy to dose

When you’re smoking THC, dosing is significantly more challenging than you’d like to think. Of course, you can control how much marijuana you want to put into your bong/pipe/blunt. But, that’s it. Beyond that, you can rarely control the amount of marijuana that gets into your lungs. Eventually, some will escape, and you would’ve ended up losing precious amounts of flavorful terpenes

With THC pills, however, you wouldn’t have to worry about this. The manufacturers put specific doses within the capsules. This makes it nearly impossible for you to miss out on the great effects of marijuana that you’re looking to get. Also, overdosing is more difficult when the doses to be applied are spelled out.

  1. Healthier

Apart from taking it orally in the form of pills, you can also consume THC through edibles. Most of the time, these edibles can be pretty delicious and maybe even exciting. Unfortunately, this deliciousness is where the problem lies for some people.

The deliciousness can translate to lots of fats and sugar. For an average person, this can be pretty bad. If you don’t control your intake, you might develop health issues. For a person with diabetes, it’s even worse. You simply cannot afford to allow yourself to dabble unnecessarily with sugary foods.

With THC capsules, sugar wouldn’t be a problem. You can merely put the pill in your mouth as you normally would any other pill. Then, swallow it and wait for the effects to kick in. There will be no extra, unnecessary fat, and there’s virtually no form of harmful sugar.

  1. Wide range of options

With THC pills, there are a lot of options on the table for you. You could choose to go for Sativa strains. These will give you all the excellent benefits of Sativa. Alternately, you could decide to go for indica strains, which will provide their effects.

Apart from these, you can precisely get THC pills that have Cannabidiol (CBD) in them. This will help you to balance out the psychoactive effects that you would ordinarily face in THC-only pills.

Effects of Weed Capsules: 

  • Benefits of Cannabis Capsules: Similar to regular marijuana, the effects of cannabis pills will depend on the weed strains used. Indica weed tends to result in more feelings of relaxation, euphoria and sedation.  Sativa weed tends to provide and more uplifting and stimulating high. Hybrid weed tends to provide a balance of both indica and sativa qualities. 
  • Medical Uses of Cannabis Capsules: THC pills can be taken anywhere, and in a discreet and timely fashion. This makes cannabis capsules a favorite for many medical cannabis patients. 

Some of the most common medical uses of cannabis oil in Canada include to treat symptoms of: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Stress

  • Negative Effects of Cannabis Capsules: Dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are common ailments associated with weed products. In addition, dizziness, nausea, headaches, high blood pressure, lethargy and paranoia are all possible side effects.  It is therefore imperative that cannabis pills are taken responsibly and is kept out of the reach of children.  

Different Types of Weed Capsules

In general, there are two types of cannabis pills: THC capsules and CBD pills. THC is the psychoactive compounds whereas CBD doesn’t get you high in the traditional sense. 

Best Ways to Take Cannabis Capsules

All that is needed is the pill, some water and nothing more! Just be sure to take it in moderation and be sure to keep it away from children and pets as it can be harmful to them.

Alternatives to Weed Capsules

If something stronger is the goal, other cannabis concentrates such as budder, shatter, live resin and distillate are great alternatives. The positive is that these marijuana products are generally much more potent, however it is required that you smoke them for the most part and is not as easy as taking a pill. 

If smoking isn’t your thing, then weed edibles could be an option. Similar to weed capsules and cannabis oils, marijuana edibles do not require any inhalation of any smoke. 

If you want something more traditional, then regular marijuana buds are the way to go. Nothing beats the classic way to take your medicine, so rolling up a nice fat joint is never a bad idea.

What you should know before taking your weed capsules

If you will be taking weed capsules, it’s not exactly advisable for you to dive headfirst with no precautions. There are a few things you should consider first. They are:

  1. Dosage

Like we said earlier, THC pills come in doses. Unlike other forms of consumption, which may or may not involve combustion, you cannot adjust the dosage here. As soon as it’s in your body, you already have that much cannabis in your system.

If you’ve taken far more than your tolerance level, you might find yourself feeling pretty uncomfortable throughout the period. If your dosage was too small, you might find yourself disappointed by the entire experience. Regardless, the best thing to do is to start small. It is a lot better to feel disappointed by your high than to get too high and feel uncomfortable.

When you’ve taken enough THC pills to understand how much you need, you can then stick with a particular dosage. That dosage will guide your buying process in future.

  1. Source

After the legalization of cannabis, many businesses across Canada sprung up with their products and business ideas. Now, several products in the market claim to be better than the competition.

Unfortunately, all that marketing hype isn’t always real. Most of the time, they just want to make a customer out of you. It’s best to ensure that you’re buying from a safe and reliable source to be on the safe side.

  1. Ingredients

THC isn’t generally very harmful to you if you use it right. However, its byproducts can contain different types of ingredients. Some of these ingredients can cause allergic reactions, depending on the user. 

So, if you’re going to use a THC pill, be sure to check the list of ingredients first. This will help you identify any potentially harmful components to you. If you’re unsure what your allergies are, it might be a good idea to see your doctor for clarity.

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