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As the name suggests, hybrid marijuana strains are made by crossbreeding different strains of cannabis. Such varieties are made to give you the best of both worlds. Hybrids can be broken down into three categories

1. Indica-dominant hybrids
The primary strain in such hybrids is Indica, with lower levels of THC and a higher concentration of CBD. A Sativa strain is added to balance the sedating effects of the hybrid’s Indica-driven nature. Indica-dominant hybrids may prove effective for combating chronic pain, inflammation, and mental disorders without making the user feel too sleepy.

2. Sativa-dominant hybrids
These are hybrids with higher ratios of THC to CBD. Sativa genes are significantly higher than in Indica-dominant hybrids. The Indica genes are added to balance the cerebral stimulation and slightly increase CBD levels in the strain, so it doesn’t make the user feel dizzy, confused, or anxious.

3. Pure hybrids
Also known as even hybrids, this type of marijuana flowers comes with an equal ratio of both strains and produces well-balanced effects that affect both the body and mind. You can use it throughout the entire day.

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Origin of Hybrid Weed

As a stoner, you might be familiar with this. Otherwise, hybrid strains of cannabis are born out of the hybridization of Sativa and indica. You could say that the inspiration behind it came in the early years of American farming. Of course, it is a tad difficult to pinpoint the exact details and date of hybridization itself. This is especially so given its long and extensive history. Regardless, many people believe that hybridization was born out of the need to increase crops’ quality.

What we consider modern cannabis crossbreeding actually started a couple of decades ago. It began on the west coast of Canada and the United States. In the mid-’60s, particularly innovative farmers put together fast-flowering indicas and mould-resistance sativas. These were often subtropical, and equatorial variants, respectively. Then, the entire reason behind it was to attain a higher level of commercial viability.

To understand the hybridization process, you should know that cannabis reproduces “traditionally”. That is, it comes in both female and male sexes as an annual crop. Its methods of reproduction are pollination and seed creation. Usually, when hybrids occur in the wild, it involves a combination of both genders. This combination of sexes is often very unstable. If this type of hybrid continues, the coming generations will birth wildly different mixes of the initial parents’ genes.

Now, farmers can wait for hybrid cannabis to occur naturally. However, that would be akin to waiting for two endangered pandas to mate. And, if you have any knowledge about them, you’ll know that it’s not the easiest thing to anticipate. It can be quite random. Besides, the probability of getting generations of wild hybrids with consistent genes is very low.

So, farmers selectively inbreed the same hybrid. Doing this reduces the time wasted waiting and the instability associated with natural hybridization as explained. This process is known as backcrossing. It enables every generation of the subspecies to reproduce its genes. However, instead of wild and unstable, it is in a much more consistent way than its wild counterparts.

Reasons behind Hybridization

Breeders today create hybrid plants for different reasons. For some, the size is the primary factor. In this case, the bigger the cannabis, the better and more profitable it is. For others, the cannabinoid content is a major driver. This is especially so for those looking to achieve higher THC levels than one sub specie can offer. 

What does Hybrid Weed Look Like?

Much like we explained earlier, hybrids are a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica. However, they often have one species dominating the other, even in their blends.

With that being said, all hybrids lean in the direction of whichever strain is dominant. That is, indica-dominant strains will lean in the direction of indica. Sativa-dominant strains, on the other hand, will lean towards Sativa.

To put things in perspective, you should know that cannabis Sativa tends to be lanky and tall. Its leaves are usually thin and finger-like. Cannabis indica, on the other hand, is the direct opposite. It is often short and significantly bushier with broader leaves.

Aroma of Hybrid Weed

As a stoner, you must agree with us that that heavenly smell of your kush is very important. Perhaps, just as important as the cannabis itself. Hybrid cannabis breeders specialize in combining indica and Sativa in varying percentages. For that reason, it can be a tad difficult to pinpoint one smell for all strains.

Some hybrid cannabis strains smell like pine trees, and others like berries. The most unorthodox but equally good give off a slight hint of gasoline. It all depends on the way the breeder handles the hybridization in the beginning. 

However, the reason behind different plant smells is none other than terpene.

You see, the terpene is a molecule within plants that gives them their unique scent. You can easily think of it as one of the essential oils that make up the plant itself. As it stands, there are hundreds of terpenes in existence.

The interesting part about these terpenes is that when you mix them with cannabis’ cannabinoids, they can have unique effects. Due to this, breeders are usually mixing different types of hybrid strains with different terpene levels. These efforts often result in highly effective and high-quality cannabis.

Best Place to Buy Hybrid Cannabis in Canada

Hybrid cannabis is the byproduct of crossing together two different weed strains that have sativa and indica genetics. The result is often a nice blend of both the uplifting properties of the sativa genes and the euphoric couchlocking sensations of the indica genes.

True hybrids can be classified as having around a 50/50 or 60/40 split, however even marijuana strains with 90% indica genetics and 10% sativa genes are technically a hybrid strain. Most people would classify that as an indica or at least refer to it as a heavily indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain.

Effects of Hybrid Cannabis

Do you love the uplifting and mood boosting effects of sativa? Do you also love the relaxing, euphoric couch locking feelings of indica? If yes, then hybrid strains are for you.

The reason why hybrids are so popular is that they provide the unique characteristics of both sativa and indica flowers. We’re glad these strains exist; when smoking sativa, the body high is sorely missed by many users and while smoking indica, the couchlock sensation sometimes becomes too much to handle.

The right mix of body and cerebral high is considered as the “perfect blend” by many users. Based on what type of weed you like more, you can buy indica-dominant or sativa-dominant hybrids.

Usually when you smoke this kind of pot, you get a nice cerebral heady high that will keep you alert and sociable. Then as time passes, the body high sets in from the indica side, inducing sensations of relaxation and that narcotic-like feeling. 

Medical Uses

Medical marijuana consumers like hybrids because they provide the most balanced benefits and cover a long list of conditions. This includes stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, eating disorders, muscle spasms, arthritis, ADD and ADHD, PTSD, and inflammation.

Negative Effects

Experiencing cottonmouth and red eyes are the most common and harmless side effects of smoking marijuana. However, if you consume it in excessively large amounts, it may induce  nausea, dizziness and headaches.

With sativa dominant cannabis that has high levels of THC, some users have reported paranoia and anxiety. However, these effects usually wear off quickly, so if you are experiencing any negative feelings or a “bad trip”, just relax and know everything will be alright in a few hours.

Different Types of Hybrid Weed

Growing hybrid marijuana is an art; it requires tremendous knowledge, research along with some trial and error. Because these strains are so customizable, we see different types like: indica dominant, sativa dominant and true hybrids.

Indica Dominant Hybrids 

These strains contain over 70% indica and have minimal hints of sativa. This is a combination that’s perfect for users who prefer a balanced CBD to THC ratio. The effects are only slightly cerebral, and the body high is more noticeable.

If this is something you’re looking for, we recommend trying the following strains:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Animal Cookies
  • Blue Moon Rocks
  • Gas Chamber

Sativa Dominant Hybrids

Sativa dominant hybrids contain low levels of indica genetics and offer a very active head high that is complemented with a slight body buzz. If you enjoy feeling dazed and lightly couchlocked, we recommend checking these out.

  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Bruce Banner
  • Gorilla Glue #4

True Hybrid Strains

True hybrids are known to have a very well balanced indica to sativa ratio. It could be 50:50, 45:55 or even 40:60. If you want to experience the perfect balance between body and head high, we highly recommend trying these:

  • Alien OG
  • God’s Green Crack

Hybrid Strains: The Best In Canada

The rate at which we’re seeing new cannabis strains is at an all time high and the industry is evolving at a staggering pace. Courtesy to a few highly skilled growers, we have in stock some of the best hybrid strains out there. You might have heard of some of these being mentioned in mainstream media.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular strains that you can buy right now in Canada.

  • Gelato #33
  • God Bud

Who is Hybrid Weed Right for?

Every individual on the planet has different chemistry. What works for one person might not exactly be the best idea for another person. Now, you should know that weed is generally a natural plant. Even the ones that have been hybridized are merely a combination of two natural subspecies of cannabis. As such, they’re not likely to cause you any real damage.

Still, weed can be as good for you as it is bad for someone else. There is no way to tell what effects it’ll have on you. So, the only reasonable thing would be controlled and responsible trial and error. This means if you want to know whether it’s right for you or not, simply start with small doses. Once taken, wait for a few minutes and observe how your body reacts to it. If nothing negative or over-the-top happens, you can take another drag. If, however, anything out of the ordinary happens, you might want to stop immediately.  

With that being said, though, a hybrid can be really good for beginners. This is especially true for those who have no idea how cannabis feels or how it should make them feel. We say that because hybrid balances the effects of two different strains of cannabis. You’ll feel relaxed. Yet, energetic enough to carry out tasks that you have pending. There’ll be almost no extremes for you.

Apart from that, it can also be pretty excellent for people using medical cannabis. This is especially so if you’re a medical cannabis user. The balance that hybrids provide will help you to remain above water all day long. This is a good thing compared to the “extreme relaxation” or “extreme excitement” that indica and Sativa provide.

Best Ways to Take Hybrid Weed

This is up for debate, but smoking hybrid weed in a joint is likely the most common. Other methods include using a water bong or a pipe. If you own a dry herb vaporizer, you can vaporize the grass instead.

If you don’t like smoking you can even extract the THC from the buds themselves and infuse it into edibles, making the THC suitable for oral consumption. We recommend making yourself some cannabutter and storing it.

You can do a lot with cannabutter; bake brownies, melt some chocolate into the butter and sandwich it between two crackers, pretty much anything. Don’t forget to label the jar though.

Alternatives to Hybrid Cannabis

If you are looking for cannabis flower alternatives, then you can go for straight sativa strains for daytime use and indica strains for the night.  

If you are looking for other options than buds then concentrates are a popular option for more experienced marijuana users. This is because weed concentrates like shatter, live resin, budder, cannabis oils, and hash are all concentrated forms of cannabinoids and are therefore much more potent than regular marijuana. 

Edibles are another option. This is especially good for people who don’t wish to smoke marijuana. With edibles you want to be careful since the effects can be unpredictable at times. Just take low doses as you need and you should be fine.

Hybrid Weed Strains in Canada

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